Best Lat Pulldown Machine

Do you want to build an impressive physique or wider back? Then the lat pulldown machine should be the best fitness equipment option for you. 

It is even one of the pieces of equipment that gyms invest in to attract new members and retain existing members. And it can also be a perfect addition to your home gym.

It’s the kind of strength training machine that can be an attachment to a power rack or function on its own and is created for compound exercises

Yet, buying any gym equipment, including the lat pulldown, for home use can be confusing and intimidating to some. How can you be sure that you are investing in the right model? 

Keep reading our review of the five best Lat Pulldown Machines to learn everything you need to know before your purchase. We will walk you through these lat pulldown machines to help you decide which of these models are best for your fitness needs.

Top 5 Best Lat Pulldown Machines on the Market

1. XtremepowerUS LAT Machine : XtremepowerUS LAT Machine Indoor Sports Body LAT Pull Down Machine Home Gym Low Bar Cable Fitness Training Weigh : Sports & Outdoors

Product Description

If you prefer lightweight home gym equipment, then go for the XtremepowerUS LAT Machine. Sit comfortably on the unit’s seat that is sturdy enough to support up to 395 lbs. (179kg) weight while your feet are flat on the floor. 

With an adjustable seat height of 16-1/4″-19-1/4″, the XtremepowerUS LAT Machine likewise caters to all types of users. Once the seat height has been adjusted at the right level that your outstretched arms can grasp the bar without having to fully stand up, you’re set to begin your lateral pulldown. 

Another interesting feature about this lat machine is that it is designed with nylon bushings and a wide-grip bar (41-1/2″ W), allowing you to pull the bar down smoothly. Also, it has a multi-position foam roller to stabilize you in the proper position as you pull.

You can do various upper body exercises, including upright row, sitting position, triceps prone, and longitude and latitude pulldown in this home gym equipment. Its material is heavy-duty steel, which keeps it from wear and tear even for long-term use.


  • 395 lbs. Weight Load Capacity
  • Wide-Grip Bar
  • Smooth Lat Pull Experience
  • Lightweight
  • Multi-position foam roller
  • Durable


  • Seat way too close to the front bar
  • Leg pads too thin and not wide enough

2. Vansanswe Lat Pulldown Machine : Vanswe LAT Pulldown Low Row Cable Pull Down Machine Removable Front Steel Foot Rest : Sports & Outdoors

Product Description

One of the best lat pulldown machines you can buy in the market today is manufactured by Vanswe. It is versatile in the sense that you can easily switch the pulldown machine from high to low stations, offering more exercise flexibility. 

This lat machine is also built to last. Its 2-inch x 2-inch main steel tubes are durable and super solid. You can even add two size weight plates (not included in the purchase). Thanks to its extra 2” adaptor sleeves. 

You may use standard or Olympic plates as long as it is within the maximum plate loading carriage of 250 lbs. The overall assembled dimension of this solid pro lat machine is  46.8″(L) x 24.2″(W) x 76″(H).

For a smooth lat pull movement, Vanswe used high-quality ball bearing pulleys. The seat height can also be adjusted via an adjustable knob. The high-quality rubber feet of this heavy-duty lat machine also protect your floor from scratching. 


  • Fits both Standard and Olympic Plates
  • Straightforward and easy to assemble
  • Built to Last – Body-Solid Pro Lat Pulldown Machine
  • With Adaptor Sleeves to fit Two Size Weight Plates
  • Smooth pulley system
  • Rubber feet 


  • Low-row pulley could have better spread
  • Weight plates not included
  • Additional ropes and bars would be great

3. Deltech Fitness LAT/Row Machine 

Lat/Row Machine DF910 | deltech-fitness

Product Description

From its economical price to its quality construction, you will be satisfied with the features of the Deltech Fitness DF910  Lat/Row Machine. 

