Weider Power Tower Review

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Weider Power Tower Review

The Weider Power Tower is one of the most popular bodyweight stations on the market. It provides five different stations allowing users to get a total-body workout at an affordable price and in the comfort of their own home. 

The Weider Health and Fitness Inc.

Founded by bodybuilder, fitness guru, and self-made entrepreneur, Joe Weider, and his brother Ben, the name Weider has been widely recognized and respected in the fitness world. 

Originally started in 1940 as a publishing company for fitness and bodybuilding magazines, the company has since grown to include nutritional supplements and fitness equipment.

In A Nutshell

Overall, we give this power tower 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

Its affordability makes it an attractive option for home gym setups, and its sturdy construction and high weight limit of 300 lbs. makes it ideal for users whether they’re beginners or pros. 

The five stations provide an excellent range of exercise and everything you need for a total-body bodyweight workout. 

The only real complaints from users have to do with its assembly. However, many others say it’s fairly straightforward. 

What Exercises Can You Do With The Weider Power Tower?


Pull Up/Chin-Up Station:

  • Close grip and wide grip pull-ups/chin-ups allow for working out the lats, biceps, trapezius, abs, posterior and pecs.
  • Hanging leg raises provide an intense workout for the abs.

Dip Station:

  • Tricep dips will tone arms, chest, and shoulders.

Knee Raise Station:

  • Leg and knee raise allow users to strengthen abs as well as muscles in the buttocks, hips, and legs.

Platform Pushup Station:

  • Doing pushups from a raised position allows users to perform deeper pushups, creating a more substantial workout for the pecs, deltoids, and triceps than traditional pushups on the floor would.

Calf Raise Station:

  • Raised steps allow users to perform a full range of motion to work out their calves.

Detailed Review of the Weider Power Tower

The Weider Power Tower is a great option for anyone looking to add a bodyweight training station to their home gym at an affordable price of just $100. 

Boasting a max weight limit of 300 lbs., this station can accommodate any athlete and still allows for additional weights or bands for users wishing to increase resistance. 

It features five stations: tricep dips, knee raises, calf raises, push-ups, and a pull up/chin-up bar, 

As far as measurements go, it’s on the larger end of the spectrum for home gym pieces with a footprint of 57L x 41W x 84H. You’ll also need to allow some extra space around both the tricep dip station and the pull-up bar to account for your body/legs when in use.

At 84″ tall, the pull-up bar is higher than similar products, making it ideal for even the tallest of users. In addition, the 24″ spacing of the dip station is a comfortable distance for most people.  

Constructed of sturdy steel tubes, this product is designed to be robust and hold up for a long time. Even heavy users report that wobbling is minimal, making this piece of equipment far more stable than many of its competitors. 

The padded armrest and backrest provide an ideal level of comfort, and the non-slip grips on the dip station, pull up bar and push up bars are easy on the hands.

The Weider Power Tower’s five stations provide an excellent range of exercises packaged in a sleek, well-designed piece of equipment. By utilizing all five stations users can achieve high-intensity workouts for muscle groups in the arms, chest, shoulders, abs, and legs. 

For beginners, the design of the tower allows for the use of resistance bands to perform assisted dips and pull-ups. As for the more advanced users, there is plenty of clearance to kick your workout up a notch by adding plates to a weight belt. 

Most users rate the assembly of this tower as straightforward, though there have been some issues with holes not lining up perfectly and hardware arriving askew in the packaging. 

However, many customers have been able to work through it. Once assembled, the unit is very stable and secure. It is important to assemble this piece in the room in which it will be used as it is too wide to fit through standard door openings.

Weider offers a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty on this tower. While that’s by no means the most generous warranty on the market, it’s pretty standard for this type of equipment, and since there are no moving parts to fail, the warranty is pretty unlikely to come into play after a successful assembly. 

Overall, this is a really excellent addition to any home gym. So long as you have the space to accommodate it and you’re not trying to load it down with more than 300 lbs., you’d be hard-pressed to find a better option in the $100 range. 

Design Specifications 

This piece of equipment is 57L x 41W x 84H and has a max weight of 300 lbs. It’s constructed out of sturdy steel tubes and the armrests and backrest are padded for maximum user comfort. The handlebars are covered with non-slip grips. 

Price as of 2020

With a price of just $100, this product is a great value given its sturdy construction, stable operation and high weight capacity. 


The dip station features bars 24″ apart and 49″ off the ground, making it suitable for users of just about any height. 

The padded arm and backrest of the vertical knee raise station are quite comfortable, and the non-slip handles of the pull-up station make it ideal for both wide and close grip pull-ups and chin-ups. 

Additionally, the pull-up bar is 84″ off the ground, a full four inches higher than many others on the market, so that’s a bonus for taller users. 

While all push-up stations are pretty basic, the one on the Weider Power Tower is perfectly functional and comfortable to use thanks to the molded hand grips. Same with the calf raise station, it’s a basic but perfectly functional setup. 

Ease of Assembly 

Assembly of the Weider Power Tower is fairly straightforward, though there have been some issues noted with holes not aligning perfectly. 

Because of this, it’s recommended to wait until everything is totally assembled before fully tightening any bolts. Some users have also complained that packaging was damaged in shipment or that the assembly hardware was mixed up. 

Due to its size, this item will need to be assembled in the space in which it will be used as it is too wide to fit through standard door frames.


The Weider Power Tower comes with a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty.

Pros and Cons of the Weider Power Tower


The most obvious pros of the Weider Power Tower is its affordable price and the nice range of exercises it accommodates. 

Additionally, it is extremely stable when in use, even by heavier users, with no noticeable wobbling. 

Its 300 lb. limit is high, especially for the price point, allowing users to increase their resistance with added weights and bands. 

  • Affordable price 
  • Stable in use
  • 300 lb. weight limit


Aside from some users reporting issues with assembly and/or packaging, the only downside of this piece is that its sheer size will prohibit it from working in many home gym setups. 

  • Large footprint

What Do Customers Have To Say About It?

Amazon Reviews 

This product comes pretty highly rated on Amazon with a ranking of 4 out of 5 stars from more than 1,600 reviews. 

Users love the price and the sturdiness of the piece as well as the range of exercises available. Most complaints are related solely to assembly and/or issues with parts upon arrival, not with the function or sturdiness of the tower itself. 

Youtube Reviews


In Conclusion…

This is an excellent addition to any home gym, especially for the price point. 

As long as you can accommodate its size, you can’t go wrong given its 300 lb. weight limit, extended height pull up bar, solid construction, and stability when in use. 

Aside from some issues with assembly, users love it, and its price tag of $100 is an extreme value given its functionality.

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