Gold Gym Sauna Suit Review

Sauna suits are considered by many a good way to boost weight loss by promoting sweating during your workouts. Gold Gym sauna suits are one such product.

It is fairly affordable, easy to use, and it might just be the perfect solution if you want to sweat more, lose weight, and remove toxins from your body. At the same time, it may not be the best fit for everyone.

So if you’ve been thinking of trying a Gold Gym sauna suit for a while but you haven’t been able to make up your mind, keep reading to learn everything about it.

TLDR: Review of the Gold Gym Sauna Suit : Golds Gym Sauna Suit (Size Small-Medium for 24"-32" Waists) : Sports & Outdoors

Gold Gym sauna suit has an average price on Amazon, but it might be cheaper with other retailers. The price also varies according to the size. The smallest size and M/L are the most expensive, whereas the largest size is the cheapest.

It is made of heavy-duty vinyl and comes in 2 pieces, which means it is easy to put on and take off. It is unisex and comes in 3 sizes: M/L, L/XL, and XL/XXL.

Gold Gym sauna suit helps you sweat heavily during your workout and it can be worn both for indoor and outdoor activities, It is fairly light, so it shouldn’t put a strain on your body. Sauna suits also help detoxify your body and they can boost immunity.

On the other hand, sweating excessively, especially as you workout, puts you at risk for severe dehydration. It may also harm your body’s thermoregulation, cardiovascular function, and of course, your electrolyte balance.

Is it truly worth it? If you’re a healthy individual, with no kidney or cardiovascular issues, but instead you want help losing a few more pounds, it may be worth a shot. Remember though, most of the weight you’re losing is water, not actual fat, so don’t rely solely on the suit.

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Gold Gym sauna suits utilize your body’s heat to make you sweat during exercise. It is made of heavy-duty vinyl which should be strong enough to be durable, without adding too much weight and pressure on your joints.

The suit comes with many pockets that make it easy to store personal items, which comes in handy, especially if you exercise outdoors. 

It can be used during any type of physical activity as long as you’re comfortable. And the manufacturers claim you’ll be comfortable whether you lift weights, do high impact or low impact aerobic exercises, or more. It is generally recommended during cardio workouts regardless of their difficulty, but nothing is stopping you from trying it during strength training.

It comes in 3 sizes which are determined by waist size. For instance, the medium size, L/XL, fits for waists between 36” and 44”. The material should be durable and most people seem to agree it is, though some claim it rips easily.

Except for boosting weight loss and helping detoxify the body, studies show sauna belts may also boost immunity. (1)

Gold Gym sauna suits also enhance post-workout recovery. The heat helps relax muscles and reduce soreness. Heat therapy is also used to prevent the build-up of lactic acid, which naturally occurs during physical effort and is responsible for soreness.

Who Is It Best For?

Anyone can use the Gold Gym sauna suit, as long as no cardiovascular or kidney issues are present. People who retain a lot of water will find it most beneficial because most of the weight you’ll lose thanks to it is water. 

It is also recommended to those who do low to moderate aerobic exercises. These workouts won’t make you sweat a lot, so using a sauna suit could help boost results.

People who do high impact aerobics or even HIIT might find the sauna suit too much, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be used in these cases. Just remember to drink more water and even use electrolytes after your workout to prevent the various side effects sauna suits can have.

Customer Reviews – What do people say about it?

On Amazon, the Gold Gym sauna suit is rated highly. The actual reviews however are more mixed. Even some of those who like the product and rated it a full 5 stars, can’t help but see some of its problems.

For instance, one user complains about the fact that the suit appears to contain cancer-causing agents, which is clearly stated on the label, but it is information you can’t find anywhere else online. Other than that, they agree it is perfect for sweating and it even helps you lose weight.

Most people praise it because it made them sweat very well. However, the more negative reviewers complain about the quality of the material and the fact that it ripped very easily.

Some customer reviews also complain about the sizing and the fact that even the M/L, which is currently the smallest available, is fairly large.

One user on YouTube feels happy with the results and claims he lost a lot of weight thanks to it, but he does warn that you can overheat fairly quickly. He also claims the sauna suit is durable as it is still perfect after one year of use.

The Verdict: Should You Buy It? 

Gold’s Gym sauna suits are a good solution if you want to lose those few stubborn extra pounds, detox your body, and even reduce muscle soreness. It is not the cheapest sauna suit you’ll find, but not the most expensive either.

While sauna suits carry several benefits, they also come with some side effects including severe dehydration and they can negatively impact cardiovascular and renal functions. In other words, if you decide to try one, be sure you’re in good health, stay well-hydrated, and even try electrolytes to make up for what you lose through sweat.

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