Gluten-Free Protein Powders – The Top 5 Options

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If you’ve been working out for almost any length of time, you probably know of at least one person that uses protein powder. You might be a little skeptical, but it’s popular for a reason. 

Protein is an essential nutrient that helps repair tissue and build muscle. Using protein powder will likely help you get stronger. 

Now, gluten free protein powder is a newer development, as the popularity of gluten free diets has been on the rise in recent years. And gluten free protein powder is a great option for those who have gluten sensitivity, as it allows you to still acquire your protein, without sacrificing with pain.

Top 6 (I added one) Options

Hands down, the single best gluten free protein powder out there right now is Orgain’s Organic Plant Based Protein Powder

Coming in a variety of flavors, like Peanut Butter, Peppermint Hot Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Fudge, and Vanilla Bean, Orgain is making one of the best protein powders, in general, on the market.

One serving contains 21 grams of clean, natural protein, derived from chia seeds, pees, brown rice, and cocoa, as well as 7 grams of fiber, 3 grams of net carbs, 0 sugars, and 150 calories. 

It also has the benefit of being USDA organic, vegan, gluten free, lactose free, soy free, kosher, non GMO, all without artificial ingredients. These credentials make Orgain’s protein powder accessible to all types of gym rats, which is the first of many benefits to using this brand.

This powder can be mixed with water or milk (regular, almond, soy, etc.), and can also be added to shakes and batters. 

Blended with yogurt, bananas, peanut butter, and a bit of honey, you’ll barely even feel the chalky texture that most protein powders have. 

Added to pancake mix, you, the powder serves to elevate the flavors and nutritional value of your breakfast. 

But regardless of how you choose to consume it, Orgain’s protein powder will mix in quickly and completely, something many protein powders unfortunately lack. 

Additionally, though there is a slight prevalence of that chalkiness that is the hallmark of so many protein powders, with Orgain, the prevalence of this annoying texture is low. 

In fact, it can often easily be nonexistent, depending on what you’re mixing it with (you’re going to taste the chalkiness more if you mix with water than if you blend into a smoothie).

Because of its high nutritional levels, this powder can be used to replace meals. If you’re in a rush to get to the gym in the morning, but you’re starving, just mix some of the powder with a glass of milk and it will likely hold you over for several hours.

Orgain is also able to boast a high rating on Amazon, out of thousands of customer reviews, which talk about the taste, mixability, and versatility of this powder. Overall, this is one of the best, healthiest options for protein powder, and is definitely worth price.

Now here are four other contenders that deserve to make the list.

Coming in second place is the Collagen Peptides Powder, made by Sports Research, which has a high rating on Amazon. If this one sounds a little odd, you’re not crazy, this protein powder is definitely not conventional, which does make it stand out.

The big question here is around the Collagen; what is it, and why should you consider using it?

Collagen is one of the most abundant and essential proteins found in your body, and is one of the major building blocks of bones, skin, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. (Learn more about Collagen here).

As we age, our bodies produce less Collagen, making our additional supplemental consumption of the nutrient of paramount importance.

This collagen powder is made solely from hydrolyzed bovine, and includes 40 calories, 10 grams of protein, and 11 grams of collagen in each serving, and can also boast a Palea & Keto certification and a non-GMO verification, in addition to being gluten free.

It’s a little more expensive, but is essential to maintaining healthy cell growth, healthy joints, and can also aid in slowing the aging process. 

And specifically as an exercise-centered protein powder, this will not only fuel your muscles, but will also help them heal, giving it several levels of value.

The Garden of Life’s Raw Plant-Based Protein Powder, which has a high Amazon rating with thousands of reviews, takes 3rd place.

Each serving contains 20 grams of clean, plant based protein, and over 40 superfoods, combining protein with the essential nutrients and minerals that are so imperative to a healthy body.

The powder is vegan, organic, gluten-free, kosher, dairy-free, soy-free, and non GMO, and can serve as a useful meal-replacement for those trying to lose weight.

It’s convenient, nutritious, protein-packed, and tastes good.

The biggest drawback here is in the price.

Fourth place goes to PlantFusion Complete Pea Protein Powder, which has an average rating on Amazon, out of thousands of customer reviews.

It comes in five flavors; natural, vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, and cookies N cream, and is made from a combination of pea and other plant based superfood’ proteins, all of which are certified non GMO, gluten free, and vegan friendly.

It contains 20 grams of protein per serving, and has a low amount of calories, at only 120 per serving. Because of the plants this protein powder is derived from, it also serves to ease digestion and improve your body’s absorption of protein, which is one of the strongest aspects of this brand.

Reviews prove that it works, with customers explaining how their energy levels are much higher than they were before using this powder.

For a 15.7 ounce container, it is not the cheapest option, but it won’t break the bank, and the benefits are real.

Lastly we have the Vega One Plant Based Protein Powder, which has an average rating on Amazon, and thousands of customer reviews.

It boasts 20 grams per serving of clean, plant based protein, and packs in a ton of nutrients and minerals from a variety of superfoods, and additionally comes in the unique Vanilla Chai flavor.

This powder is on the more expensive side for a large tub,’ and is non GMO, certified vegan, low-glycemic, gluten-free, and includes no dairy or soy ingredients.

Isopure Infusions Protein Powder Review

A pretty novel protein powder, Isopure Infusions stands out compared to the typical milkshake like protein drink. It is – once mixed with water – a (somewhat) fruity, lightly flavored whey protein drink that’s made with only 5 ingredients. 

According to Isopure, all ingredients are non-GMO. Infusion protein is also gluten free, lactose free, and free of artificial flavors, artificial colors, and artificial sweeteners. So, on the plus side, it fits a large variety of diets and users.

You can read my hands-on review here.

In Summary

The options for a good gluten-free protein powder are definitely out there. These are just my top five (plus there’s a new brand that I’ve just recently tested – Olly protein powder which is also really good). 

It definitely doesn’t hurt to first purchase small sample-sizes of a few brands to find the one that works best for you. 

Reviews can never be fully accurate – use them to research your top few options, and then, once you try it, you can develop your own personalized opinion, and, in the process, will find your favorite gluten-free protein powder.

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