Six Star Testosterone Booster Review

If you are a male athlete, chances are you have heard of products to help with the strength gains. 

No, we are not talking about steroids or anything like that, just something safe and natural – like a testosterone booster.

When it comes to testosterone supplements, there is one thing you will definitely hear from pretty much anyone in the medical field. 

That is, “a testosterone booster may cause more problems for men with low testosterone than they solve.” So, does that mean the rest of this article is meaningless? Of course not.

Testosterone boosters can be found in nature as well. 

We have D-Aspartic Acid, which is a natural amino acid, vitamin D, Zinc, the hormone of DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone), and some herbs like Tribulus Terrestris, Fenugreek, Ashwagandha, and, I kid you not, ginger. 

In fact, the product we are about to show you has a reputation of being all-natural. Indeed, none of its components is man-made.

Now, there are many brands of testosterone booster out there. Most are good. Some are not so good. 

Naturally, it should take some research to make the right choice. Luckily, we have done it so you will not have to.

The big name we are going to talk about is the Six Star Testosterone Booster. 

From the label, we can see that this is from the same maker of MuscleTech line of supplements, and if you have been lifting for long enough, you may recognize the name. 

Yes, we are talking about the MuscleTech Nitrotech, one of the top 10 protein powders in 2020 (PS! Six Stars protein powder is also on that list). 

So, the question is: Does Six Star live up to the reputation of MuscleTech? 

And that is exactly what we are going to find out in this article. 

If you have time to spare, be sure to stick with our analysis until the very end. Even if you don’t, there is a “Too Long, Didn’t Read.”

So, without further ado, let’s get right to it.

Testosterone Booster for Men Six Star Pro Nutrition Test Booster for Men Extreme Strength + Enhances...
5,738 Reviews
Testosterone Booster for Men Six Star Pro Nutrition Test Booster for Men Extreme Strength + Enhances...
  • TESTOSTERONE BOOSTER FOR MEN – Six Star Testosterone Booster is engineered for all male athletes. Formulated with a key ingredient shown to amplify...
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TLDR: Six Star Testosterone Booster

Six Star Testosterone Booster Supplement Extreme Strength | Shopee ...

The Six Star Testosterone Booster’s main attractiveness is the price. 

On the website of sixstarpro, a 60-caplet container, which is equal to 30 servings, is available for a little higher price. 

PS: Here’s where you can buy it for a cheaper price! 

Testosterone is a hormone produced by the male body to sustain muscle growth. With that in mind, Six Star’s goal is straightforward as it can be – increasing your level of testosterone.

To be specific, the product is claimed to (1) boost active testosterone, (2) maintain peak testosterone to cortisol ratio, and (3) enhance training performance.

According to the manufacturer, Six Star Testosterone can be used with the following Six Star products for maximum results within 7 days:

  • 100% Whey Protein Plus
  • Casein Protein
  • Pre-Workout Explosion


  • Rhodiola reduces cortisol which has a positive effect on your testosterone
  • Ginkgo can enhance blood flow
  • No proprietary blends
  • It contains trace amounts of active boron, a clinically proven element that boosts natural testosterone levels.
  • Made by MuscleTech, a respectable company
  • Low price
  • No artificial ingredients


  • Only 3 ingredients
  • Lacking other essential T-boosting elements like zinc, vitamin D, and magnesium
  • At only 5mg per serving, boron isn’t strong enough to affect your testosterone
  • Missing other vital ingredients for an authentic testosterone boost
  • Minimal dosage doesn’t provide the expected results
  • Not the best supplement

Is It Worth It?

supplements for low testosterone

Six Star’s only component that can boost free testosterone is boron, delivered in the compound of boron citrate. 

Here is where the catch is: You get 100mg of boron per serving, but that only contains 5mg of boron. Meanwhile, the maximum dose for adults is 20mg, whereas the sufficient amount is 10mg.

Logically, you would have to take two servings per day, making it last only 15 days. That means doubled monthly cost.

For something that seems cheap but not really, Six Star is not all that great. 

Its only two other ingredients have not been scientifically approved (the number of researches remains too limited).

Now, if you feel like we should give Six Star credits for being “au naturel” (by which we mean all-natural), let us remind you that it can utilize other elements like zinc, potassium, or simply vitamin D in its blend.

Therefore, it is safe to say there are better testosterone boosters out there.

In-Depth Review of the Six Star Testosterone Booster

Six Star Testosterone Booster Review - Does It Really Work?



The Six Star Testosterone Booster provides 100mg of boron citrate, which includes 5mg of boron, per serving.

