bodyblade review

Bodyblade Review

Bodyblade is a body workout system that helps in producing fast muscle contractions that strengthen, develop power, stabilize, and tone the body. 

The exercise system can contract different muscles to almost 270 times per minute! 

Bodyblade Models

Bodyblade® Pro Kit - PhysioSupplies

Bruce Hymanson, a physical therapist, introduced this Bodyblade system. They come in three different models that you can use in different ways to work out your body.

The three systems have varying lengths and weight and come in a kit that has a DVD for instructions, a wall chart for your exercises, and for your hand grip and hand protection, there is a large rubber handle. 

1. Bodyblade Classic Kit

The Bodyblade classic version is suitable if you are performing in sports training and working out at home since it has extra weight and strength. 

This type retails $80 per piece. It has a smooth and varying resistance exercise and adjusts as well to the user’s fitness level.

It weighs 1.5 lbs and 4 feet in length and it’s ideal for all adults and those aging actively. It has a weight resistance of 1 to 22 pounds.

2. Bodyblade Pro

This version is originally designed with a total length of 60 inches and it’s the heaviest with a total weight of 2.6lbs to assist in creating workouts that are challenging. 

It will cost you close to $150 per kit which is a bit dear as it has more blade weight and length that enhances more exercise as compared to the Bodyblade Classic Kit version.

This authentic Bodyblade Pro offers advanced performance of 10 minutes per day. It is suitable for all adults and it includes 1 to 34 pounds resistance. 

It adjusts automatically to the user’s level of fitness.

3. CTX Bodyblade

This is ideal for a group exercise in classes and seniors as it is short in length and light in weight. It’s ideal for seniors, rehab, functional training, and beginners, and group exercise. 

Also recommended for shorter adults and children. The retails price is much friendlier at $65 hence quite affordable.

It automatically modifies according to the user’s fitness level and has a weight resistance of 1 to 8 lbs. It’s light in weight 1.25 with a length of 40 inches.

How To Use The Bodyblade

The Bodyblade is designed to help work out different muscle groups like the back, the shoulders, the arms, and the core. 

You can control the muscles you need to focus on through adjusting blades direction. 

The movement is opposed in the process by flexing the bar that helps in training the muscle acceleration and deceleration simultaneously boosting flexibility and posture.

There are no plates for weight required when using Bodyblade hence making it such an incredible, affordable, safe, and lightweight tool for using at home gyms. 

You can work out different groups of muscles by changing your position and posture.

When you hold the Bodyblade, it is wobbly and the ends of the blade vibrate and flutter, and the more you shake it, the more it flutters. 

The more you shake the more it becomes resistant. This resistance results in fast contractions of your muscles up to 270 times per minute.

These contractions help in tightening and toning up the shoulders and arms and even stop the sagging of skin under the arms. 

The back and core muscles tense in the process and support the blade movement hence benefiting these muscles.

The shoulders joints are stabilized by the Bodyblade while working in and around the shoulder joints. 

For a physical therapist,  the Bodyblade machine can be beneficial for patients to strengthen the muscles around the rotator cuff. 

The Bodyblade is also good for athletes who are involved in constant throwing exercises.

Muscle Groups To Exercise

using bodyblade

The main group of muscles that Bodyblade works are the shoulders and the arms. When you hold the blade in the middle you work on the biceps. 

For the forearms and triceps, you grip the underhand of the blade.

For workout the legs, back, and abdominal muscles, you need to for the six super exercises instructed in the Kit.

You can use Bodyblade as advised on the DVD which takes 10 minutes and you should do it many times a week for you to get effective results. 

All the exercises on their wall chart will work out your abdominals, back, arm, chest, and legs muscles.

Bodyblade Main Features

The following are some of the main features that make Bodyblade attract many people building muscle and body tone.

1. Light Weight

It’s ideal if you are in search of a lightweight resistance system to tone your shoulders and arms and also for stabilizing your joints. 

Bodyblade liaises very well with weight loss, body fitness programs.

2. Muscle Improvement

It’s able to help in toning your body muscles in a short period of 270 times in a minute and the movement improves the muscles quite efficiently and effectively. 

You won’t regret this wonderful experience.

3. Portable

It comes in a kit that is easy to carry both for all the three models, that is Bodyblade Pro, Bodyblade Classic, and CXT Bodyblade. 

The blades weights from 1.5 up to 2.5 lbs, that’s depending on the version type.

4. Ready Instructions

Each of the versions of the three Bodyblade has a DVD for instructions on how to work out and a wall chart for exercises. 

This is quite self-explanatory and easy to follow the guidelines.

5. Physical Therapy

It offers a variable resistance exercise that is suitable for exercises with a physical therapist especially for post-injury, and it assists in tightening your back, arms, shoulders, chest, and the core.

6. Cost

They vary in costs and you can buy what is affordable and suitable for you.

7. Manufacturers’ Warranty

All three versions come with a warranty of 1 year from the initial purchasing date and they are all available at Amazon with the assured shipment.

Pros of Using Bodyblade

  1. You can easily come up with quick upper body workouts that are quite effective. This includes the chest, arms, shoulders, and back.
  2. Available in different sizes making it suitable for users with different heights.
  3. Suitable for rehab therapy programs especially for post-injury exercises for shoulders, arms, or back.
  4. Each model of Bodyblade kit comes with easy to understand instructions in a DVD and a wall chart.
  5. The user can control the resistance as the models are light in weight and they are suitable for using at home gyms.
  6. It’s easy to use on the joints as it has no weights to lift and that makes it quite pretty fun to use.
  7. The kits are light and hence quite portable in case you want to travel with it.
  8. Comes in different models meaning it’s available for different users. The prices depend on the model’s meaning and can choose what is affordable for you.
  9. You don’t need big storage for it as you can just place it under a sofa or behind a sofa.

Cons of Using Bodyblade:

  1. The Bodyblade cannot be used for lower body exercise.
  2. You can get sore wrists if you don’t warm up your wrists before using it.
  3. It cannot help in weight loss.

Bodyblade Review: What Do The People Say? 

review of bodyblade

Amazon Review

Most users that have purchased the Bodyblade from Amazon have rated it at 4 to 5 stars and are using them at home. 

They are pleased with their significant results though one needs enough time to adjust to using it. They say it’s good for joint stabilization and body tone.

All three versions of BodyBlades are selling on Amazon and you can make your order online and receive it within a few days. 

The shipment is quite fast and efficient. 

Youtube Review

Youtube reviews are also high with comments like amazing workouts and quite impressive on the body toning and muscle building

It is a simple exercise especially for some who had a shoulder injury and used it for therapy.

Some of the users who have used it as a cuff rotator after a cuff injury and the personal therapist recommended the Bodyblade for them. 

It has worked effectively especially in building strength and toning the body muscles.

Bodyblade works well when paired with other training programs like Bosu Ball and HIIT trainers used in weight loss. It’s quite a good functional tool with amazing results.

The Takeaway… 

To sum it up our Bodyblade review…  the Bodyblade is a bow-shaped with a length of 3 up to 5 feet and a rubber grip in the middle that is quite large. 

It’s quite light in weight meaning it’s portable. It has been designed to help in physical therapy and it’s an all-round tool for functional training. 

It is suitable for all ages and quite fun and easy to work out.

Bodyblade comes in three different models with varying prices that is the Bodyblade Pro, the Classic, and the CST. The prices are quite affordable and you can order from Amazon.

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