The 5 Best Gym Bags With Shoe Compartments

gym bags with shoe compartments

Note: This review was updated on 12/3/21 to remove no longer available products and add in some new options

Planning to go more regularly to your local gym? Pack up your essentials like lifting glovesresistance bands, and trusty workout trainers in a good quality gym bag! With the styles and varieties, it comes in nowadays, choosing the right gym bag for you can sometimes be a sensory overload. 

Before purchasing, here’s a quick guide on what you need to look for when buying the best gym bag with shoe compartment: 

gym bag features to look for

Before purchasing, here’s a quick guide on what you need to look for when buying the best gym bag with shoe compartment:

Adidas Gym Bag with Shoe Compartment
Adidas Team Issue II Gym Bag


What’s the right size for you and fits all of your workout gear? You want to be in that “Goldilocks” zone – not too big and not too small. If you’re unsure, as a general rule, I lean towards something a bit bigger than you initially think. That gives some “growing room” for additional gear or clothing.


Shoe Compartment 

Having a dedicated shoe compartment means your shoes aren’t getting your clothes and the rest of your gym bag dirty and smelly. Since this post is about gym bags with a shoe compartment, all the bags listed directly below have one.




Other than a shoe compartment, a gym bag’s features can vary greatly. Here are some additional things to consider:


Extra compartments

Many bags have additional, separate compartments for additional gear or clothing. Or maybe you want to keep your sweaty gym clothes separate after you workout. I, for example, use mine to story my sweaty knee brace.


Extra pockets

Most gym bags have at least one pocket but you’ll probably want more. Do you need an extra zippered pocket for your keys or wallet?  Or maybe a side mesh pocket for your phone? Small separate pockets are great for holding those little extra items (such as knee braces) that you typically don’t think of. 1Yes, I just ended a sentence with a preposition. Suck it, grammar nerd.



Straps are ideal for a gym bag. Not only does it make the bag to carry, it’s also easy to move it out of the way to load and unload the bag. If you have a lot of gear or have to carry the bag often, consider a padded shoulder strap and/or adjustable straps for additional comfort. If you don’t like straps, many gym bags have a detachable shoulder strap as well.



Do you handles in addition to (or instead of) a strap? Personally, I prefer a strap but handles do provide extra versatility and are a nice feature.


 Do you need a water bottle holder? Anything else special? For example, if your bag needs to perform double-duty, maybe you also need a laptop or tablet compartment.

Bag with Water Bottle Holder
Bag with Water Bottle Holder


You’ll want one that is well built with high-quality materials that will last. Generally, this means a tear-resistant and smell-resistant synthetic (e.g. Nylon) bag. I would avoid any cotton bag as not only will they become smelly they can also tear and pick up moisture from wet clothes. Synthetic bags, in most cases, are water resistant or even water proof. Do you prefer zippered compartments or is Velcro more your style?



If you’re looking to use your gym bag often, it needs to be easy to carry around. You should feel comfortable and confident wearing it! This is obviously personal preference – I prefer a simple bag while other will certainly go for one that looks good on the road, workplace, or gym.


No matter your preferences, we have you covered. So, with that said, here’s a comprehensive overview – in no particular order – of the top 5 gym bags. 


5 Best Gym Bags With Shoe Compartments

Nubily Gym Duffel

 This underrated gym bag is perfect for someone who wants a sleek and simple design. 

Product Description: 

  • Understated yet stylish design that can be easily used outside of the gym
  • The dimensions of the gym bag are 19”x9.4”x11.8” with a total volume of 40 L. 
  • The bag has a padded, adjustable shoulder strap as well as two grip handles for comfort while carrying it. 
  • Has a whopping 11 different sizes pockets, including 1 enormous main compartment with a two-way metal zipper to keep all your important belongings, 2 front pockets and 1 back Wet pocket, 2 side pockets
  • The shoe compartment will fit up to size 13 shoes and has a water proof lining along with two breathable air holes. 
  • There is also another large compartment separate to these to store clean clothes. 


