10 Best Shoes for Jumping Rope – Reviewed

There are few better overall exercises than jumping rope. However, it is also vital to consider the best shoes for jumping rope while working out to make sure you are getting the most out of your jump rope sessions.

While the “best” may vary, I personally like shoes with cushioning but are somewhat firm. This especially helps with tricks or when performing double unders on the rope.

Best Shoes for Jumping Rope

The Benefits of Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is one of the most effective exercises you can do. When you jump rope, you are teaching your muscles to move from muscle extension to muscle contraction in one movement over and over.

They involve the active use of multiple muscles at the same time and allow you to both burn calories and increase your overall power, strength, and speed in the long-term for some of your other workout activities. Jump rope will also benefit you if you play any active sports such as basketball, football, soccer, or volleyball.

Some experts believe that you will get the most out of plyometrics if you choose to jump rope barefoot. This is true if you plan to jump on grass, where jumping barefoot will not have any adverse effects. However, this can be a more painful and strenuous experience and may lead to injury if you jump rope on a rougher surface.

When you jump on a harder surface, you will feel the jolt in the area from your foot to your upper knees, which can be a lot without any support. Also, it is entirely possible that if you make an error, you may smack your bare feet with your rope, which can be painful.

Wearing the right shoes will make it a more enjoyable experience and allow you to properly exert yourself while also supporting your feet, legs, and back with shock absorption and padding.

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Now, here is a list of the 10 best shoes for jumping rope.

1. Reebok Nano 8 Trainers

Reebok’s Nano 8 series is well reputed for its comfortability and performance, and the Nano 8s follows this trend with an added heel bootie construct and a molded sock liner. This jumping shoe provides optimal cushioning and durability over a long period. These shoes also have a rubber outsole and molded midsole that provides even more cushioning if you come down hard on your jumps.

These shoes also have a forefoot groove which provides you with more flexibility which will come in handy if you jump rope for a longer period. On that note, they are also very well ventilated with uppers made from either fabric or textile.

Both materials provide you with excellent breathability, and whichever upper you choose comes down to any personal preference. The Nano 8s also features a lower-cut design and gives you more control over your ankle and lower leg for more precise jumping.

Overall, the Nano 8s are among the best choices for any HIIT exercise session, including jump rope. They are a great athletic shoe option from a renowned brand which means they are high quality but are also a bit on the expensive side. You may want to consider other options if you are shoe shopping on a budget.

2. Inov-8 F-Lite 235 V2 Cross-Training Shoe

Inov-8 is a company known for lightweight and flexible shoes, and the F-Lite lives up to this standard. These shoes have a rubber insole that provides your foot with enough cushioning to soften the jolt you feel when your feet come back down from your jump. This, in turn, helps conserve your energy for the next time your feet jump back up and down.

Another great feature is the F-Lite’s ADAPTERFIT technology that lets the shoe adjust to your specific foot type. This is a particular asset for those with wider feet since the shoes hold your foot in place for lateral movement and have a toe box that lets your foot properly relax.

The extra room makes sure your toes do not feel stifled or tightened, which is useful when you continuously jump during jump rope training. On the other hand, they also adjust well to those with narrower feet by adjusting to a more precise fitting that makes sure your feet are tightly snug within the athletic shoe.

These shoes are also incredibly light and only weigh about 195 grams. This allows for excellent speed and extra flexibility with limited weight. This proves helpful in adding more speed and flexible movement for your feet.

The F-Lite is also equipped with a Meta-Flex grove at the forefront of the outsole, which lets your foot move naturally even when straining yourself. The F-Lite also has a rubber outsole at its forefoot, made from similar materials you would see on rock climbing shoes. This gives them added grip and reduces slippage on your jumps.

These are some of the best shoes on the market and come in a wide array of colors. They have a great feel and provide both the flexibility and durability you need for your plyometric exercises. However, one minor issue is that they run a half-size too big, so it may be best to get a smaller model.

3. Nike Metcon 4

Aside from Nike’s sterling reputation in the footwear industry, the Nike Metcon series has been banned from Reebok-sponsored CrossFit competitions. However, since then, they have adjusted their shoes, and the Metcon 4 comes with a flywire cable that locks the shoe on your foot. They also have a foam cushioned insole that helps soften the jolt you feel in your feet during high-intensity exercises.

They also have a sturdy flat-heeled platform that keeps your foot planted on the ground while you are working out. This and its durable outsole keep your foot well-planted, which is an asset for weights, running, and jumping rope.

They are incredibly versatile. Those who use these shoes for jump rope or CrossFit also claim they can be used for running, lifting, or any other exercise. One minor issue you may have with these is that they run a half-size small, so keep this in mind when choosing which size to purchase.

However, it is still a highly effective shoe, and since it is made for CrossFit, it is incredibly versatile for a wide range of high-intensity exercises, jump rope included.

4. Adidas Freak X

adidas Men's Freak X Mid Cross Trainer, White/Carbon Met. Light Onix, (12 M US)
  • Synthetic and textile upper for light weight and durability
  • Synthetic overlays for support
  • Breathable mesh lining
  • EVA midsole with targeted flex zones
  • Wide fit

The Adidas model has one of the more breathable uppers on this list, made from a synthetic and mesh blend that offers you exceedingly high-quality ventilation. The shoes’ quality upper also provides you with added heat absorption to limit sweat buildup and the subsequent odor that comes from it.

