9 Best Gym Bags for Men: Top Backpacks & Duffels

Your gym bag will play a key role in making your gym experience that much more enjoyable. A quality gym bag is useful not just for holding all your sweaty gear but for making your workouts a lot easier and more efficient. For example, having special pockets for your protein shakes, shoes, or a section for towels and clothes will make sure you do not waste time hastily searching for your things at the gym.

Best Gym Bags for Men

Also, having a gym bag to store your extra pair of clothes and other gym gear will be great, so you can continue your post-workout endorphin surge by taking a hot shower and changing clothes after you are done for the day.

Like any other accessory, your gym bag will need to suit your workout routine and personal preferences. Although a nice stylish designer bag may be great for your aesthetic, it may not be the best if it is too expensive and does not keep your smelly clothes separate from your other belongings. In this list, we have an array of 9 of the best gym bags for men that cover all these bases.

1. Nike Brasilia

NIKE Brasilia Training Duffel Bag, Midnight Navy/Black/White, Medium
2,067 Reviews
NIKE Brasilia Training Duffel Bag, Midnight Navy/Black/White, Medium
  • Durable, water-resistant bottom helps keep essentials dry and protected
  • Dual handles and removable padded shoulder strap for versatile carrying
  • Spacious main compartment for easy access and storage
  • Interior hanging pocket secures small items; mesh side pocket for convenient small-item storage

The Nike Brasilia is one of the top-rated men’s gym bags because it is a multi-purpose satchel that is spacious, durable, and easy to carry. These bags come in both medium and large sizes and have more than enough room for your gear, whether that be tracksuits, socks, or toiletries like soap and shampoo, so you can spruce up after you work up a sweat. These bags are also machine-washable and made with a sturdy polyester-based material that is water-resistant against both rain and wind.

This bag also comes with many zippered pockets that are very easy to access for your smaller essential belongings like your keys or phone. Inside the bag, there is also a large section for your gym clothes, gear, and shoes and another couple of pockets for miscellaneous belongings. This bag also comes in a wide array of color options and is an excellent multi-purposed gym bag.

2. Puma Men’s Contender Bag

PUMA unisex adult Evercat Contender Duffel Bags, Black, One Size US
20,249 Reviews
PUMA unisex adult Evercat Contender Duffel Bags, Black, One Size US
  • Removable/Adjustable shoudler strap
  • Padded bottom panel
  • Ventilated shoe pocket
  • Side zip pocket
  • Front zip pocket

Puma’s Contender is one of the more affordable gym bags on this list but is a more versatile option. They will serve you well for various activities ranging from a basketball tournament to a cross-country race and will do so without breaking the bank. In addition, this bag has a separate section for your shoes to keep your stinky gym shoes separate from your other belongings. They also have many additional zippered pockets where you can store your shampoo, soap, and other toiletries for your post-gym shower.

It is also comfortable to carry this bag, and it offers you a choice between connected webbing handles or an extended shoulder strap. It also has a padded bottom that protects against abrasion to ensure it does not begin to wear over time.

It also has a streamlined aesthetic with a simple design structure. There are a couple of color options: the black and red combination or the black and white color setup. Either way, this is a highly efficient bag that comes at an incredibly affordable price, given its specs.

3. Bellroy Transit Workpack

Bellroy Transit Workpack (20 liters, laptops up to 16”, tech accessories, gym gear, shoes, water...
250 Reviews
Bellroy Transit Workpack (20 liters, laptops up to 16”, tech accessories, gym gear, shoes, water...
  • This backpack is a versatile all-rounder that’s great for everyday commutes.
  • A separate zip section at the back keeps a 16” laptop and accessories easy to access, without having to unzip the main compartment. In the spacious...
  • On the outside, this bag has a quick-access front zip pocket with a built-in key clip and handy slip pockets. On the top is a soft-lined sunglasses...
  • This backpack is made from durable, water-resistant 100% recycled fabric. It features coated zippers for extra protection. It comes backed by our...
  • This bag has a 20L capacity, and measures 18.5 inches x 11.8 inches x 8.3 inches / 470mm x 300mm x 210mm.

Bellroy’s new transit model is one of the more advanced models out there, with advanced specs that give you a bit of a futuristic feel. This leather gym bag has two zippered pockets, one at the front and one inside, as well as two pouched pockets for smaller belongings. The bag also has ample room for your workout gear and some additional space for a Dopp kit and a portable laptop.

The bag’s main compartment can also be fully opened, and it is effortless to access any of the gear and other gym essentials that you store there. There are also three mesh pockets inside the main section to organize your stuff further. Additionally, this bag comes in three sizes and so you can customize it to your workout routine and personal preferences.

The Transit Workpack is also made from top-notch environmentally friendly leather that is durable, water-resistant, and made from green materials. This men’s gym bag can also be used as a useful carry-on when you travel, so you will not look strange carrying it outside the gym either. It is perfect for the gym and any activities that you do before and after your workout.

