Gold Gym Waist Trimmer Review

Gold Gym Waist Trimmer Review

If you are in the business of losing weight, chances are you’ve at least heard of a new fad called Waist Trimmer Belt. Maybe you’ve even seen an ad for one, or have started researching these new products.

The concept certainly sounds attractive – simply strap on the belt and then watch the fat melt away. To me, this idea is uncomfortably similar to the extremely popular social media fad of weight loss teas and drinks.

These products (like Fitea) are marketed as a magical solution that results in perfect weight loss in an incredibly short period of time.

All I have to say to that is that magic is not real – these teas don’t burn fat or increase your metabolic rate, and these Waist Trimmers don’t actually help. 

What’s A Waist Trimmer Belt? 

Here’s how the concept of waist trimmer belt work: you strap it around your stomach, and, because there is an extra layer around your stomach, the temperature of your abdomen will increase, resulting in a loss of weight.

And yes, you might even look a little slimmer, but, and I can’t stress this enough, those results that you might uncover are only temporary.

Does It Work? 

Want proof? Great, I have it. Increased temperature in your abdomen does not cause fat cells to melt – all it does is increase sweating, which means that the weight you’re losing is in water weight.

Unfortunately, what will likely happen is you will wake up the next morning completely and entirely back to normal. 

Beyond that, there is a chance that these belts could actually be dangerous. They are, by definition, compression belts – this means your abdomen is constricted during use.

Now, you will likely avoid any side effects, so long as you wear the belt for only a short period of time every day. But if you wear it too long, or if you have a preexisting condition, you could actually damage your stomach.

Depending on how constrictive or compressive the belt is, on the inside, you are essentially squeezing your organs and your stomach, which could result in any of a variety of gastrointestinal health problems.

If you do decide to try a waist trimming belt, definitely speak to your doctor before you use it – always take professional medical advice over an ad on the internet.

That said, I will still look into one of the most popular Waist Trimmers out there, as it has several reviews. However, if something seems too good to be true, often, (unfortunately) it is. 

Gold Gym Waist Trimmer Belt package

Available on Amazon, you can be the next owner of Gold Gym Waist Trimmer Belt. The product currently has an average rating, the result of hundreds of people posting their reviews.

The Gold Gym Waist Trimmer Belt is made of a soft and comfortable neoprene material that is designed to fit a maximum waist size of 50 inches. It is adjustable, which allows you to continue use even as your waist shrinks, and is used in tandem with exercise.

Apparently, the neoprene material traps more body heat which allows for increased sweating. With this, there is a common misconception that I feel I must address – increased core temperature does not in any way increase the rate your body burns fat stores.

Will You Lose Weight With Waist Trimmers? 

In reality, science has found that the colder your core temperature is, the higher your rate of fat-burning. So if you run into an ad or a review that lauds the Gold Gym Waist Trimmer Belt for its ability to increase your propensity to burn fat, know that this claim is completely unfounded.

Dozens of reviews claim results – that this little piece of neoprene increases sweating and has resulted in some level of weight loss. Again, the weight loss they are experiencing is water weight loss, which will be quickly replenished.

This is similar to the routine that wrestlers have to follow in order to make weight before a match – if they are overweight, they will spend a day not eating or drinking, while also working out while wearing sweatpants and sweatshirts, to lose that excess water weight.

Dangers of Waist Trimmer Belts

But folks, to be completely clear, the process of gaining and losing water weight on a regular basis through extreme externally-caused sweating is not a healthy process. And it won’t help you out in the long term.

If anything, your odds are higher of experiencing some level of pain and or discomfort in the long term, as the belt is constrictive around an area that should not be constricted. 

Here’s the unfortunate – waist trimmers are little more than a scam by multi-billion dollar fitness companies that are looking to create a false sense of necessity. And, if they actually did work the way they were intended (as a fat burner), it would be an unhealthy way to lose weight.

The Reality of Losing Weight

The one universal truth about weight loss is that you have to be patient because it will not be quick or sudden. Weight loss results from consistent exercise and the consumption of healthy foods in healthy portions.

Magical solutions are, at best, scams, and at worst are incredibly unhealthy. A good general rule of thumb is to just stay well away from these heavily advertised products, no matter how attractive the ad might seem (ads are meant to be attractive).

Break out of the system of corporate deception and get in shape the tough way, the real way. All you have to do is start

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