The Best Power Rack with Lat Pulldown

Best Power Rack With Lat Pulldown

When you join a gym, you will usually join one with a lot of machines and equipment. Cable machines target specific areas of your body while preventing injuries by allowing you to move within a safe range. 

When you want to establish a home gym, having a power rack with lat pulldown can be an important addition to your set of tools. Even for a beginner, the power rack is a station that will adapt to your growing needs. 

Power rack or cage is a tall metal frame structure with four upright posts that can be up to 90 inches in height. The rack will have horizontal rails that are adjustable to allow for a variety of exercises. 

With most, you can add an attachment or accessory such as catchers and pegs, chin-up bar, or lat pulldown cable. If you want to add weight plates, most require you to purchase them.  

The 5 Best Power Rack with Lat Pulldown

  • Sturdy
  • 4 weight plate storage pegs
  • Chin-up bar has a knurled grip
  • Adjustable padded knee stopper
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  • With an H- frame
  • Stable without the need for stabilizers
  • Multi-grip pull-up bars have foam handles
  • Has security knobs
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  • The cost includes dual pull up bars
  • There are numbers on every 5th hole
  • The J hooks have plastic liners
  • Lightweight
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  • Has a multi-grip chin-up and pull-up bar
  • Can handle up to 1500 pounds
  • Can fit a bench easily
  • Can fit the dip bars inward
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  • Has a high and low pulley station
  • Has small interior dimensions
  • Comes with a knee stopper bar
  • Great for lat pulldown, curl, and low row
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The Merax Athletics has an 800 pounds max weight capacity. The cage has 17 variable height positions, each two inches apart. There are no other attachments included. The frame is chrome-plated solid steel. [5]

Special Features: The padded knee stopper is adjustable using safety bars. 

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2) HulkFit 1000-Pound Capacity

The HulkFit 1000 contains lat pulldown, dip bars, and low row attachment. It has a 1000 pound weight capacity, with four J- hooks included in the set. 

The unit has rubber feet at the ends for better stability but does not have any place to bolt down. The HulkFit weighs 165 pounds, which is heaviest.

Special Features: With an H- frame, the Hulkfit 1000 is stable without the need for stabilizers. There are other attachments you can add for more exercise. 

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3) Rep Power Rack-PR1000

The Rep PR1000 sits in the middle range in terms of frame weight. The cage weighs 130 pounds, but it is a 14 gauge steel frame that can handle a maximum of 700 pounds. Their weight storage pegs are at the bottom, to help with stability.

Special Features: The distance between dip bars is adjustable for different difficulties. While lightweight, the location of weight plate storage makes it stable. 

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With the Lat pulldown attachment, the Fitness Reality’s X- Class has safety bars for safety and J- hooks for squats.

The unit is compatible with a seven-inch Olympic bar, which is not included in the set. There is room in the cage for you and your spotter. [2][3][4]

Special Features: You can purchase the utility bench separately. The chin up and pull up bars have two height positions and can carry up to 600 pounds. 



The Valor Fitness BD-7 comes with lat pulldown attachment and other accessories.

The Valor uses 12-gauge steel, with a 350 pounds capacity. It also has a pulley system that you can put weights for lat pulldown.

Special features: The pulley system is great for lat pulldown, curl, and low row. It comes with a knee stopper bar for lat pull down exercise, so you can perform heavy strength training without it lifting you up.  
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In Conclusion...

If you are after a power rack that can last for a long time, then Merax Athletics should be your top pick. The sturdy construction of the Merax allows you to up your game safely, so you can make big gains without much worry. 

For the price that you pay for, the Merax offers good stability, a wide range of exercises and the longevity of a steel frame. It is a great investment for your home gym, as you will use it often in your training. 

What Muscles Do You Workout

The most popular exercise people do with a power rack is the squats, mainly because it is a useful support tool when you are performing it alone. You could also get a dedicated squat rack, but power racks generally do the job. 

You can adjust the height of the barbell to a comfortable position before loading the weights, and then you can lift the barbell off the hooks for a squat. Without a power rack, you will need a person to help you with all that. 