These shoes also have an EVA midsole and rubber sole, which help cushion and support you while you land and jump off. The Freak X also adds to this with a robust outsole that offers durability and increased traction to make sure you do not slip on any jumps.

Another great benefit of the Freak X model is its remarkably lightweight. These shoes were initially designed for running and jumping, evidenced by the comfort and ease of use any wearer feels.

While these shoes are a great choice, one problem is that they tend to run a half size too big, so you should order something a half size bigger than your normal size. The price is not disproportionately expensive for what you are getting but may still not be your best bet if you are looking for a bargain.

5. New Balance WX608v4

New Balance Men's 608 V4 Casual Comfort Cross Trainer, White/Outerspace, 7.5 XW US
  • Injected molded EVA midsole
  • ABZORB heel
  • NB Memory Sole Comfort Insert
  • Internal Shank
  • Non-marking outsole

The WX608v4 models from New Balance are one of the best shoes for both support and comfortability. They have a superb leather upper that supplies you with excellent ventilation, so you get sufficient airflow and do not stink up your shoes too much during a high intensity jump rope session. They also come with an EVA insole that provides your foot with added cushioning while you land from your repeated jumps.

They may look a bit weightier than other shoes listed here; they are, in fact, more lightweight and flexible than you might think at first glance. These New Balance shoes are a fantastic melange of comfort, cushioning, durability, balance, and safety.

However, they run a half size too small, and many wearers may find the extra cushioning a bit awkward and off-putting. You should consider your personal preferences since it may require an adjustment period, but it is one of the best all-around shoes you can buy.

6. Xero Shoes Prio – Minimalist Barefoot Shoe

Xero Shoes Barefoot Shoes for Men | Prio Running Shoes for Men | Zero Drop, Minimalist, Wide Toe...
  • UNPARALLELED COMFORT — Experience life-changing barefoot shoes comfort with the Prio's minimalist design. The Prio men's running shoes are designed...
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  • VERSATILITY REDEFINED — From light trail running to intense weightlifting or CrossFit, the Prio is your all-in-one solution. Its durable design,...
  • BAREFOOT FREEDOM — Feel the ground beneath you with the Prio's optional 3mm insole, offering a customizable "barefoot feel." Embrace natural motion,...
  • CHOOSE YOUR PERFECT FIT — The Prio offers a natural fit, complemented by a wide toe box. With a 5,000-mile sole warranty, it's a durable investment...

Xero shoes have an effortless design made to optimize both the shoe’s comfort and minimize its weight. They have a foot-first design with a nice wide toe box which can be an especially attractive option if you suffer from wider feet.

These shoes also have a non-elevated sole that lets you feel like your feet are right at the ground, coming close to how you would feel jumping rope barefoot but with added support. Additionally, these shoes offer great balance and can even help your long-term posture and agility.

Xero also has a FeelTrue outsole that offers optimal traction and protection that you may not get from other shoes. They are also meant to be as natural as possible, making you feel barefoot, which is ideal for jumping rope.

However, they still provide added comfort and support than you would have without any shoes at all and while jumping rope barefoot. These shoes used to have sizing issues, but the newer models are truer in size, only increasing snugness and comfort inside the shoe.

One of the only fundamental negatives about the Xero model is the limited color options. They are also lean a little pricey, but that should be expected for such a high-end model.

7. Nike Free TR 8

As with the Nike Metcon 4 and anything on the Nike brand arsenal, the Free TR 8 comes with both great aesthetics and specs. It has similarly desired traits as the other jump rope options listed here; it is lightweight, flexible, provides added breathability through its mesh upper, and offers great grip and traction on its platform. These are great jump rope shoes that let you move your feet with both freedom and control.

However, the Free TR 8 is, in fact, one of the lighter CrossFit shoes on the market, making them great for rope jumping. They are equipped with Flywire tech design features that provide you with added mobility and control over your movements. Some wearers say that it can feel like you are wearing a sock rather than a shoe.

One of the only main negative aspects of the FREE TR 8 is that it has an elevated rear collar which can irritate your skin as you jump. It can also be challenging to find your specified color and size preferences which can be cumbersome. However, they are still a great option and will be a great choice for your daily jump rope workouts.

8. Nike Air Monarch Air Trainer

Nike Men's Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer, Black/Black, 10.5 4E US
  • NIKE SHOES MEN: The Nike Air Monarch IV (4E) Training Shoe for Men sets you up for a comfortable training session with durable leather on top for...
  • DURABLE LEATHER: Men's sneakers are made with leather upper features for durability and support, while perforations provide airflow during every shoe...
  • CUSHIONED COMFORT & DURABLE SUPPORT: A lightweight foam midsole with full-length encapsulated Air-Sole unit cushions every stride, providing all day...
  • RUBBER OUTSOLE: Men's Nike shoes are designed with a solid rubber outsole that is durable and provides traction over varied surfaces.
  • LIFESTYLE/GYM SHOE: Whether you're looking for lifestyle sneakers for men or new gym shoes, the Nike Air Monarch IV is the perfect shoe to meet all...

