Ironmaster Super Bench Review

When it comes to building a home gym, what are the first two words to pop into your mind? For us, they are “compactivity” and “versatility.”

Now, the product we are about to bring you is not, in and of itself, versatile. 

However, with its vast amount of positions and accessories, it very well might be one of the most flexible machines on the market.

And regarding “compactivity,” well, you’ll see what we mean in just a second.

In this article, we are going to take you through an in-depth review of the Ironmaster Super Bench. 

We will include everything you need to know about this Super Bench, such as the price, benefits, features, and what others think about it.

So, if you are looking for a home gym of your own, stick with us till the end. We promise our analysis will help you much with your decision-making.

TL; DR: Ironmaster Super Bench

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Product Description:

Ironmaster’s Super Bench is a piece of adjustable, foldable workout bench

Like any bench, the Ironmaster Super Bench is designed for dumbbell training and barbell training (with a rack or a cage, for safety purposes).

This heavy-duty device has 11 angle positions ranging from 0 to 85 degrees. 

That means you can use it as a flat or decline bench. A removable seat is included so you can train incline exercises, too.

One thing you’ll notice is that the Ironmaster Bench comes pretty much assembled. To fully put it together, all you need is a pair of 17mm wrenches.

The bench can hold 1000 pounds (450kg) in the flat position but only 600 pounds (270kg) in the incline position.


  • Easy assembly
  • Strong steel construction + Tight assembly = Impressive stability
  • Load-bearing rubber feet for additional stability on uneven or frictionless surfaces.
  • 1000-pound max capacity
  • 11 total lock-out settings ranging from 0 to 85 deg.
  • Quick, easy, and secure adjusting foot lever that can be used on both sides
  • Perfect seat size, shape, and angle relative to the back pad
  • Comfortable and supportive foam padding
  • Reasonable base price including shipping fee
  • Positive feedbacks on IronMaster customer service
  • Various accessories available


  • The price gets closer to commercial-grade when adding the most basic attachments (wheels and crunch sit-up)
  • Too high in the flat bench position (20 inches)
  • The 10 inches wide pad is too narrow for muscular and strict-form users
  • Similarly, the 600-pound seat capacity is not the right choice for strong lifters
  • Overpriced accessories are not made to the same standard as the bench
  • Cheap, uncomfortable, and unprotected foam rollers absorb sweat and moisture

Special Features:

  • 11 lock-out angles
  • Super-strong steel frame.
  • Unique bench angle adjustment ring with foot lever on both sides
  • Bench weighs 60 lbs. without incline seat and 65 with
  • Powder-coated frame with chrome components
  • Comfortable commercial-grade pad and durable stitched vinyl upholstery
  • Easily-plugged-in 3-position incline seat that is always perpendicular to the backrest, so users won’t slide off
  • A growing list of optional attachments

Is It Worth It?

This Super Bench is pretty well rounded in any possible positions (flat, incline, or decline), to say the least.

Judging by its core value, a lifting bench, it has no rival in terms of price.

However, ideal as it is for beginners and intermediates, some of the drawbacks, as mentioned earlier, might be deal-breakers for advanced users.

In-Depth Review of the Ironmaster Super Bench

Size and Dimension

The Ironmaster Super Bench has a frame covering an area of 18.75 × 41 inches (48 × 104 cm). The pad, aka backrest, is 10 inches wide, 44 inches long, and 3 inches thick.

As mentioned, in the flat bench position, the pad is 20 inches from the ground. 

This could be too high for a few individuals. Of course, you can always find something to put your feet on, so it is not a big deal. An Amazon user recommended yoga blocks.

Also, we have already known that there are 3 positions for the seat. Therefore, the 3 heights of the bottom pad when the bench is at its tallest (85 deg) are 12, 14, and 16 inches.

Quality and Durability

The Ironmaster Super Bench has a frame that is a combination of 11, 12, and 13-gauge steel tubes. 

If you had not known, “gauge” is a unit of measurement for the steel plates’ thickness. The less “gauge” there is, the thicker the steel tubing.

For reference, 11-gauge steel is 3.175 mm thick, 12-gauge is 2.78mm, and 13-gauge is 2.38 mm.

Back to the super bench, the more critical the component, the thicker it is. 

For instance, you can see the adjustment wheel is made of 2-gauge steel (6.75 mm), and the pivot point of the back pad is 000-gauge (9.5 mm).

The less crucial parts are made of lighter gauge steel. 

For example, the feet on either side of the base are 12-gauge. That base and its central support post have to be cranked up to 11-gauge. 