Researches have shown that a daily dose of 6mg of boron has the following benefits:

  • Better metabolism of the total testosterone to free testosterone (“Total testosterone” is the grand sum of bound and free testosterone. Only the latter is responsible for skeletal cellular replication and man-features like facial hair and deep voices)
  • Increase in the level of free testosterone by almost 25%
  • A decrease in the amount of estradiol, a female sex hormone
  • A decline in the number of inflammation indicators
  • Better free testosterone absorption (Boron allows the free testosterone to bond better with blood cells)
  • Improvement of blood flow
  • Development of cognitive functions (hand-eye coordination, memory, and such)
  • Increase in the effectiveness of vitamin D

Note that the fatal amount of boron is over 20mg for adults and 5 to 6mg for children. 

If you want to go the natural testosterone booster, boron can be found in prunes, raisins, dried apricots, and avocados.

Rhodiola Extract

Each serving provides 386mg of Rhodiola extract from the root of the Rhodiola crenulate.

There have been researches showing the stimulation of this natural medicine on serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine activity for healthy emotional and neurological functioning. 

But as stated, more findings are needed to confirm Rhodiola’s benefits.

Nonetheless, Rhodiola has been used as a natural remedy for:

  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Improving training performance

Gingko Extract

2.7mg of ginkgo extract from the leaf of the ginkgo Biloba is included in every two capsules.

Gingko seems to be capable of improving blood circulation and act as an antioxidant to slow down Alzheimer’s disease.

Who should take it?

We have already established that testosterone is required for muscle growth, strength gains, and training performance enhancement. 

Therefore, any male athlete may use the Six Star’s Testosterone Booster as long as no side effect present.

As stated by the manufacturer, this testosterone booster is suitable for:

  • Active men
  • Strength trainers
  • Male athletes
  • Fitness enthusiasts
  • Bodybuilders

Positive Effects

Here we will take a look at what Six Star claims to achieve.

Boost Free Testosterone 

The boron amount is said to be precisely formulated and was shown to increase free testosterone within just 7 days.

Maintain Peak Testosterone to Cortisol Ratio 

Cortisol is a type of hormone that helps you deal with stress. However, too much cortisol can “hurt you more than it helps.” 

Its problems include weight gain, tiredness, impaired brain functions, and weakened immune systems.

A maintain peak testosterone to cortisol ratio, Six Star means to give you the most testosterone and the least cortisol.

Enhance Training Performance

Logically, more testosterone production translates to better strength training performances.

Possible Side Effects

Six Star Pro claims to use only natural ingredients that have no adverse effect on the body. However, users’ reviews prove just the opposite.

Some reported diarrhoea and constant headache while some had trouble sleeping. Rashes, itchiness, and red spots on thighs, shins, and legs have also been a matter of complaint.

Some not-so-bad side effects involve the increased level of testosterone. They are higher sperm production and sexual desire.


Six Star Pro promises result after just 7 days. No further guarantee is given.

Reviews: What do people say about it?

testosterone supplement

Many users like Six Star Testosterone Booster for its ease to swallow, value for money, flavour, and ingredient quality.

Some of the elderly users have seen improvement in stamina, attention, libido, and shorter healing time.

Users who need minerals other than boron might turn to other products. It is worth noting that the Six Star is much more lightweight and has no estrogen blocker.

Most user reviews were thrown off by the large container being disproportionate to its actual quantity, saying how the bottle is practical “95% air.”

And as mentioned, some might experience side effects and should consult medical help.

“On the third day, I started having horrible headaches. I almost passed out during a workout too. I immediately stopped taking this product after nearly passing out.”

“Since stopping this product, I haven’t had any headaches, and I feel fine while working out.”


So, there you have it, our in-depth review of the Six Star Testosterone Booster.

Judging from the F reviews, this has a lot of benefits for older users.

Nevertheless, for truly active men or athletes, Testosterone Booster might be too lightweight. If you experience side effects, try consulting a doctor or simply switch to another brand.

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Testosterone Booster for Men Six Star Pro Nutrition Test Booster for Men Extreme Strength + Enhances...
5,738 Reviews
Testosterone Booster for Men Six Star Pro Nutrition Test Booster for Men Extreme Strength + Enhances...
  • TESTOSTERONE BOOSTER FOR MEN – Six Star Testosterone Booster is engineered for all male athletes. Formulated with a key ingredient shown to amplify...
  • BOOST TESTOSTERONE IN JUST 7 DAYS – Backed by years of research and development and engineered with full doses of scientifically validated key...

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