Bowflex Power Pro Review

Bowflex Power Pro Review

Bowflex Power Pro Review

When Power Pro and Power Pro XTL hit the market in 1997, it revolutionized the industry of professional, in-home gym equipment.  I’m taking it old school and going over everything you need to know about the Bowflex Power Pro, from release to recall, and more. Keep reading for our thoughts on this great product.  Bowflex Power Pro

TLDR: Bowflex Power Pro

The Bowflex Power Pro is an aerobic and resistance training machine that allows you to get a full-body routine in half an hour or less per day.

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  • You can order multiple additions to customize your machine and maximize your fitness routine.
  • It is affordable and durable, which is why you can still find them in the market over 20 years after they were first manufactured.
  • Although this machine has experienced two separate recalls, the company does provide kits via mail so that you can repair the manufacturer’s defects (specifically, issues with pins in the lat tower and sliding bench pins).
  • Because this is one of the oldest models the company has released, it’s not as technologically advanced as their newer in-home gym equipment.

Special Features

The standard power tower comes with 210 pounds of resistance and is capable of accommodating up to 410 pounds of resistance using Bowflex’s Power Rods® and Cables. You can also adjust the bench and lat tower for flat, inclined, or free sliding positions during your workouts to help achieve perfect form during your routine for ultimate effectiveness. Bowflex Power Pro

In-Depth Review of the Bowflex Power Pro

Price and Where to Buy


I found the cheapest price from this link.

When purchasing, remember to keep in mind that what you’re buying is most likely going to be used. You may need to contact the seller to find out if your specific machine has been upgraded with a recall kit. 

Size and Dimension


After you fully assemble your model, it measures 6 feet 11.5 inches tall, 7 feet 9 inches in length, and 4 feet 2 inches wide.  The standard model should measure in 6 feet 11.5 height, 7 feet 8 inches in length, and 1 foot 11 inches wide when assembled.

Keep in mind that as you work out, the machine’s dimensions can vary depending on the exercise you’re performing. When not in use, this can be securely folded 1interested in just a foldable bench? Check out this page and locked into place for storage and easily transported for your convenience. 

Quality and Durability


This may not be Bowflex’s best or fanciest equipment, but it is a cheap alternative to some of their newer and more expensive models. You can trust that the product is incredibly durable and made of quality materials like steel. Heck, it has to be in order for it to still be sold over 20 years since it was first created.

Once you’ve assembled the tower and adjusted it to the specifications though, it is just as safe and secure as Bowflex’s other quality products. (1)

Weight and Weight Capacity


It uses the Power Rod® technology in combination with a series of pulleys to provide you with a standard 210 pounds of resistance. It comes with two 5-pound rods, four 10-pound rods, two 30-pound rods, and two 50-pound rods. 

You can order additional rod sets of 50 lbs from various online retailers, though, to upgrade your model to up to 410 lbs of resistance. While I couldn’t find a specific weight capacity for the Power Pro series, I was able to find that their warranty only covers “damage due to use by persons who weigh more than 300 pounds.” So I recommend a weight capacity of around 280 pounds for the average user. 

Features and Components


The Power Pro machines are patented Power Rods® and pulley and cable system to provide optimal resistance for your strength and aerobic training fitness regimen. It features a seat and adjustable bench so that you can perform a variety of exercises, with perfect form, in either inclined or flat positions and a free sliding position that allows you to do movement exercises like rowing. The seat has an adjustment lock as well so that you secure the bench into place for a safe and secure fitness experience. 

Additionally, the product has a multipurpose hand grip for added reliability during your workout that can be used as hand or ankle cuffs, and regular grips depending on your needs. You can also use these machines for seated leg curls and leg presses by taking advantage of the Leg Press Belt and Lat Tower. All you have to do is switch to the free sliding position, position the leg press belt and lat tower, attach the belt to the cables, cinch the belt tight, and you’re ready to start adding these hamstring busting your workout (2, 3)

Exercises to Perform

power tower exercises

There are more than 50 unique routines you can use to get shredded with this home gym. For the sake of brevity, I’ll list just a few of my favorites for each muscle group.

  • Chest: Chest flies, incline bench presses, decline bench presses, resisted punches, etc.
  • Shoulders: Rear deltoid rows, lateral shoulder raises, shoulder extensions, seated shoulder press, etc.
  • Back: Wide pulldowns, narrow pulldowns, functional low back extensions, lying lat flies, etc.
  • Arm: Triceps pushdowns, French presses, lying triceps extensions, tricep kickbacks, etc.
  • Abdominal: Resisted reverse crunches, trunk rotations, reverse abdominal crunches, etc.
  • Leg: Leg curls, leg presses, standing hip extensions, ankle eversions, standing hip flexions, etc.



This home gym comes with a 5-year warranty when it was first released. The warranty was later doubled to 10 years extending it to 2017. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to purchase one with an active manufacturer’s warranty.  However, many websites that sell used machines offer their own various warranties too. 

What Do People Say About It?

Known for being a standard in a home gym for over 20 years, there are a plethora of users who have reviewed their personal experiences with the machines. I spent hours combing the internet for verified purchasers to find out what they had to say so that you don’t have to. According to one Amazon Bowflex review.

Many users have also taken to Youtube to demonstrate how to quickly assemble and convert your power tower for various exercises. Some users have even taken to sharing their own home fitness routines. One Youtube user, John Andrew Ferdinand, had this to say:

Product Round-Up: Should You Buy It?

bowflex power pro review

The Bowflex Power Pro series may be one of the oldest series of models that have been released, but it still is able to hold its own among its newer model brethren. It can provide you with an intense full-body workout in 30 minutes or less, and only as frequently as a few times a week.

This series from Bowflex is a great investment for anyone looking to start working out at their own home at minimal costs. Just make sure you ensure that your model is up to date with the latest repair kits to use the machine safely.

This is the cheapest place to get it from.

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