4. Wolf Warrior X

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This canvas gym bag is ideal for those gym enthusiasts who need a bag that is as equipped for their workouts as they are. As the name would suggest, this bag has a rugged aesthetic and is incredibly sturdy and practical. It is one of the bigger gym bags on the market and is an optimal choice for gym-goers like CrossFit trainers who need to carry a lot of additional gear like jump rope or resistance bands.

The bag comes with four primary storage sections for your exercise belongings and a separate expandable section for your dirty clothes and shoes. This is very useful if your workouts are more outdoorsy and your clothes and shoes are more likely to get muddy and dirty. It comes with two zippered pockets on the sides where you can store your smaller items like phones, keys, or whistles.

The Wolf Warrior comes with a rugged aesthetic and army-inspired color options like tan and camouflage. Also, it will serve you well as a travel bag since it is still nicely shaped and easy to carry around.

5. Montblanc Sartorial Duffel Bag

This men’s gym bag is for those stylish people who want a great gym bag that comes with a more sleek, fashionable design. Montblanc’s Sartorial Duffle is one of the more opulent gym bags out there, perfect for these shoppers.

This duffel has a black outer coating and cross-grain leather corners, which will not only fit perfectly for your workout sessions but motivate you to work out more often so you can carry this bag around.

Montblanc products are generally very high-end and offer some of the best quality materials on the market. This bag is very durable and capable of carrying heavy loads and boasts a superior fabric that is both water and scratch-resistant and will not wear out over a long period.

This bag is ideal for those who want to visit the gym and go straight to a fancy event to blend well with their chic clothes.

6. Speedo Teamster Backpack

Speedo Unisex-Adult Large Teamster Backpack 35-Liter
3,628 Reviews
Speedo Unisex-Adult Large Teamster Backpack 35-Liter
  • Replaces our #1 selling bag – the Large Performance Pro Backpack
  • Classic iconic shape and styling with new and improved quality and features
  • Built in laptop sleeve with raised bottom to protect PC when pack dropped or sitting on the ground
  • Durable exterior shell; built tough with abrasion resistance and waterproof bottom for demanding athletes

Although all these duffel bag options will serve you well, sometimes it is a pain to lug it around from place to place. As such, something like the Speedo Teamster Backpack may be a better option if you need to carry your gym equipment straight from work or school and want to be able to store all your items in one place.

It will also be helpful if you must walk a long distance from your office to the gym since it will be a lot more comfortable to carry than any duffel bag, so you will not expend too much energy before you hit the gym.

Speedo has built a name for swimwear as a brand, and as such, this backpack is designed with swimmers in mind. It is a very spacious backpack where you will be able to fit your trunks, goggles, snorkel, and towel after you finish. However, this bag is incredibly versatile and can be used for various workouts such as calisthenics, yoga, or running.

This backpack is made from both polyester and nylon, making it both durable and abrasion-resistant, so it will not wear out that quickly. Since it is designed for swimmers, it also has a water-resistant bottom and a retractable bag for your wet gear that can be kept separate from your other pockets. It also has enough space for your laptop or electronic belongings, safe from your wet and sweaty gym wear.

Another unique feature of the Speedo Teamster is a retractable bleacher seat behind the laptop area, which you can use to relax after you finish your workout.

7. Under Armour Hustle backpack

Under Armour Adult Hustle 4.0 Backpack
6,900 Reviews
Under Armour Adult Hustle 4.0 Backpack
  • Comfortable Straps – Designed to be comfortable and easy to carry, this waterproof bag has adjustable HeatGear shoulder straps for extra comfort
  • Laptop Storage – This waterproof gym bag has a soft-lined laptop sleeve that holds a MacBook Pro or other laptop of up to 15" / 38 cm
  • Water Resistant Material – This travel rucksack is crafted from waterproof UA Storm material for an element-battling, highly water-resistant finish
  • Versatile Bag – This sports bag has two side water bottle pockets, a tough, abrasion-resistant bottom panel, a top grab handle and a D-Ring
  • Material and Volume – Under Armour UA Hustle 40 Backpack travel backpack; Material: 100 Percent Polyester; Volume: 26 L; Dimensions: 15 cm x 33 cm x...

This backpack is made from highly durable polyester. It is equipped with state-of-the-art UA Storm technology that makes the bag as resistant as possible to adverse weather elements like water and wind. This bag’s shoulder straps are also equipped with HeatGear tech that makes sure your back does not get too sweaty while you are lugging it around all day. As such, this bag is ideal for any long hikes, runs, or bike rides.

Although it may seem a bit on the small side, it can really hold a lot inside. There is a massive pocket for dirty laundry and shoes, two smaller pockets at the front for your smaller valuables like keys or phones, and two water bottle pockets on each side to make sure you stay hydrated.

