Life Fitness Elliptical Review

One brilliant solution to get fit fast and effectively at home is to invest in an elliptical machine. However, if you’re searching for a specific type of elliptical cross trainer, Life Fitness offers a wide range of options for you to choose from.  

Life Fitness is a leading global fitness brand that has been retailing top-quality exercise equipment for over 40 years. They produce, design, and sell residential and commercial fitness equipment such as treadmills, exercise bikes, and cross trainer elliptical machines. 

If you’re interested to know more about the Life Fitness Ellipticals, keep reading. We’ve conducted our research and created an in-depth review for you to decide if you should buy one or not.

TLDR: Review of the Life Fitness Ellipticals

Product Description

The Life Fitness Ellipticals are a piece of reliable and durable fitness equipment. They may come with a hefty price, but they include a wide range of options so you can choose the best machine for you. 

Each series and trainer is unique and includes many adjustable and customizable features. Life Fitness Elliptical cross trainer is well known for its attractive consoles, ergonomically sound design, and quiet and almost noiseless Eddy Current system. 

Other excellent features of the Life Fitness Ellipticals include a durable commercial-grade steel frame construction. Its incline controls are built right into the ErgoGrip Stationary handlebars. 

The elliptical cross trainer by Life Fitness comes in four different categories: the E-series, X-series, Club series, and Platinum Club series. All of these machines include various and excellent features that will suit your specific needs, which will surely give you a satisfying workout routine and results.

Pros and Cons

Here are some of the best features of the Life Fitness Ellipticals:

  • Includes a durable commercial-grade steel frame construction
  • Incline controls are built into ErgoGrip™ Stationary handlebars
  • Offers customizable workouts and features
  • Has a lifetime warranty

Here are some of the cons of the Life Fitness Elliptical cross trainer to help you understand the product even better:

  • Overprices
  • Lacks basic features
  • Lacks adjustable pedals or adjustable stride

Is it worth it to try?


Yes. The Life Fitness Ellipticals are worth an investment. If you’re seeking a specific type of elliptical for your specific needs, this elliptical cross trainer is for you.

In-Depth Review of the Life Fitness Elliptical Cross Trainers

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Package Dimensions: 88 x 39.2 x 28 inches; 250 Pounds

Date First Available: May 30, 2008

Manufacturer: Life Fitness

Foldable: No

Quality and Durability

Life Fitness is known for its innovation in both the look and design of its fitness equipment. Their elliptical cross-trainers include customizable and adjustable features that suit your specific needs despite their expensive price. It’s also popular for their incredibly quiet and almost noiseless Eddy current system.

All elliptical cross trainers by Life Fitness are built with ergonomics in mind and provide cup holders to store your water bottles. Its handlebars are also comfortable and easy to use.

Another key feature of all the models of the Life Fitness Elliptical is its wireless heart rate track console as they also use Polar Telemetry wireless heart rate monitoring and Lifepulse. This allows you to keep tabs on your workouts and exercises

Additional Features

As mentioned, the elliptical cross trainers by Life Fitness come in four different categories: the E-series, X-series, Club series, and Platinum Club series. 

The E series

With the E series, you’ll find three unique models: the E1 for beginners, the E3 for intermediates, and the Life Fitness E5 for those who are advanced. These models also include features, depending on your preference, and come with different prices.

The E-series is very customizable. Many mid to top-range models offer features like adjustable foot pedals and foot strides. All Life Fitness ellipticals also include a blue back-lit LCD along with a place to put your water bottle and an audio jack. 

They also give you workout programs like the Coach Zone program, which allows you to pick areas of the body you want to emphasize, and the machine will dictate the type of training for you to perform. This is a perfect way to customize your workout and get the best results possible.

All three different Life Fitness Elliptical machines also come with a 20-inch stride length. However, you can switch to the Life Fitness E5 if you seek a longer variable stride length of between 18-24 inches.

The E-series machines have a user weight capacity of 350-400 lbs. Thanks to its heavy flywheel and sturdy frame, this ensures support during your workout sessions. You can also keep up with the drive system and the intensity you desire for your session.