13-gauge steel is mainly used for accessories connecting ports (and the accessories themselves).

What we are trying to say is the Ironmaster Bench is rock solid. You will not feel any wobbliness or hear any rattling sound. But at the same time, it is light enough for you to carry around without taking it apart (only 65 pounds or 29 kg).

Weight Capacity

The Ironmaster Super Bench is constructed well enough to handle 1000 pounds when flat. This is because, in this position, the weight is distributed to the pad and the frame.

This is not the case for the incline bench, though. When in incline mode, the weight is put more on the seat, which is more lightweight. In short, it can only hold 600 pounds.

So, for any guy over 250 pounds looking to incline bench press 300 pounds, it is not going to be very safe for you guys. Try some commercial benches instead.

Additional Features and Components

Regarding the 11 aforementioned lock out angles, we specifically have 0 (flat position), 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, and 85 degrees.

Even in the flat position, the bench is too high for some people. So, it is definitely going to be a problem at high decline levels.

Knowing this, the manufacturer recommends the Crunch SitUp attachment. You can hook your leg onto the attachment and gain instant stability.

The Ironmaster Super Bench has a unique adjustment system utilizing a steel ring. The lever to change the angle is installed at feet level and can be operated from both sides. Just make sure that it locks up tight before lifting.

The frame is powder-coated to prevent rust. Some components are made of chrome, which is the reason why the bench is so light.

For the backrest and the seat, we have commercial-grade pads with vinyl upholstery. This makes for a durable, firm, yet comfortable back and bottom pad.

The incline-seat can plug into any hole on the side without using pins. While it means faster seat height changing, some might worry about stability being compromised. The truth is, as long as the bench does not tilt sideways (which it won’t), the seat stays on.

Thanks to its unique design, the seat follows the back pad at any time, providing users with a perfect perpendicular (90 degrees) angle.

If the seat is fixed like other benches, the angle will become shallow as it leaves the upright position, resulting in users sliding off the bench.

We also mentioned that the bench has a “growing list of optional attachments.” Well, by growing, Ironmaster means that there are more on the way.

At the time of this article, here are the available accessories:

If you are interested in or have already owned the Ironmaster Super Bench, be sure to stay tuned for the future development of new attachments.

Who do you recommend this weight bench for?

Like we said, for 250+ pounds users hoping to lift heavy loads, the 600 lb incline seat capacity is not very safe. They can still enjoy flat and decline bench press, nonetheless.

Now, this is one of the benches that are great for decline presses. So, as long as you don’t need decline exercises in your training, feel free to look for another one with better incline capacity.

The 10-inch pad can be a nuisance for heavy lifters with broad back and shoulders. Otherwise, the Ironmaster Super Bench is a great deal for beginners and intermediates.


The Ironmaster Super Bench comes with a 10-year structural warranty and a 1-year on upholstery.

Some Amazon users describe their experience with Ironmaster’s customer service as very enjoyable, to which we quote:

“Ironmaster is always at the ready to help if needed.”

What do people say about it?

The Ironmaster Super Bench receives a high rating on Amazon.

Most users love it for its stability, easy assembly, and sturdiness (in fact, each of these features gets a high rating from reviewers).

“This is very beefy, very durable, and very well-made. It is worth the money.”

“It comes 3/4 put together in the box already, and the remainder you can bolt together in about 10-15 minutes at most.”

Its lightweight is a plus point, as well as its variety of accessories.

“It’s light enough to pick up and move around yourself without wearing yourself out even though there are no wheels.”

“I will be buying the leg extension and the cable attachment soon, and I can’t wait to try those out.”

A user also complimented on the fast shipping.

“The Super Bench arrived two days after I ordered it, which is much sooner than I expected. Installation was simple and quick.”

There are some unsatisfied customers, too. One of the bench’s drawbacks, being too high when flat, is well reflected in the comment section.

“When flat, the bench is 20” — way too high to put your feet down comfortably when lying down.”

Some also dislike the seat.

“Another problem is the seat; it feels too small and digs into my legs. Also, the highest seat setting is too short and uncomfortable, causing my knees to travel past my hips.”


super bench

So, there you have it, an in-depth review of the Ironmaster Super Bench.

This weight bench is a great deal when it comes to versatility, compactivity, and price. However, you may have to buy additional attachments.

If most of the cons, which we had stated, do not bother you, don’t hesitate to make the bench yours.

If you enjoy this article, make sure to check out our other review. We have tons of analysis available on gym equipment, gym bags, other weight benches, and fitness exercises. As someone who loves working out at home, you wouldn’t want to miss them.

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