Diamondback Fitness 1280ef Review

Elliptical trainers are the kind of cardio equipment that has stood the test of time. They blend the best of cross country skiing, running, and stair climbing in a low impact manner. 

Including elliptical trainers in your fitness routine can help strengthen your muscles, lungs, and heart without putting too much stress on your body. But buying the best elliptical trainer for your home gym can be a challenge because of the many options available.

A recent entry in the fitness equipment market is the 1280ef Adjustable Stride Elliptical Trainer from Diamondback Fitness. This new addition to the many cardio types of equipment today has fitness coaches, equipment dealers, and personal trainers get very excited.

If you want to know more about the Diamondback Fitness 1280ef, keep on reading. We’ve gathered details about this elliptical machine to help you decide whether this is perfect for you.

TLDR: Diamondback Fitness 1280ef Review

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Product Description

The Diamondback Fitness 1280ef is a compact, tech-savvy elliptical trainer ideal for most home gyms. The natural and smooth motion of using this space-saving elliptical trainer helps remove the strain on your joints, knees, and hips. 

It has two levels of adjustable stride lengths. This feature affects the amplitude of leg movements and how comfortable pedaling would be.

A stride length of about 40cm is generally recommended but the adjustable stride length of Diamondback 1280ef is 17 to 22 inches (43 to 55 cm) to be exact! Such a feature guarantees you the flexibility to complement the stride of any user – tall or short.

Its space-saving design allows users to experience a smooth-riding workout without taking up too much space in their home gym. A cumbersome flywheel was replaced with magnetic resistance for reduced weight and more precise control.

This Diamondback Fitness product is a user-friendly display that shows and saves exercise data. These include the speed, load, RPM, calories, time, distance, and WATT output.

There’s also a polar wireless heart rate receiver, allowing users to enjoy nonstop tracking of their heart rate. They no longer have to simultaneously tap the heart rate controlled programs while holding onto the contact sensor.

Diamondback Fitness did a great job on this elliptical technology. It has superior engineering and has easy to use technology.  


  • Easy to use technology
  • With wireless heart rate receiver
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable steel handlebars
  • Hand pulse sensors
  • Easy transport wheels
  • Natural pedaling motion
  • Train in reverse and forward
  • With water bottle holder


  • May experience difficulty plugging age and weight into the program screen
  • Does not include Polar heart rate chest strap upon purchase

Is it worth it?

elliptical machine

With everything on its display, especially the wireless heart rate tracking, we can say that this 1280ef elliptical is definitely worth the purchase. 

We also particularly like its natural pedaling motion feature. The pedal spacing is 3 inches apart.

Another interesting feature that makes this 1280ef elliptical worth it is the whisper-quiet magnetic resistance system.

Such a feature is superior and more precise compared to flywheel designs. Simply adjust the workout intensity of your preference so it won’t interrupt during your exercise. 

In-Depth Review of the Diamondback Fitness 1280ef Review


Dimensions (assembled): 50″ x 36″ x 66″

Dimensions (packaged): 48″ x 23″ x 37″

Shipping weight: 209 lbs

Product weight: 187 lbs

User height: 5’3″ – 6’5″

User Weight Capacity: 350 lbs

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Quality and Durability

This Diamondback elliptical machine has durable steel handlebars. This feature allows multiple holding positions to fit any workout programs – lower body or total upper body workout.

The handlebars also come with foam grips (high density) for maximum comfort and durability. You can trust the brand itself as the Elliptical family products from Diamondback have been rated a “Best Buy” by consumer magazines.

Quality-wise, the Diamondback elliptical is 50% lighter compared to other Ellipticals.

Workouts and Exercises

Using this elliptical machine, you can perform impact-free workouts. This training reduces the strain and stress on our legs as you’re doing an elliptical motion.

When you run or walk on the Diamondback 1280ef elliptical machine, each step sends a jolt to your system or body. An no impact or impact-free workout means that your body is supported and both your feet are in contact with the ground.

You can do hill climbing or engage your biceps, triceps, back, chest, glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings. To work out your whole body, distribute the resistance between your lower and upper body. This means not using the handlebars.

To prevent or slow the onset of osteoporosis, you may also do weight-bearing exercises on this elliptical machine.

Additional Features

Another top of the line feature of this Diamondback 1280ef is that it comes with an integrated tablet holder. This feature allows users to access the internet, watch videos, or check emails as they workout.

It also features a low step-up height so you can easily step off and on of this machine during workout programs. It also comes with ergonomic swing arms to match the user’s natural running or walking stride.

Don’t forget the USB charging port too. This allows you to charge devices while you work on your muscle groups.


The manufacturer warrants to the original purchaser of diamondback ellipticals a home setting the following:

  • 90 days warranty for wear items, including handlebars, seats, pedal straps, foam foot pads, and rubber grips
  • 1-year labor for a service technician. This warranty period for the diamondback ellipticals covers from the date of purchase.
  • 3-year warranty on electronic components and parts
  • 5-year warranty in case there are defects in brakes and frames.

You may contact their customer service for other questions regarding the warranty.

Who is it Best for?

This elliptical machine is best for fitness enthusiasts who want to target their muscle groups and burn a lot of calories. This is also good for people nursing an injury and cannot yet do their regular physical activities.

People who enjoy pre-programmed exercises are also encouraged to use this machine. Even athletes can reap the health benefits of a low-impact workout that this cardio equipment provides.

Older adults or seniors should also use this Diamondback 1280ef as it puts less stress on the joints compared to a treadmill.

What Do People Say About it?

Stevie Richards shared on YouTube that he finds USB charging ports “a really cool feature.” “I can charge up my device, a 12.9 third-generation iPad Pro, and the reason why I say that model is because it draws a lot of power,” he added.

He also mentioned that “it’s introducing a little bit of squeak” when he jogged holding the handles or maybe it was just his floor but he likes using the grips when he grabbed it neutral. 

In another review from the Diamondback 1280ef web page itself, Peter Nordlander wrote, “Great machine. Very quiet and very easy to use.”

However, Leslie Smaltz shared some “minor issues.” She said the program screen “keeps resetting the numbers [to] the default numbers and gender” instead of her putting her age and weight data into the screen.

The Verdict: Should I Try It?

elliptical trainer

The Diamondback 1280ef is worth a try. It is compact and would fit even a small home gym perfectly. Not to mention that its built screen accommodates different users. 

For continual heart-rate monitoring, you can take advantage of the hand pulse sensors. Its adjustable stride length of 17 to 22 inches is a huge plus too.

Most of all, the 1280ef displays and saves your workout data, including speed, heart rate, load, RPM, calories, distance, time, and WATT output. It’s a great choice for home workout equipment.

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