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Foldable Workout Bench - Top 5 Options

Are you looking to extract maximum benefit from your workouts?

If yes, it is time to look at one of the most vital aspects of your fitness. I’m speaking about the weight benches. My experience as a fitness trainer has taught me that people seldom pay attention to the weight bench they use.

Without a proper weight bench, your posture might not be correct, which can result in an injury. So, I always advise my clients to start with the very basic and choose the right one first. 

I know that many people who have decided to build a home gym do not have tons of space available. Therefore a weight bench gym that folds can be really helpful for keeping your home neat and tidy after finishing your home workout.

If you want to learn more about different weight benches out there, then check my top recommended adjustable workout bench article.

Here are my top 5 recommendations: 

#1 FITNESS REALITY Foldable Workout Bench

reality1K weight bench
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The first option on my list is an adjustable weight bench that can carry up to 800 lbs or 360 kg. When you look at the frame, it consists of commercial quality heavy-duty steel. This means that durability will not be an issue with this bench.

This bench offers six different back positions and four different sitting positions which means that you should be able to perform a ton of exercises to your taste.

The backrest is 9.7 inches thick out of which 1.8 inches is soft foam. The high-quality leather really adds to the durability of this bench. The support pipes and anti-slip cover make it a really good bench for your workouts.

When not in use, you can fold it into dimensions of 31.5” x 12.6” x 11.8”. This means that you will need quite the space to store it nicely until your next workout.

With various customization options and the sturdy construction, you cannot go wrong with this bench.


  • Can carry a significant amount of load.
  • Highly durable.
  • Adjustable at multiple levels.
  • Folds into a small space.
  • Anti-slip foot cover on offer.
  • Sturdy construction.


  • It comes with too few instructions.

Feedback from other customers:

I have gone through some of the reviews that other people who have purchased this bench have given it and I must say that most of the people are quite happy with it. 

Many of the users have chosen it because of the high load that it can take which makes it quite a universal bench for really anyone who wants to work out using a bench.

#2 GYMENIST Exercise Bench

GYMENIST Exercise Bench
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One of the prime reasons why this bench made it to this list is because you can adjust it to three versions: incline bench, flat bench, and decline bench. 

The bench comes complete with a cushion for the back which can be moved up or down according to your need.

The bench comes fully assembled, so you don’t need to struggle with going nuts trying to read another one of those useless user manuals.

With the weights carrying capacity of up to 550lbs, it is suitable for any individual.

The versatility of this bench makes it a perfect choice for anyone looking for a weight bench.


  • Excellent adjustability.
  • The weight carrying capacity is up to 550lbs.
  • Comes fully assembled.
  • Includes a cushion for the back.


  • Has a small learning curve for knowing when and how to adjust it.

Feedback from other customers:

When it comes to what I’ve read from other reviews, I have to admit that it has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from most folks out there. Most people are really happy about the fact that it comes fully assembled. 

When you have already made the decision to start saving time by working out at home then you really don’t want to waste that precious time on something as tiresome as assembling your equipment, do you?

#3 Merax Deluxe Foldable Utility Weight Bench

Merax Deluxe Foldable Utility Weight Bench

I’m going to be honest, the main reason why this utility bench made it to this list is because of its weight capacity of whopping 800lbs. The well-thought design and long-lasting steel build make sure that it offers proper support for you and your weights even during your craziest lifting sessions.

The vinyl upholstery makes it really easy and cheap to maintain. In addition, the material is water-resistant so you don’t have to worry about any damage when working out or cleaning it.

With the help of a welded ladder, it is easy for you to adjust the bench to any of the six different angles (I know, can it get better?). Like the previous bench, you can adjust the Merax Deluxe to flat, incline and decline position. But that’s not it, it has another three positions in between.

Maybe you are sharing the workout bench with your significant other or flatmate who’s half of your height – this will not be a problem anymore, this bench really meets everyone’s needs.

The bench also comes with a dense foam padding which means that you will get proper support and can use the weight bench comfortably for a long time. With the bench dimensions of 60” x 22” x 18.3”, you can be sure that it is a good option for any workout or exercise.

The sturdiness, versatility and the high weight carrying capacity of this bench are the reasons why you should definitely look into buying it.


  • Adjustable at multiple levels.
  • Dense foam padding.
  • High weight capacity.
  • High quality steel construction.


  • Padding could be thicker.

Feedback from other customers:

One of the things that most users have highlighted is that it is easy to assemble. It means that once you receive it, you can start using it quickly, with no downtime. 

Also, most users praised the heavy-duty construction of this weight bench and its adjustability. 

Thanks to these two virtues, you can be sure that it is undoubtedly one of the best compact weight benches out there.

#4 Yoleo Foldable Weight Bench

Yoleo Adjustable Weight Bench

Are you searching for a weight bench that has an ergonomic design?

If yes, this one should be on your list. The high-density foam padding, as well as the ergonomic seat, means that you can use it day in and day out. 

The dense foam padding offers proper weight support while doing your exercises.

The bench offers seven different backrest positions which makes it a really versatile option to anyone. The versatility is further enhanced by the adjustable weight rack.

The bench has been constructed using heavy-duty steel and can handle the weight of up to 330lbs.

You may think about the nightmare of assembling such a versatile bench, but hey, the good news is that it actually comes 98% pre-assembled so you will be able to use it almost instantly.

The ergonomic design sets it apart from many other foldable weight benches.


  • Ergonomic design.
  • Handles weight of up to 330lbs.
  • Heavy-duty steel construction.
  • High-density foam padding.


  • The material of the cushion could have been of better quality.

Feedback from other customers:

One of the features of this workout bench, which I, as well as many other users like, is that it is pretty compact once folded. It means that you can store it in a corner or underneath the bed.

#5 Bonnlo Upgraded Foldable Bench

Bonnlo Upgraded Adjustable Bench

This bench comes really sturdy and is able to support up to whopping 660lbs of weight. The powder-coated steel frame makes this bench a highly durable option. It also comes with high density boxed upholstery for maximum support for your body.

If you are looking for versatility then this bench is going to be for you. You can choose between six different back positions including flat, incline and decline. Also, you can choose between 3 different base seat positions to make sure the exercising feels comfortable.

Assembly will not be a problem here either as the bench comes 99% preassembled.

If you order this bench on Amazon, it comes with a bonus which is two free elastic strings for exercising your arms.


  • Highly versatile.
  • 660lbs weight carrying capacity.
  • Heavy-duty frame.
  • Includes a bonus – elastic strings.


  • The materials used are not of the highest quality.

Feedback from other customers:

The consumers are quite happy with the construction quality, as well as the dimensions of this foldable workout bench. Many people also highlighted the easy or basically non-existent assembling process.


When it comes to my own experience, these are the five best options when it comes to foldable weight benches.

I have tried them all and I’ve been recommending the first two to my clients who have all been happy with their choices.

So now it’s just the matter of choosing one of these amazing benches based on your personal preference and there will be no more excuses for skipping your exercise.


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