8. AmazonBasics Sports Duffel

Amazon Basics Medium Lightweight Durable Sports Duffel Gym and Overnight Travel Bag - Grey
2,241 Reviews
Amazon Basics Medium Lightweight Durable Sports Duffel Gym and Overnight Travel Bag - Grey
  • Medium sports duffel bag (60L capacity) with abrasion-resistant bottom and side panels; choice of color
  • 2 large zippered pockets (one on the front); vented pocket for dirty laundry or gym shoes
  • Exterior mesh pocket; interior zippered pocket (great for a cell phone and keys)
  • Adjustable, padded shoulder strap and padded top grab handle for comfortable carrying
  • Measures 24 by 12 by 13 inches (LxWxH); backed by an Amazon Basics limited 1-year warranty

Amazon’s great duffel bag is one of the best options for those on a budget. It is an excellent practical duffel that can transport all your workout gear both to and from the gym. There is also ample room for your other clothes, and there is a ventilated laundry pocket where you can hold either your dirty gym clothes or workout shoes.

This bag also had another great compartment for your water bottle, so you can hydrate after your workout, and a smaller zippered pocket to store your phone and keys. This bag is also relatively easy to carry around with a padded shoulder strap. It has an abrasion-resistant bottom that means it will not wear out over time as you use it more and more.

It is also an incredibly versatile bag that is great for simple treadmill sessions or high-intensity CrossFit training and can then be used for casual outings as well. It is affordable enough to not feel like you have wasted your money on the purchase.

9. Adidas Alliance 2 Sackpack

adidas Unisex Alliance 2 Sackpack, Black, One Size
26,785 Reviews
adidas Unisex Alliance 2 Sackpack, Black, One Size
  • Drop mesh water bottle pockets.
  • Easy cinch opening with durable cording straps.
  • Zippered exterior pocket for your phone or small stuff.

This gym backpack is probably the best option if you need to go straight from your local school or college to the gym. It is compact enough to fit in your locker but spacious enough for all your workout gear, water bottle, and other miscellaneous belongings.

However, it is also incredibly practical and is used by a lot of high-end athletes. This is because, along with its convenient size, this gym backpack comes with a mesh water bottle compartment and a roomy main compartment that is easy to open with cord straps. There is also a smaller outer zipper pocket where you can keep your more valuable belongings like your phone, keys, or wallet.

This gym bag also comes with a great aesthetic with various color schemes to choose from and is a great choice to hold your sports, gym, or cycling gear. It will also make a great airplane carry-on bag since it is small enough to fit under your seat.

Buyer’s Guide

Although the specific men’s gym bag you choose will come down to your gym goals and personal preferences, here is a list of the things to consider when buying a gym bag.

Size and Form

You will need to fit all your workout clothes, dirty gym clothes, and belongings in one bag, so you need to make sure whatever gym bag you choose is the best fit for you. It will also need enough space to fit your other gym bag essentials like your toiletries so you can spruce up after the gym like a towel, body wash, shampoo, deodorant, etc.

It is also imperative to consider whether you will be going straight to the gym from work or school or will you have time to go home. If it is the latter, it will prove prudent to think of more space for some other belongings. You may even want to consider how beneficial a separate shoe compartment can be for lugging around your gym shoes. A wet pocket is also great for storing sweaty gym gear.

Generally, more space is always better, but if you only need to store your workout clothes, a more compact option might be better for you, so you do not have to lug around a heavier bag. Also, if your bag is too big, it might not fit in most gym lockers.

If you want a smaller, more compact option, look for a backpack gym bag, but if you have many workout belongings, a duffel bag may be better.


The best gym bags for men will be made from cotton, nylon, or polyester-based materials. All of these are very durable, washable, and affordable. Some of the higher-end options offer leather-based material for their gym bags, but this tends to be a lot more expensive and may start to stink after holding your gym clothes for an extended time and are non-washable.

Another two things to consider for your gym bag’s material are its water-resistance and abrasion-resistance capabilities. If your clothes are wet or sweaty after a workout, you do not want your bag to get wet as well.


This is based on personal preference but may be a critical factor in buying your bag. In general, you should choose a bag that uses quality materials but is still within your budget. That budget, however, may range from person to person.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What should a man carry in his gym bag?

Your bag should hold all the gear you need for your workout, your valuables, a change of clothes, a water bottle, a towel, and toiletries so you can clean yourself up after you finish your workout.

Can I use my backpack as a gym bag?

Your backpack is a great option for a gym bag but comes with less space than a duffel. However, they are easier to carry and a great choice if you must come straight from school or the office to the gym. Many gym backpacks still have ample space and storage for your gym equipment, though, and will be great for longer outdoor athletic activities.

What makes a good gym bag for men?

A good gym bag will be one with space that can hold all your workout clothes and keep them safe and dry. The bag should also be durable, water-resistant, and abrasion-resistant so it can last a long time. They should also ideally be easy to carry for the user.

Note: You may also enjoy our review on the best gym bags with a shoe compartment.