Body Fortress Creatine Review

Most people get involved in various exercises to seek a better and efficient approach to body protein absorption. The only problem is that most of them do not like the terrible taste of creatine supplements, and still, most of the available products may not work as they expect.

When it comes to deciding on the kind of creatine to use, you must ensure that you get a highly effective substance that can cause a change in your body strength. Most body athletes and lifters make use of creatine substances to boost their strength and enhance extra speed when the need arises.

This article is going to take you through an in-depth review of the Body Fortress Super Advanced Creatine. Keep reading, and you will know more about it.

Body Fortress Super Advanced Creatine 

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Body Fortress is a renowned supplement maker company. This company has a variety of supplements that come at a lower price, and they are legit for use in enhancing strength and body health. Creatine supplements can bring unbelievable changes in your body if you use it alongside functional exercises. 

It can never be effective with no exercises since it works mostly with broken muscles. Once you exercise your intense workouts, more muscles will be broken, and this is when creatine supplement comes in to build them bigger and stronger again.

Creatine is a post-workout supplement that helps you with quick recovery immediately after an intense workout. This supplement can do wonders in your body in just a short period of use, but also, it can harm your body functioning if you don’t use proper directions when taking it.

You must ensure that you are well-hydrated if you know you are going to use creatine. Taking it without enough water in your body may cause kidney problems. However, you must ensure that you take at least one gallon of water the day you are using this supplement.

Is This Creatine Supplement Worth A Try? 

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This is a very important and a big question that begs a perfect answer. Everyone is happy when spending money on something worth it. I am very concerned about how we feel bad when using our hard-earned money on things that don’t count. With Body Fortress Super Advanced Creatine, I bet you will not regret it. 

Since I started using their creatine supplements during my workouts, I have experienced positive and health changes that left me in a belief that not all cheap substances are of lower quality. 

I bought it during my first time as a trial, but I assure you that this supplement has remained the only thing I love spending my money on. At first, I was kind of skeptical due to its price since I had tried other creatine supplements, which were a bit expensive. I just got convinced to give it a try, and I bought one. 

After a workout, I used the creatine supplement and found that its taste was not that bad. I did not bother about some residues that were left at the bottom. After a couple of weeks, I started realizing its results, and I found that it had no difference with other supplements that claim to be of high quality and more effective. 

I came to believe in Body Fortress Creatine, and I bet that this is the best supplement. If you are a beginner in using these creatine supplements, do not waste much of your time finding the best creatine supplements. 

Body Fortress has everything you want at your price, especially if you are on a budget. Try this supplement if you want results within a short period without spending much.

Body Fortress Super Advanced Creatine: Pros and Cons

body fortress creatine

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  • Has a decently good taste.
  • It is an effective creatine supplement that enhances quick recovery and builds muscles.
  • Cheap 


  • It contains a fruit punch flavor only.
  • It is not as great as its competitor.
  • Grains are left at the bottom.

Body Fortress creatine is among the perfect post-workout supplements that you won’t regret using. The great chance is that you will be lucky with its price. You can use it as an alternative to other expensive products. 

Its taste is relatively good, like in other products. You can add some sports drinks to make it much tastier. The only thing that makes me feel bad is the grains that settle at the bottom of the mixing cup. It can be hard to swallow these residue grains. 

Try the Body Fortress creatine today, and you will thank me later.

PS: Here’s a link to where you can buy it the cheapest! 

Body Fortress Ingredients and Effects


In every supplement you take, it is important to explore more in its direction of use. Knowing the supplement ingredients and its side effects are very vital. With Body Fortress creatine, you are offered with 8 g of creatine monohydrate per two scoops for your maximum muscle power and strength. 

It also provides 2.5g Betaine as per two scoops for body composition and lean mass support. Body Fortress Creatine contains neither gluten nor aspartame.

Directions of Use

During your regular workout days as an adult, you should mix one scoop of Body Fortress Creatine supplement and mix with 6-8 ounces of cold water or any other drink you can think of taking together with, and consume as you begin your workout.

Those who are above 125 lbs. should use another scoop after the workout, and they should also take 1 scoop during their free days after breakfast.

Body Fortress Side Effects

Every product we use in our body for whichever effect always comes with its side effects. Most side effects can be avoided by taking the supplement according to its right directions. 

The possible side effects that may occur when creatine is used frequently are; Kidney damage, weight gain, Bloating, liver damage, digestive problems, and muscle cramps.

What People Say About Body Fortress Creatine

creatine powder review

Tricia. C. writes a review on Amazon “This creatine has a delicious taste. I had it mixed with my Sport Mixer 28 oz. It mixes well. I also added a ton of ice, and it tastes great.”

Grayson H. says, “This product isn’t bad at all. Its taste is pretty good and average and resulted in decent weight gain. However, I am not thrilled about the high sugar content. This is just a nice supplement for a reasonable price.

The Bottom-line

During bodybuilding, most are concerned about the effectiveness, cost, and effects of a product. With Body Fortress Super Advanced Creatine, everything here is balanced. I believe this article has provided you with detailed information about this wonderful supplement. If you like this article, check out this Body Fortress Mass Gainer review on our site. 

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