  • Great looking
  • Huge number of pockets and compartments
  • Ventilated shoe compartment


  • No warranty information

The Adidas Team Issue II Duffel Bag is your traditional sport duffel style gym bag. It has 3 outside zippered pockets including a ventilated pocket for dirty or wet gear and a separate shoe compartment.

I’m pretty partial to this bag as it’s my main gym bag and one I’ve been using for a few years now. In short, it’s a great bag and, like the others listed here, it’s hard to go wrong with it.

Product Description: 

  • Its water-resistant base protects you against wet gym floors or changing rooms. 
  • The adjustable and removable padded straps, as well as two grip handles, provide comfortable transport of the bag. 
  • The gym bag comes in 3 sizes with dimensions ranging from 24”x11.5”x12” to 32.5”x13.5”x15” and a weight of about 1.3 lbs. 
  • This is significantly larger and lighter than some of the other bags which is attributed to its 100% polyester construction.


  • Choice of sizes and colors
  • Very lightweight
  • Removable, padded straps
  • 3 zippered pockets
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • This is a functional gym bag but it’s very basic and price may seem a bit expensive to some buyers.  

The next option is  Under Armour’s Undeniable 3.0 Backpack Duffle. 







Product Description: 

  • It’s versatility as well as it’s weather-resistant finish make this a perfect on-the-go bag. 
  • The shoulder straps are adjustable, padded and come with Under Armour’s HeatGear temperature regulation technology to ensure you don’t get too sweaty while wearing it. 
  • It comes with 2 large vented pockets, and an expandable one for dirty laundry and shoes up to size 14. 
  • There is also a water-resistant pocket for valuables and another large organization pocket. 
  • It has a zip shut side pocket for a water bottle keeping the design of the bag sleek and smooth even when carrying a water bottle. 
  • The dimensions of the bag are 24.8”x 11.8”x12.9” with a total volume and 56 L. 
  • The construction is 100% polyester.


  • Ventilated shoe compartment
  • Technology to prevent sweating while wearing the bag
  • Highly rated


  • Less of a con and more of a style choice, if you really don’t like branding on your gear then the Under Armour logo may put you off.

Voory Trainer Duffel Gym Bag



Product Description: 

  • The water-resistant nylon gives it a very smooth look and also makes it extremely lightweight and water-resistant. 
  • Super-stylish with a mix of colors and looks
  • The bag is a bit on the smaller size. The dimensions of the bag are 16.5”x9”x11” and a total volume of 24 L. 
  • There is one large main compartment, large exterior and interior pockets, and a side water bottle pocket.
  • There is also the all-important ventilated shoe pocket. 
  • The simple design of this bag means it is appropriate for gym, work, or travel. 


  • Removable, adjustable shoulder strap for comfort while wearing
  • Dedicated waterproof interior pocket and ventilated shoe compartment
  • Internal security zipper for valuables


  • May be too stylish for a lot of folks
  • Bag is smaller than most

This backpack is incredibly stylish, it’s durable wipe-clean fabric is water-repellent and comes in lots of great colors. Its simple design makes it a perfect bag for anyone not wanting to look too sporty or have brands and logos all over their bag. 

Product Description: 

  • The design includes comfortable shoulder straps, a compartment for a laptop, internal pockets, and side pockets for drinks bottles and small items. 
  • It also importantly has 3 separate compartments separate from the main compartment which can be used to store dirty clothes and your shoe. 
  • Between the main compartment and the 3 smaller compartments, there is also a large pouch that is adjustable in size and can be used for quickly putting away something like a bike helmet or jacket.
  • The dimensions of this bag are 18.9”x11.5”x9” with a total volume of 30 L, making it the perfect size, big enough to fit all your gear in without being unsightly or uncomfortable. 


  • Wipe clean and water repellent fabric
  • Choice of colors
  • Laptop compartment
  • Additional pouch for jacket or bike helmet


  • Pretty expensive bag, but the build quality you get with this bag along with an uncompromised style and ergonomic layout make it our favorite.
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