It is built to last even with daily usage as it is made from 14 Gauge Steel Tubing with a powder coat finish. Also, its sweat-resistant and high-density foam padding allows users to sit comfortably in the machine without worrying about the sweaty residue. 

The same material is easy to clean. The unit is designed to accommodate users of all sizes after little adjustment on the leg hold-down and even if you have long arms, you can perform a full extension pull-down by just slightly leaning back.

It comes in a white frame with black padding and has a weight capacity of up to 500 lbs. For specifications, the unit size is 82″ x 24″ x 63″. In terms of durability, DF906 uses steel hub fiber and aircraft quality cables to ensure that it will last for years.

Overall, the Deltech Fitness LAT/Row Machine is pretty solid for its price.


  • Frame Made From Heavy Gauge Steel Tubing
  • Zinc Plated Hardware
  • Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon Pulleys
  • Uses Olympic or Standard Plates with Olympic Adapters
  • Aircraft Quality Cables


  • Slight wobble during use unless bolted to the floor

4. XMark Heavy Duty Lat Pulldown Machine XM-7618 : XMark Heavy Duty LAT Pulldown and Low Row Cable Machine with High and Low Pulley Stations and Flip-Up Footplate (Plates Not Included) : Arm Exercise Machines : Sports & Outdoors

Product Description

The XMark Heavy Duty Lat Pulldown Machine XM-7618 earned stellar ratings from hundreds of buyers on Amazon. 

If you are interested in the low- and high-pulley stations in the gym, then there’s no need to invest in a unit with multiple workout stations. Instead, the XMark Heavy Duty Lat Pulldown Machine XM-7618  could be a perfect choice for you.

With assembled dimensions of 56.7L x 48W x 84H inches (144L x 122W x 213H cm) and a weight of 55.3 kgs, this unit’s parts and frame construction are silver in color and coated with a corrosion-resistant finish. 

Take note, though, that some parts of the accessories, like the plate carriage’s guide rods, lat pulldown bar, and the base frame of the thigh pad, are in chrome finish.

This unit’s footprint measures approximately 144 x 79 cm. This means that if you want to operate this lat pulldown machine, it needs about 7′ x 6′ fitness or workout area at home or in the gym. 

In terms of strength, this is probably the best lat pulldown machine as it earned a 2200 pound tensile strength rating. Moreover, it has a 400 lbs. maximum load capacity, which means that this pulldown machine will have your back even with the most demanding strength training exercises.

There’s an extra-thick 3-inch tear- and sweat-resistant cushion made of Duraguard vinyl for added comfort while doing the lat pulldown exercises. It doesn’t just look good but also feels good to use, especially as it performs smoothly and is designed using high-quality materials.


  • Flip-Up Footplate
  • Tear-and Sweat-Resistant Padding (Duraguard vinyl)
  • 2200 pound Tensile Strength Rating
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Adjustable knee stopper
  • Upgraded Accessories Available
  • Allows Both High and Low Pulley Stations
  • 400 Lb Maximum Load Capacity
  • Little maintenance required


  • Assembly can be tricky
  • Tall users (over 6’4”) may have to improvise for some exercises
  • Ankle strap and weight plates not included

5. XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine : XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine with Dual 200 lb Weight Stacks, 19 Adjustments, and Accessory Package XM-7626 : Home Gyms : Sports & Outdoors

Product Description

A true functional trainer has 2 fully adjustable pulleys so you can put the pulleys at a comfortable height during a workout session and this is what the XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine provides. 

With its quick-adjust pulleys feature, our training possibilities will be unlimited. For instance, you can set the pulleys that can act in both the lower and upper positions so you can take advantage of the lower body and upper body moves. You can use this unit for lat pulldowns too.

This XM-7626 functional trainer, according to most fitness enthusiasts, is the most versatile equipment you can add to your home gym. Whether the user is young or old, tall or short, you can easily adjust this piece of equipment. Hands down to this machine. 

XMark Fitness moreover prides on this home strength training equipment by using only high-quality materials but at the same time keeping the price low than other functional trainers in the market. 

