Bowflex Revolution Review

bowflex revolution review

Bowflex Revolution Review

Having home gym equipment is luxurious. It saves you time by localizing your workout sessions. 

With home gyms, you do not need a monthly subscription in the local gym, which is usually costly. 

In case you are in search of such equipment, the Bowflex Revolution is the perfect answer.

Just like its name, this product is a revolution to home work out machines. 

It is a well-built, durable home workout machine that banks on the SpiraFlex technology resistance system. 

In this review of the Bowflex Revolution, you will learn everything concerning this fantastic machine, ranging from its features to the pros and cons.

Keep reading if you want to know more about it!

TLDR: Bowflex Revolution Review

Being an all-round home training machine, this piece of gym equipment has a hefty price tag. 

You might be lucky, however, to get it at a slightly lower price due to the promotions being offered.

Product Description

The Bowflex Revolution is a home gym equipment that utilizes the SpiraFlex technology resistance system that was designed for NASA’s astronauts at the International Space Station to keep them fit. 

From this description, you already have a vivid picture of what to expect.

Bowflex revolution banks on non-inertial resistance mechanisms, which eliminates excessive weight guaranteeing you a smooth ride during your workout sessions.

  • Saves on space. This product is compact enough to adequately serve those with smaller spaces.
  • It requires minimal maintenance. Bowflex Revolution Home Gym might be costly, but it is easy to maintain. This home gym equipment only requires regular wipes so that it remains looking all sharp.
  • Variety of workout programs. Instead of getting frustrated trying to gauge which is the best workout for you, this home gym equipment comes with a fair share of workout programs to get you started. You will learn how to maximize your workout sessions by making every second you spend on the machine count.
  • Easy to assemble. Bowflex Revolution comes with an easy to follow user manual that will guide you every step of the way.
  • Stability. Thanks to its superior design, this machine has the highest level of stability you can ever want in home gyms. Regardless of your weight margin, you will never harbor the thoughts of toppling over with this fantastic machine.
  • Versatile. Who doesn’t want a home gym equipment that allows diverse functionality? Bowflex Revolution Home Gym does just that. It offers up to 100 exercises. 
  • Durability. Bowflex Revolution Home Gym is a durable and robust machine that can be attested to by the ten-year warranty attached to it.
  • Strength Training. Bowflex revolution has 220 pounds of resistance, which can also be doubled.
  • It allows for the upgrading of weights. You can still go further than 440 pounds of resistance. This home gym equipment allows the strength of up to 600.
  • Weight. The Bowflex Revolution Home Gym has a significant weight attached to it, which increases on folding. Moving the equipment from one place to the other might, therefore, be a struggle.
  • Price. The Bowflex Revolution Home Gym comes at a hefty piece tag, which might be a burden to some.

Special Features

Spiraflex Technology. Bowflex revolution makes use of SpiraFlex technology for resistance. This technology offers smooth motion throughout the exercise session, which ensures that resistance is balanced during movement of any exercise.

Is It Worth It?

Absolutely. This home gym equipment has features that are second to none. 

Thanks to its resistance, it offers out of the world strength training, which most gym equipment don’t. 

It also provides users the chance to add more weight, which is more than one can ever ask for. So, is this machine worth its price tag? Absolutely.

In-Depth Review of the Bowflex Revolution Home Gym

Size and Dimension

The Bowflex Revolution Home Gym is a space-saver. 

This machine measures 9.4″ *3.2”*6.1,” which is compact enough to occupy the smallest amount of space in your room. When fully assembled, this gym equipment has a weight of 300 pounds.

Quality and Durability

Bowflex’s Revolution Home Gym is a high-quality home gym equipment. 

It has no metal parts which are vulnerable to rusting. It also reduced the possibility of chipping and braking, giving this machine a long-lasting stay. 

To emphasize its durability, this product has a 10-year warranty. A machine that can survive ten years of heavy usage is highly durable

Resistance and Weight Capacity

Bowflex Revolution XP uses SpiraFlex resistance in combination with a mechanism inside the machine to give users constant resistance. 

The set resistance is 220 pounds, which can be expanded to around 400 pounds. This resistance is also provided through the entire range of motion. This product has a weight limit of 300 pounds.

Additional Features and Components

Comfortable Workouts

One of the features that make the Bowflex Revolution sell is its comfort. 

You do not want to have an even tougher experience when working out. The truth is, most of the home gyms are not user-friendly with regards to their designs.

Bowflex Revolution has an outstanding design that allows you to close the gaps between your legs. It also has cushioned seats and broad back support for its users. 

The weights also sit on a sliding rail, allowing you to make adjustments quickly.

Gives Room for Upgrades

Bowflex Revolution allows you to upgrade your equipment. 

This machine has a range of accessories that can be easily upgraded for an improved workout experience. They include Lat tower, weight store, Ab back pad, and resistance weight.

Exercise to Perform with the Bowflex Revolution

The Bowflex Revolution home gym equipment is an all-rounder, and as a result, users can perform different exercises. In fact, it offers up to 100 exercises. 

For the lower body, you can do leg extension, leg curls, cable kickbacks, cable squats, and leg press. 

For shoulders, one can have Triceps Pull-over, triceps pushdown, front cable raise, side Cable LT Raise, and cable shoulder press.

For the back and the bicep, this machine effectively allows for bicep curls, preacher curl, hammer curls, straight arm pushdowns, seated row, and single-arm cable pull down.

Lastly, for chest workout, this gym equipment allows for chest fly, chest press, lower cable chest raise, cable crossover, and cable iron cross.


Bowflex Revolution has a considerable warranty period attached to it. It covers 10 years. 

At its price range, however, it would have been more appropriate if the company offered a lifetime

What Do People Say About It?

bowflex revolution review

Most of the reviews found online are by users who have interacted with the Bowflex Revolution. 

A more significant percentage believes that this equipment revolutionized home work out, just like its name. 

Most of the reviews are found on Amazon. AL, an Amazon buyer from the United States, says that he is fascinated by the technology behind the formation of the Bowflex Revolution.

He finds the equipment helpful, especially in his career, which keeps him busy always. And as you might have guessed, he is not the only delighted customer. 

CLC, an elderly Amazon buyer from the United States, also has only positive reviews for the Bowflex revolution. He is particularly overjoyed by the equipment’s Spiraflex discs, which he terms like light and quiet.

Most of the online reviews about the Bowflex Revolution are all positive. 

Even those who are not as satisfied still agree that they have never seen so much potential in a machine. 

It would, however, also be helpful if you furthered your research and looked up for other reviews before the acquisition.

Final Verdict

bowflex home gym machine

The Bowflex Revolution has everything you want in a home gym equipment, as much as 100 exercises with this machine! 

This machine uses SpiraFlex technology, which is second to none. It is also loaded with a set of features to suit all your workout needs.

Should you invest in the Bowflex Revolution? 

Yes. Even though it costs more than all the other home gyms, this machine offers value for your money. 

Its warranty also assures you of a long-lasting stay, which is everything you want in a home gym equipment. 

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