Aside from your legs, you can do a lot of upper body exercises with the power rack. You can safely perform bench presses without a spotter as the power rack can catch the bar when you fatigue. 

For your upper back and some bicep work, the inverted row is an exercise you can do with the power rack in varying difficulties. And if you have the lat pulldown attachment, it also trains your latissimus dorsi (where the word “lat” comes from), rhomboids and shoulder blades. 

The power rack with lat pull will allow you to strengthen your whole body. You can start using the cage even if you are a beginner because you can slowly add more weights to your routine as you get stronger. 

The cage is one of the most important tools to have in your home gym if you are serious about bodybuilding.  

What To Look For When Buying
The Best Power Rack With Lat Pulldown

woman with barbells in power rack

Once you have decided on which muscle areas to focus on, the next challenge would be in choosing the right power rack.

For example, some more expensive frames will come with a multitude of accessories for a full-body exercise. 

Others have a pull-up bar for that upper body strength exercise. If you are a serious bodybuilder, then a cage with all the frills may be more suitable.

Weight Capacity 

Most power racks are made from steel, but the difference will lie in the thickness. The frame’s construction will influence the weight capacity of your power rack. 

When considering which one to buy, be aware of how much you weigh when factoring in how strong your power rack has to be. 

If you perform pull-ups with weight plates and your frame construction only supports around 150kg, you may risk injury if it breaks.


As power racks come in various sizes, you may have to find one that fits the room. Some cages come with bars that attach outwards from the cage, such as dips. 

In addition, the weight plate storage will mean that you may require extra space. Since they are not foldable, you cannot use the space for other activities. 


When you have a cage with a lighter frame, you may need to stabilize it. You can bolt the frame to the floor or the wall for extra stability. 

Most companies recommend bolting the cages down to prevent injury if the rack tips over. If you do not want to damage the original floor, consider using a lifting platform. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Get your last-minute queries answered here!

How tall should my power rack be?

On average, power racks are 84 inches tall. The majority of power racks on the market range from 81 to 86 inches, although that is not exclusive. Sometimes you can find power racks as tall as 91 inches and as short as 71.5 inches!

When selecting the power rack for you, it’s always worth considering your height to ensure the power rack is tall enough! Lower racks can be an issue for taller people; you might hit your head on the top bar, so be wary of this!

How much room is needed for a power rack?

The amount of room your power rack needs will depend on its size. Usually small power racks will measure at 42x24x80 inches. You will need a space that’s roughly 12-inches wide, 7-inches deep and 7-inches high to give you plenty of space. You will also need a few extra feet of space for your lat pulldown attachment.

The space needed will vary depending on the size of your power rack. Be sure to check the measurements of the rack and your designated space beforehand to avoid any disappointment!

What’s the difference between a power rack and a squat rack?

A squat rack and power rack have a few differences. A squat rack works to support weight when you are doing squat variations. It is made up of two adjustable metal posts supporting a barbell.

Unlike the squat rack, a power rack features four metal posts connected by horizontal framing. Hooks and catchers are fixed to the vertical rods at different heights, holding the bar in place.

What is a half rack?

A half rack is a metal frame that features a solid base, two vertical bars, and a top bar that unties. The bar unties for safety reasons, but be sure to check it is securely tied before using the rack.

Half racks are called half racks as they only have two vertical bars compared to the four bars we see on the full power racks.

Should I get a cable crossover for my power rack?

Purchasing a cable crossover for is a personal choice, but will give you a full upper body workout alongside your lat attachment. The cable crossover will allow you to strengthen the muscles across your upper chest.

It features two pulleys and will engage your pec muscles and anterior deltoids, adding another level to your workout. It’s worth considering whether you will use the cable crossover or not before purchasing one.

Which grip is best for lat pulldown?

It is best to grasp the handles of your lat pulldown with your hands slightly wider than your shoulder-width. A closed, overhand grip is best to ensure a secure grip. Ensure that you keep your torso and spine in a neutral position, and slightly lean backwards.

This will ensure the perfect pull as you pull the bar down. There are other positions you can put your hands in for various workouts, but this method is the perfect for beginners and more experienced users.

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