The split-grip pull-up bar in this unit can be used to perform chin-ups and pull-ups. With these uses and features and with much adaptability, this functional trainer is worth an investment. 

As you purchase this functional trainer, there are also accessories included, such as 8″ hand straps, an Ankle strap, Leg extension leg curl strap, a 42″ long bar, a short bar, Pair of 17″ long strap handles, and 23″ triceps rope.

It’s no surprise why XMark Fitness has been a trusted brand in American gyms and homes.


  • Dual weight stacks, with 200 lb each
  • Pull up bar
  • 7 attachments included
  • 2 fully adjustable pulleys
  • Wide range of adjustments
  • Smooth lifts every time
  • Space-saving design
  • Split Grip Pull-Up Bar


  • Moving the pulley carriages up and down may not be as smooth
  • Assembly can be challenging

What to Look for When Buying a Lat Pulldown Machine

lat pulldown machine

Get a high-quality lat pulldown machine for a good price by knowing exactly what to look for. Consider these features before buying one.

1. Quality

Not all lat pulldown machines are made with quality cushions and firm pads. So, choose one that is made of quality materials so that it will not tear down in just a few weeks of use. 

The frame should also not wobble and be sturdy enough. To avoid injury during your workout, the cable or upper rod of the lat pulldown machine should be made of good quality too.

2. Seat Adjustment

Having a comfortable setting with the right height will allow you to perform exercises better. So, make sure that the lat pulldown machine that you will be buying has a seat that can be adjusted to different heights when performing different exercises. Ordinarily, the leg restraints and the seat should not be too close together.

3. Weight capacity

Know the weight capacity of the lat pull that you are planning to buy as you may have to increase the weight as part of your long-term goal. Some have a maximum capacity of 250 lbs, which is not that bad.

4. Plates and Bottom Pulley

Whether what you have is a standard or Olympic plate, it is ideal to get a machine that is compatible with both of these plates and of the weight that you want to use. 

Know also if the lat pull has a bottom pulley because it will help you in doing standing curls and seated rows. WIth a bottom pulley in a lat pull, you can focus on different muscles in the arms, core, back, and legs.

5. Warranty

Another criterion of a good lat machine is the warranty. If the item you purchased gets damaged or lasts only a few months, it is only natural to have a replacement or get your money back. 

Having a warranty also means the company will take care of the machines’ parts in case of damage. Most manufacturers offer at least a year of warranty while some a lifetime.

What Workouts Can You Do?

There are different exercises you can do on this lat pulldown machine. These include the following:

  • Standing pulldown/Straight arm pulldown – This workout works your core and targets several muscles in the upper body
  • Close grip pulldown – With your hands close to each other, you pull down the bar in a reserve grip and this move activates the center of your back.
  • Behind the neck pulldown – This exercise puts you in an optimal position to depress, rotate, and retract the scapula. Thus, bringing the shoulder blades down and back. It is perfect for building lean muscle mass.
  • Single-arm Lat pulldown – It helps build your lats and develops upper-body strength. Doing it one arm at a time allows you to focus all your intention to one side, leveraging mind-muscle connection.
  • Wide-grip Lat Pulldown – With hands about shoulder-width apart and forearms upright, the wide-grip Lat pulldown recruits more back muscle. If your goal is to get a wider back, this is an effective exercise you should do in a lat pulldown machine.

Bottomline: Which One Should You Buy?

top lat pulldown machine

All the lat pulldown machines we included in the list above can potentially have a solid place in the gym or home gym “hall of fame.” However, the Vanswe Lat Pulldown Machine stood out for us as it is sturdier compared to other lat pulldown equipment. 

It is practical for home use and its solid 12 gauge steel frame minimizes wobble during the pulldown exercise. The fact that you can easily switch to the low pulley gives you other exercise options, like standing and seated rows and bicep curls, is also what makes this unit special. 

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