Lastly, these machines’ warranty is set to three years worth of coverage on parts coupled with one-year coverage on labor.

The X Series

The X series is a group of rear-drive elliptical models that include X1, X3, and X5. These models offer the Whisper Stride Technology feature, which assures you to exercise in peace.

This series of the Life Fitness ellipticals also include more customized and pre-designed workout programs, allowing for multiple user profiles. These trainer’s strides measure between 18-24 inches. However, the X5 gives you a customizable stride length.

The user weight capacity on the X series includes 300-400 pounds, indicating a sturdy and durable machine with great drive capabilities.

One unique feature of the X-series is that they include oversized non-slip pedals. These pedals offer you more security while exercising. They also have the FlexPedalTM integration, which improves the absorption system for the joints.

Club Series

Moving on to a more advanced series of ellipticals is the Life Fitness Club series. These machines are high-quality, but they lack entertainment features and aren’t customizable, unlike the other previous ones. 

The Club series is constructed with excellent durability and user experience. With 20 resistance levels, your body will surely be tested with every workout you perform. 

It also has a heart rate monitoring system, which allows you to keep track of your workout efforts. It also has a comfortable console that comes with a reading rack, cup holders, and a tray to store your workout gear.

Lastly, this model comes with their ErgoGripTM stationary handlebars, which supports and completes your workout session.

Platinum Club Series

The Platinum Club trainer models provide you with the option of choosing two consoles that will provide you an amazing workout experience: the Discover SE Tablet Console or the Discover SI Tablet Console. 

The Discover SE model is more expensive than the other. It features a 16-inch LCD touch screen that has integrated TV and Lifescape Interactive course workouts. This feature will be unbeatable for those who get easily bored with their workout routines.

Meanwhile, the Discover SI Model doesn’t include advanced entertainment features such as TV and the internet. However, it features a 10-inch LCD touch screen.

Both of these consoles will offer you Apple, LFConnect, and Android compatibility. Another feature to admire about the Platinum Club Series is their Quiet Drive, which will not make any noise during your workout.

Another feature of these models includes Wireless heart rate tracking. The handles also use Polar Telemetry wireless heart rate monitoring and Life pulse digital contact heart rate monitoring. 

Lastly, this series offers energy and power-saving mode so you can use less power and keep your running costs down.

Who is it best for?

Life Fitness Ellipticals are best for those who seek a specific type of elliptical machine for their specific needs. This allows them to have a satisfying workout experience and the best results.

What Do People Say About it?


Joe from YouTube channel Treadmill Heroes gave his insights about the Life Fitness X1 and here’s what he had to say, “What’s really nice about this is the really low step height. So if you’re a taller person and you have like a seven-foot ceiling, this is going to be fine because you’re only off to the ground about eight inches.”

He then utilizes the elliptical machine while continuing his review, “It’s very quiet. I mean, you can’t even hear me pedaling on the thing. The linkages are going to stay whisper-quiet for a long time.”

Joe concludes that it is a very well-built machine even if he spent a lot on it.


Nick Mathis purchased the Life Fitness Club Fitness Elliptical on Amazon and rated the machine an excellent rating calling it, “Great Deal on a High-End Elliptical.” 

He writes in the comments, “It showed up on time and well secured to a pallet. I removed it from the shipping packaging and set it up in my house by myself with the help of furniture dollies, but I highly recommend at least 2 or more people helping because this elliptical is extremely heavy. I fired it up the next day and it worked perfectly.” 

Nick also says that it does not squeak or wobble, and all workout programs work well. “I’m very happy to find such a high quality elliptical for such a low price. The only drawback would be that the size and weight make it difficult to place in your home, but I knew that going in. I highly recommend this product.”

The Verdict: Should You Try it or Not?


Many fitness brands manufacture and design various ellipticals. However, if you’re searching for a machine with features that suit your specific needs, give Life Fitness Ellipticals a shot.

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