Bowflex HVT Review

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Bowflex HVT Review

Investing in home gym equipment can be tricky, especially when space is a luxury. 

Fortunately, you can invest in a Hybrid Velocity Training (HVT) Machine, which allows you to lose fat and gain muscle in one workout station. 

The HVT machine combines both cardio and strength exercises in one compact design. 

You can now have a full-body workout and get your heart pumping without additional equipment. 

Keep reading for more information in this Bowflex HVT review. 

TLDR: Bowflex HVT Review

Product Description

Combining cardio and strength training, the Bowflex Hybrid Velocity Training is a fitness station that will activate your muscles five times more than an average workout. 

It uses dynamic movements to get your heart pumping and your muscles burning in 18 minutes. 

The company markets this training machine as a full-body circuit with its dynamic coaching console. 

The HVT tracks velocity or speed instead of weights and uses that to provide a heart-pumping workout that also trains the muscle. 

The aim of the design is to help you achieve your fitness goals easily at home.

  • Bowflex HVT is a compact workout station with Total Power Technology. It can sync with Bowflex’s HVT app for videos. 
  • There are three pre-set workouts to choose from, or you can build your own HVT workout. 
  • You can choose from Sprint, Circuit, and Builder pre-programmed workouts, depending on what you are aiming for. 
  • You can also select from 50 exercises using the console to build a program manually. 
  • HVT has 16 levels of resistance using progressive fan resistance and magnetic resistance, which allows you to have smaller increments in the resistance you want. 
  • The console has programming to provide instant feedback to keep you motivated and on track. 
  • With the HVT app, you can watch exercises and how to do them on the Bowflex HVT. 
  • The maximum height is 83 inches tall and the pulleys are not height adjustable. If you are short, the top pulley might be tricky to get to. 
  • Bowflex HVT does not fold for storage, and it weighs 182 lbs. You may have to assemble the unit on the designated spot. 
  • 16 levels of resistance may not be enough if you want to build mass. It requires an electric source, thus limits where you can place the machine. 
  • You need to maintain the cables to prevent it from jamming and not work. 
  • It has electrical parts, and once the warranty ends, it can be tricky and expensive to replace. 
  • The HVT lacks ankle straps despite having a lower pulley.

Special Features

  • The Bowflex HVT is also Bluetooth 4.0 compatible and will sync with non-coded heart rate monitors. 
  • There is a USB charging port in the tablet holder to charge your device as you are watching exercise videos. 
  • The progressive fan resistance makes exercises harder as the fan spins faster, increasing the difficulty and raising your heart rate. 
  • The HVT app is free to offer additional support if you are a beginner.

bowflex hvt

Is it worth it?

If you want to do strength training and build muscles, the Bowflex HVT machine will help you achieve that result in the comfort of your own home gym. 

The workout programs aim to get your muscles burning and your heart pumping by introducing dynamic exercises. 

When space is an issue for your home gym and you do not want to invest in too many things, this machine can do the job. 

For beginners, HVT offers plenty of guidance to help you achieve your health targets.

In-Depth Review of the Bowflex HVT Review

Size and Dimension

The Bowflex HVT is 65.6 inches long, 40 inches wide and 83 inches high. 

You can place it in a corner of your home gym with the back tight against the wall to save space. The machine weighs 182 lbs.

Quality and Durability

Bowflex is a top-quality piece of fitness equipment, and Bowflex’s products are durable. 

The frame is mainly durable plastic, there is steel tubing linking the mainframe to the platform. 

The workout platform is composed of hard plastic slats with grooves to allow friction. The platform also has adjustable risers that you can adjust to ensure that the unit sits evenly. 

The frame around the slats is aluminum for better durability. The HVT comes with six premium handles with rubber grips comfortable to hold. 


You have to perform maintenance on the Bowflex HVT regularly. Bowflex recommends inspecting the pulleys and making sure that the ropes are not twisted. 

You may untwist the ropes before exercising so they retract when you release them. 

You can inspect the ropes through the perforated rear shroud if they jam up at the pulley. When the ropes fray you will have to replace them. 

Resistance and Weight Capacity

The maximum weight capacity for the Bowflex HVT is 300lbs, which is standard for most home gym machines. 

You can select the magnetic resistance from the dial on the console, and it offers 16 levels of resistance. 

There is also a progressive fan resistance built into the machine, the fan at the bottom offers additional difficulty to challenge your routine so you will not plateau quickly. 

Progressive fan resistance makes exercises more difficult the longer the fan spins, so the faster or the longer you go the harder the exercise will become.

Additional Features and Components

The Bowflex HVT comes with a device holder for your phone or tablet, there is a charger built- in to allow charging during workouts. 

The HVT has a top, middle, and bottom pulleys with rubber grip handle. 

There is a spot below the console for your water bottle. It has Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and telemetry for most heart rate monitors. 

The HVT app is free to use, and it will sync with the dynamic console to offer you motivation and time tracking. 

Bowflex HVT has a media rack and it will beep when it is time to start and stop. Plus it helps you stay motivated with encouragement.

Exercises to perform / Best Uses

There are fifty workouts to choose from on the HVT’s console for a manual routine, they target the major muscle groups in the body. 

The three pre-programmed workouts are 18 minutes each, and they provide an original target. 

Sprint for speed and recovery, Circuit to build strength, form, and improve range of motion, Builder to increase strength and endurance. 

The Bowflex HVT’s attraction is the dynamic workouts that increase heart rate using strength training exercises.


The Bowflex HVT has two years on frame, mechanical and all parts, and 90 days for labor.

What Do People Say About It?

On Bowflex HVT Canada, it rates an above average rating. Negative comments include cables that get stuck and poor customer service after-sales. When it works, the HVT attracts positive reviews.

On YouTube, the users have a positive review overall. If you use the HVT app, the device will tell you the workouts and a beep to start. 

Users find that the equipment does what they want it to do, and are happy that they are getting good quality workouts.

The Bottomline

bowflex hvt review

The Bowflex HVT machine’s target market is home gyms. 

You can get a good quality workout at home and you can also share the machine with other members of the household. 

If you are bodybuilding, the resistance levels are not enough to build good muscle mass. 

However, it is great for muscle tone and building endurance, which is what you would aim for as a home gym user.

Should you invest in the Bowflex HVT

The HVT is a brilliant fitness investment because it is a 2-1 workout machine that targets two different workout routines in one space. 

It is a space-saving piece of fitness equipment you can use at home, and it will give you an effective exercise routine in less than 30 minutes. 

With the HVT you get plenty of workout variety in one station. If you like this Bowflex HVT review, check out our other reviews.

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