Dumbbell Set With Rack – The Top 5 Options

dumbbell set with racks

Every fitness geek has that day – the day where they decided “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”, and finally bought a weight rack.

I did…

When the pandemic started, we vowed to use this time to get in killer shape. The garage looked like one of those cheap gyms you see in martial arts movies – dumbbells everywhere, people tripping over themselves, makeshift squat racks bunched up against a weight bench.

Disaster waiting to happen…On Day 4, I stubbed my toe so bad I dropped the 2 80-pound dumbbells in my hands. I’m lucky that a stubbed toe was all I had! A disorganized gym is a broken foot or ankle waiting to happen. And god knows how much time you’ll waste looking for the right weights.

I put together this list based on our own experience and customer reviews across Amazon. Get one now before prices increase or supplies run out.

Quick Summary: Our Top Picks For Dumbbell Set With Rack
  • Compact design for smaller spaces
  • Ankle pads with adjustable pads for different exercises
  • High-density foam is very durable
  • Comfortable for long exercise sessions
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  • Quick and simple to assemble
  • Thick steel tubing for added safety
  • High weight capacity at 350 pounds
  • Lightweight and compact design
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  • Adaptable for different heights
  • Improves circulation and flexibility
  • Fixed at 45 degrees
  • Ideal for beginners
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  • Excellent low price point
  • Comfortable hip pads
  • Incredible choice for variety of exercises
  • Powder-coated scratch-resistant steel frame
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  • Premium build quality
  • Included dip bars
  • Very quick and easy to assemble
  • Stable frame with no shaking or movement
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Top 5 Dumbbell Set with Racks

The Rep 5-50 lb Rubber-Coated Hex Dumbbell Set is one of the top brands when it comes to dumbbells sets with racks.  This dumbbell set is made from what the manufacturers define as ” low odor rubber”. These rubber coated hex dumbbells are quiet and floor friendly. 

To provide you with a firm grip, the makers of this set have chrome-plated the handles. The handle is straight and is fully knurled so that you can have a secure grip no matter the weight.

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  • Great grip
  • Low odor rubber
  • Long-lasting quality
  • Limited lifetime warranty

2. Body-Solid GDR363-RFWS Rubber Dumbbell Set with Rack

This Body-Solid Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set has everything you need to train effectively at home or at the gym.  Its dumbbell rack can carry a set of 5 to 50-pound hex dumbbells. The stand is solid and sturdy thanks to it being made of heavy gauge steel.  It is space-efficient and can be placed against the wall, or you can just have it free-standing.

This hex dumbbell set has a durable rubber coating to ensure that your floors don’t get damaged. For purposes of having a steady grip on the equipment, you have a beveled steel grip that has a knurled finish. 

There is also an equipment PVC mat for the rack to ensure that your floor is protected. The three-tier rack ensures that you do not consume a lot of storage space.

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  • Rubber coated
  • Space-saving 3 tier rack
  • Limited lifetime warranty

3. CAP Barbell Rubber-Coated Dumbbell Combo

This is another adjustable dumbbell set that is not too inexpensive. The CAP Barbell Adjustable Dumbbell Set is made from neoprene material and is available in three sizes, namely, beginner, intermediate, and advanced athletes. Every set comes with diamond knurled dumbbells for excellent gripping power. The weights vary in sizes, ensuring that you can customize your fitness routine. 

This set is versatile enough to allow you to interchange weights quickly without having to store several sets at home. This set is hex-shaped, meaning that the dumbbells will never roll off once stored on the rack.

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  • Diamond knurled chrome handle for firm gripping
  • Rack mat to protect floors
  • Versatile
  • Complaints of paint chipping off
  • Advertised weight could be different from the actual weight

4. XMark's 550 lb. Dumbbell Set and Heavy Duty Rack

This is a set of high-quality rubber coated hex dumbbells, and if you choose wisely, you can also get the XMark’s three-tier heavy-duty steel rack.  This rack has tilted shelves making it easy to retrieve and return the dumbbells, plus they have ample space.

Each handle has a cast iron head press fitted and welded to it. Upon each head is a cover made from recycled rubber while chrome-plated handles ensure that the bells fit comfortably.

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  • Diamond knurled chrome handle for firm gripping
  • Rack mat to protect floors
  • Versatile
  • Complaints of paint chipping off
  • Advertised weight could be different from the actual weight

5. AmazonBasics Neoprene Dumbbell Pairs

The AmazonBasics Neoprene dumbbell pairs are a set of two simple but very effective resistance training tools. This set is not only limited to toning your muscles and building your strength, but you can also get to burn your calories, increase your energy levels, and protect your bones. 

This is the ideal dumbbell set for beginners, plus it is a hex head. It features a neoprene coating to ensure a secure and firm gripping. This coating is also floor friendly. For easy referencing, when picking out the weights, the colors will guide you, especially when you are working with several sets of weight.

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  • Color coding for easy identification
  • Hex shaped
  • Backed by AmazonBasics limited one year warranty
  • The grip is large for small hands

The Bottom Line…

In this article, we chose to focus on a dumbbell set with rack that is in high demand. It is always good to know why people make certain purchase decisions, and we found out why. Quality and personal preferences come first. So who took it home? Well, for us, the Body-Solid GDR363-RFWS Rubber Dumbbell Set emerged at the top. 

