Weider Ultimate Body Works Review

weider ultimate body works review

Weider Ultimate Body Works Review

There are many reasons to own a home gym machine. One of them is knowing that you can exercise any time in the comfort of your own home. 

Perhaps you are aiming to do some rehabilitation exercises, but going to the gym is too much of an effort. If you are just starting out, the Weider Ultimate Body Works can be a great addition to your home gym set up. 

Working out at home offers a lot of benefits: you can get fitter and stronger without needing to leave the house, or pay exorbitant gym fees. The Weider Ultimate Body Works is a great full-body workout machine for beginner strength training and Pilates.

Keep reading this Weider Ultimate Body Works review to see if it will suit your needs.

Product Description

Weider Ultimate Body Works is a foldable and adjustable bench. It also has 50 lbs of additional resistance via resistance cable. 

It comes with handlebars, free-motion cables using a pulley system to increase the number of exercises you can perform on the bench. 

The Body Works can fold flat to store, and it allows you to perform various exercises to target multiple muscle groups. 

Using just one equipment, you can have a full-body workout and get your heart rate going.

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  • The Body Works is foldable for easy storage, it folds flat and you can store it after every workout. A great feature when space is a luxury. 
  • The resistance bands add four additional levels of difficulty to exercises on top of your bodyweight. 
  • The pulley system features a 360 degrees ball bearing system, allowing a larger range of motion for more types of muscle groups. 
  • It is a piece of versatile equipment that can allow you to perform 70 different exercises targeting different parts of the body to get a full-body workout. 
  • This machine is also a valuable tool for Pilates exercises, with its 7 levels of incline, you can train towards better flexibility and mobility. 
  • Without weights, the Body Works is relatively quiet, making it a suitable piece of equipment if you do not want to disturb your neighbors.
  • The Weider Ultimate Body Works is 79 inches long when fully extended, so if you are tall some exercises might limit your motion. 
  • It has a weight capacity of 250 lbs or 113 kg, which can be a problem if you weigh significantly more than that. 
  • While it folds flat for easy storage, you still need to find enough space to fit the length of the Body Works machine. 
  • For serious bodybuilders, the resistance is not enough. The Body Works does not have weight plates or pins, so you cannot perform drop sets or asymmetrical exercises.

Special Features

With its telescoping design, the Body Works can adjust to fit different user heights and exercises. The bench glides up and down the frame. 

The top end of the machine has a pair of pulley systems on either side, with steel chin-up bars or padded ones. At the bottom, you have a removable footplate for squats.

Is It Worth It?

For the price, the Weider Ultimate Body Works is a machine that allows you to perform plenty of variations in different difficulty levels. It is worth investing in the Body Works as it is a great entry-level home gym machine or a valuable tool to help increase your mobility and flexibility.

In-Depth Review of the Weider Ultimate Body Works

Size and Dimension

The maximum length at the highest incline with the footplate is seven feet long (84 inches). It is 27.5 inches wide, and 48 inches high. The assembled weight is 79 lbs.

Quality and Durability

The main body of the Weider Ultimate Body Works is a metal frame. The stabilizers at each foot allow better grip and stability. The bench has a two-inch-thick foam padding with a vinyl cover. 

The telescoping design allows the bench to slide up and down in an incline smoothly, with stoppers at the bottom near the footplate. The pulleys are durable plastic with industrial strength ball bearings, and they can rotate 360 degrees. 

The free motion cables are military strength steel ropes covered with the PVC layer. The handles have rubber padding for a better grip.

Resistance and Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of the Body Works machine is 250 lbs. There are seven levels of incline that will affect the weight resistance using your own body weight. 

The four resistance band in total offers a maximum of 50 lbs resistance extra, but unclear how much per band. 

Hence, you can vary the difficulty for some exercises by adjusting the incline, or you can use the resistance cable.

Additional Features and Components

You will have an exercise chart to use with the Weider Ultimate Body Works machine. The pulleys and handlebars allow you to target more muscle groups for strength. 

If you are aiming for mobility and flexibility, the large range of motion with the gliding bench helps. The footplate is for squats, calf raises, and lunges.


Workouts To Perform/ Best Uses

The typical exercises you can do on the Weider Ultimate Body Works is the squats, lateral pull-downs, chest press, and crunches. Using the glide board, you can perform low impact cardio exercises such as rowing. You can also perform plenty of abdominal exercises such as crunches and planks. 

Arm exercises such as bicep curls and rowing, you can do the exercises with one or both hands.The Body Works machine can also target your chest area with pec-flys and chest press. With the footplate, you can do the squats using resistance bands. 

With this home gym, you maximize your workout by either increasing the repetition or using isometric exercises for better muscle engagement. 


There is a 90-day warranty for parts and labor.

What Do People Say About It?

Amazon Reviews

On Amazon, People are generally happy with the Weider Ultimate Body Works machine. For the cost, the machine is durable and performs as it should. Many users are happy that it is easy to assemble and takes around 10 minutes. 

Some of the more critical reviews aim at the non- existent after-sales customer service, even within the 90-day warranty. When the unit arrives damaged, there are difficulties reaching the company for a replacement part.

Youtube Review

On Youtube, the users who review the Weider Ultimate Body Works home gym like the versatility. They can raise the level of the incline bench to make the exercises more difficult or use the bands to add resistance. 

The reviewers on YouTube are people who are not looking to build muscles and older users who are looking to stay in shape and have good mobility.

“…solid structure, pulleys are really good, they are not like cheap metal… easy setup…” 

“you can raise your heart rate, you can get a combination, as you get older you want to stay in shape or stay in shape and have my range of motion… a good piece of equipment.” 

The Bottomline

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It offers around 70 exercises despite being small, it’s design uses your body weight as a source of resistance, which is enough for at-home users. You can target your arms, legs, abdominals, chest, and back muscles using just one unit at home. 

With the seven inclines and power bands, there are different combinations to make your body work hard making it the ultimate total body gym machine. Using repetitive motions and the incline, you can turn any workout session into a cardio/ strength exercise.

Should you invest in the Weider Ultimate Body Works?

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Yes! For the cost, it is a great startup investment towards your health and wellbeing. 
If you are starting out, the Body Works machine can ease you into exercising regularly at home. You do not have to worry about people staring at you or the cleanliness of a gym. 

If you are aiming to improve on your mobility or just trying to keep yourself healthy, the Weider Ultimate Body Works offers many low-impact exercises that will not hurt your joints or threaten to break your back. 

You should know that the target market for the Weider Ultimate Body Works is not bodybuilders who want to build muscle. People who are looking to maintain good muscle tone and general health will benefit more.

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