Bowflex Blaze Review 

Convenience is essential in our everyday life. Waking up every day to go to the gym might be stressful, especially during bad weather and slow days. 

Home gym equipment is therefore here to help you out. You can meet your fitness goals at the comfort of your house with home gym equipment.

You don’t have to hire a trainer since most of them have a full body workout program, saving you money. These are just some of the advantages of having a home gym. 

In this article, we will take a look at one of the most trusted home gym machines — the Bowflex Blaze

We will delve deeper into the features and specs to paint a picture of what to expect with this machine. Keep reading to know an in-depth review of this product.

Price: $799

Out of all the home gym equipment by Bowflex Canada, Bowflex Blaze is one of the cheapest. 

It costs roughly $799, which is a quarter the price of some home gym equipment. Coupled with a warranty, this is a reasonable price.

Product Description

bowflex blaze home gym

The Bowflex home gym, Blaze, is a quality home gym equipment that is designed for shoulder and back workouts. 

It also has several cable attachments to help with chest, triceps, biceps, and shoulder workout. 

It has a lower-body extension for the legs and hamstrings. 

Bowflex Blaze is a piece of versatile equipment that serves a range of exercises targeting different parts of the body.



Many home gym machines are usually expensive. Some cost as high as 2000 dollars. 

At its price, Bowflex Blaze home gym is one of the most affordable deals you can ever land. 

Great for Home Use

The main reason why people are willing to spend a fortune on home gym equipment is for convenience. 

However, even with the hefty price tags, some of this equipment is not great for home use.

The Bowflex Blaze, on the other hand, is designed just for that-home use. It offers a wide range of options for your body workout. 

This machine is also compact and saves space. You do not want a machine that consumes a lot of space.

Suitable for Beginners 

Starting out is usually a considerable challenge since you require a level of precision and control for a proper workout session, especially with free weights

This machine, however, takes beginner’s welfare into account. With the Bowflex Blaze home gym, beginners do not have to worry about injuries or straining during their fitness journey.

Offers a Full-Body Workout

The Bowflex Blaze Home Gym includes more than 60 exercises that target different body parts. One can easily achieve a full-body workout in the comfort of his or her room.

The full-body workout is also made possible by the pulley and lever systems which only require a few adjustments.


Limited for Advanced Users

Bowflex Blaze is too light for advanced trainees. Its weight limit may curtail people who are in dire need of heavy training. 

Such users may end up paying more for upgrades so that they can generate more weight.

Uses bands instead of weights 

Compared to other home gyms that use weight discs, Bowflex Blaze uses elastic bands which also have their fair share of disadvantages. 

These bands can easily overstretch, reducing the power rod resistance in return.

Their resistance also depends on temperature. A hot day guarantees light workout sessions.

Weight Limit 

The Bowflex Blaze home gym equipment has a weight limitation. The weights used in the machine weigh less than those in real life. 

Two hundred pounds in Bowflex Blaze is not similar to 200 pounds of free weights. 

As much as this product allows a variety of workout options, it is less versatile as compared to the older models, especially the Power Pro.

Special Features

Flexible Resistance Power Rod Customization

Bowflex Blaze has a Power Rod resistance that goes up to 210 pounds. 

The good news is, this power rod resistance can still be upgraded to twice the original level at an extra cost. 

The resistance is easily adjustable, which is everything you need for a comfortable workout session.

Is It Worth It?

Yes. The Bowflex Blaze Home machine has several features that are key for practical workout sessions. 

It also comes at a pretty affordable price, which is almost a quarter of The Bowflex Revolution‘s price. 

Even at its price tag, it still provides room for more than sixty exercises. 

Is this machine worth it? Absolutely. Worth every penny.

In-Depth Review of the Bowflex Blaze 

Size and Dimension

The Bowflex Blaze home gym is a pretty compact machine. It measures 59-23-14 inches, which takes up less space. It weighs 214 pounds, which is considerably low.

Quality and Durability

bowflex home gym

One of the key considerations when going for a home gym equipment is its quality and durability. 

Remember, these products cost a dime, and if you are to get one, you just have to do it right. 

Bowflex Blaze uses high-quality Power Rod technology that doesn’t break or lose its resistance.

The Bowflex Power Rods have been tested and tried over four times to ensure that the machine is durable and of good quality. 

As a sign of trust in their power rods, Bowflex has a free replacement for its power rods if at all they wear out. So, in terms of durability, this machine is pretty durable. 

By a free replacement, I mean the power rods have a lifetime warranty attached to them.

Resistance and the Weight Capacity

The Bowflex Home gym has a weight resistance of 210 lbs. This resistance can, however, be upgraded to 410 pounds, at a cost.

Additional Features and Components

  • It has a smart ergonomic design. The Bowflex Blaze home gym has a compact design despite its many parts. It can easily fit the smallest of spaces. The fact that it is foldable 1click here if you’re looking for a foldable bench also makes its handling convenient during emergencies.
  • It can perform more than 60 exercises. Bowflex Blaze allows users a range of exercises. One can, therefore, perform more than sixty exercises, thanks to the reliable cable and pulley system. The machine is also highly flexible for some of the most cumbersome exercises.
  • The cables have a clean pull. The cables used in this home gym pull smooth and clean, to power the whole workout session without unnecessary jerking or straining.
  • Comfortability. Comfort is of the essence when working out. Bowflex Blaze has a cushioned bench that allows you to sit during your workout sessions comfortably. The seat is also adjustable and can easily slide back and forth so that you manipulate the angle of your workouts.

Due to its guaranteed comfort, this home gym equipment allows for rowing workouts. What more are you looking for?


Bowflex has a lot of trust in its power rods and, therefore, in this equipment, the power rods have a lifetime warranty. 

The machine’s construction has a five-year warranty. At its price, the warranty durations are graceful.

What Do People Say about Bowflex Blaze?

bowflex blaze

Bowflex makes really good home workout equipment, and just like you guessed, people are pleased with this product. 

Most of the positive reviews found online are from people who are satisfied with the home gym equipment.

Jake, an Amazon buyer from The United States, terms this equipment excellent. He claims Bowflex Blaze suits all fitness levels. 

He also likes the fact that the resistance from the rod technology can be upgraded, even though at a cost. 

On the fact that the red resistance is lesser than free weights, Jake claims that, to him, Bowflex improves his functional strength better than free weights.

Another satisfied buyer is diver64 who applauds The Bowflex Blaze home gym equipment for its ease of assembly. 

She claims that the product is beneficial for toning and strengthening muscle groups. 

She bought the machine to help with her lower back, but as it stands, she got more than what she wanted. 

The machine also helps her keep in shape alongside relieving her back pain.

There are several positive reviews about this product. Even though a number of people complain about its resistance, most of them are still content. 

It would, however, be helpful if you conducted a level of research before getting yourself the Bowflex Blaze Home gym equipment.


review of bowflex blaze

Should you invest in the Bowflex Blaze? Yes. 

This product comes at a reasonable price with a lifetime warranty on its resistance technology. 

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