It’s not only because of the dumbbell rack mat but also because of its true solid build and the fact that it does not consume a lot of space. Yes, it might have a limited warranty, but its durability calms us down. If you found this article helpful then we might interest you in more of our content, kindly check out our other dumbbell reviews and home gym equipment reviews.

Buying Guide: Dumbbell Set With Rack

buying dumbbell set with rack

The right kind of dumbbell set depends on the type of fitness routine you want to engage in. You should also consider your physical strength and stamina. 

Regular dumbbell sets are best suited for your friends who are new to weight lifting and strength training. But if you have already established your fitness routine, then adjustable dumbbells will be the best way go-to. So is it going to be around, square, or hex dumbbell? 

Size and Compactness

When it comes to the size of a dumbbell, you will also have to consider the shape. Do not leave it to your eyes alone. To be certain that the set is a perfect size, you will have to hold it and feel the grip. The next thing you will have to check is if the plates attached to the dumbbells are of the same size and weight. 

We cannot wind up on size without mentioning the grip. As you well know, fitness at the gym is a sweaty affair, and it’s the same case at home. Get a dumbbell that offers a firm grip and does not slip even when your palms are sweaty. The best dumbbells have a grip with a short handle. Not only are short grips comfortable, but they also enhance your control.

Range of Weights

You will have to check how much a dumbbell weights and if there are options on how to increase the weight. Some dumbbells require manual addition, while other dumbbells may have buttons for that function.

Quality and Durability

When it comes to the quality and durability of dumbbell sets, there is one key factor, and that is the material used. Different materials result in different dumbbell qualities. Dumbbells can be made of cast iron, plastic, rubber, or chrome-plated steel. Cast iron is the most durable material. But when it comes to quality, it isn’t the best because iron corrodes and you cannot lift rusty stuff.

You can decide to opt for steel as the second-best durable material, but steel produces irritating sounds. You should also note that heavy steel dumbbells will damage the floor, plus steel dumbbells are expensive. So it’s better to work with plastic and rubber coated dumbbells to ensure that you do not damage your floors and that you do not irritate people with irking sounds.

Additional Features

This section cannot be inclusive if we did not mention a dumbbell rack. Dumbbell sets come in bundles, and the only way to store them appropriately is by using a rack. Consider this as their wardrobe. Having a dumbbell rack may be a bit expensive, but safety comes first, so we highly advise getting one. 

-So once again – these are my #1 recommendation

Dumbbell Set With Rack

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best dumbbell sets?

We would argue that the best dumbbell sets around at the moment are the ones that made the number one support in our shortlist of top 5 picks, the Rep 5-50 lbs Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set with Rack. It really has a lot going for it…

First off, it comes from one of the top brands in the industry. But what really stands out about it is how it doesn’t stink. This is thanks to the manufacturer’s use of low odor rubber…

The dumbbells are hex shaped, so they won’t roll around on the floor if you put them down and will instead remain stationary. Plus you get a good, firm, secure grip…

But that’s not all. The included rack comes with a free rubber mat to protect your flooring, and all of the dumbbells are very easily accessible, thanks to the tilted shelves allowing easy retrieval.

Why are dumbbells so expensive?

Due to Covid, we saw a lot of gym closures, so with many unable to train at the gym, fitness enthusiasts opted to buy their own fitness equipment for use at home. And it was not just those who were already into fitness who started buying up this equipment.

Consequently, those companies who sell fitness equipment such as dumbbells decided to cash in and increase their profit margins, to make the most of the opportunity to rake in more money.

But there’s a little more to the story than that…

Over time more technology goes into producing dumbbells. The manufacturers have to consider not only getting the right weight for each dumbbell, but also a whole host of other elements besides…

For instance, not only do they have to make a coating that provides an excellent grip, but this coating also has to be floor friendly, meaning that it should not damage your flooring when accidently dropped on it.

Can you gain muscle with only dumbbells?

Gaining muscle mass is easy, but sadly gaining substantial muscle mass can take time regardless of what methods you decide to use. However, we are very pleased to report that you can in fact gain plenty of muscle mass using only dumbbells.

Better yet, this can be achieved with medium level weights, without the need to go buying the super heavy ones. 

The key to gaining muscle with dumbbells is repetition and progression through the weight levels.

What is the best adjustable dumbbell set?

We would argue that the best adjustable dumbbell set is our number 3 pick in our shortlist, the CAP Barbell 150-Pound Dumbbell Set. This is because the rack holds pairs of dumbbells of 5 different weights…

This way they can be used by anyone in the entire household who wants to train with weights, with options to suit everybody…

Of course, it’s entirely reasonable that you don’t want an adjustable dumbbell set. If not – and if you’re looking for something affordable – see our top 5 cheap dumbbell set reviews

Or alternatively, if you’re just buying for yourself, having such a wide range of weights at hand means that you can very easily progress through your weight training without having to buy new weights.

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