The Air Monarch is one of Nike’s sleekest models with a leather-synthetic upper and rubber sole that provides your feet with optimal shock absorption for repeated impacts from low and high jumps. They are also incredibly comfortable and come with a Foam Phylon midsole and Air-sole unit cushions, so your feet rest on a snug, soft surface.

The rubber outsole of this jumping rope shoe also provides you with a high degree of durability and traction on a wide array of surfaces, ensuring you do not tread or slip while jumping. Although they may seem to be a bit heavy, they are still more lightweight than most shoes and offer a high degree of flexibility for your jumps.

While the Air Monarch model is a retro sneaker aesthetic, there are few color options with only Nike’s trademark black and white color format. However, they are still a great shoe with superior specs that will serve you well as you start jumping rope and the limited color options are a minor drawback.

9. Puma Tazon 6 FM

No products found.

The Tazon 6 Fm is one of Puma’s classic CrossFit models with a very simple design structure. The design of this exercise shoe is a blend of classic Nike jumper shoes and classic New Balance running shoes that provide a bit of the best of both worlds. They have an extra comfortable soft foam midsole and TPU shank near the insole that offers excellent support during jumps.

They keep your feet nice and snug inside the shoe while also offering enough ventilation that allows your feet to breathe a little. Its outsole also has optimal grip and arch support which can be especially beneficial if you jump with flat or wide feet.

However, these shoes do have some concerns when it comes to both flexibility and durability. They can be a bit stiff and overly padded, which can be annoying for workouts that primarily consist of repeated jumping.

Additionally, while they may be breathable, they do not protect too well against heat absorption as you exercise. This also affects the durability of the shoe since heat tends to wear on the shoe’s material.

10. Vibram Men’s V Trail Runner

No products found.

These shoes are some of the most flexible shoes available, with an upper composed of a mix of both polyester and spandex. These V Trail Runners are Vibram’s newest running shoe model with a 3d cocoon technology for its rubber outsole and 2mm EVA insole.

Since these are made for trail runs, they offer you more protection than the average exercise shoe you may see on the market, with added support for the ball of your foot. The combination of flexibility and durability is ideal for jump rope which requires the repeated exertion of excessive force from your feet.

The Trail Runner outsole also has a multi-directional grip. This means that no matter how you plant your foot, the V Trail Runner outsole will keep your feet grounded until you jump off.

In terms of its design and aesthetic, it may not be ideal, though. It is built to resemble a human foot which adds more flexibility and stretchability for our feet but may not have that sleek look many people look for in their footwear.

Additionally, you should consider ordering a half size up since these shoes are designed to be worn without socks. This is not the worst issue and may be an added benefit.

Buyer’s Guide

There is no ideal choice for your jump training shoes, and much of it will come down to personal preferences. There are some general things to look out for when buying a new jump rope shoe.

Stability: This will be key for ensuring your feet are well platformed to both jump and land.

Ankle Support: Repeated jumping can be hard on the ankles, so ankle support will make sure you avoid any nasty injuries.

Arch support: This is key, especially if you have flat or wide feet since it will make sure you can jump and land without any residual pain after your workout.

Midsole cushioning: This will ensure you feel adequately supported and avoid foot soreness from constantly jumping up and down.

Low-cut design: You should generally avoid any shoes with elevated platforms since you want to feel the ground when you jump.

Price: You want to consider your finances before purchasing new shoes to know whether they are right for you.


If you are an amateur, expert, or even beginner, all these options should help you choose which jumping rope shoes are good for you. Jumping rope is one of the best HIIT cardio training exercises out there and should help you increase your overall power and agility.

Our ideal choice for practicality would probably have to be any of the Nike flagship options, but particularly the Nike Air Monarch shoes, which seem to provide the best comfort and support for jump rope you can find.

However, this will come down to personal preference, and all these options will serve you well as you continue your jump rope workout sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Still have some questions when it comes to finding the best shoes for jumping rope? Read through our brief FAQ below for more valuable information.

Can I jump on concrete?

While this can help your rope speed, it is generally ill-advised to jump on concrete or asphalt. Over time, this can begin to hurt your joints, and if you plan to jump rope on these surfaces, you should either use a mat or only do low intensity jumping.

Will jumping rope hurt my joints?

While this is a commonly held belief, jumping rope with the proper technique on the right surfaces will not harm your joints. You land on both feet while jumping rope which ensures that the impact is evenly distributed throughout your body.

However, you should avoid jumping rope on harder surfaces and find the right shoes that will provide ample ankle support to prevent injury. It is also best to purchase lightweight shoes since this will alleviate any pressure on your knees as you repeatedly jump off and land.

Can I jump rope without shoes?

If you are jumping rope on a softer surface like grass, this might not be a bad option. However, if you jump rope on harder surfaces, shoes will be a necessity to provide your ankles with added support for the repeated impacts.

How long should I jump rope?

It is less about the length of time but the intensity of technique you undertake that will affect the efficacy of your jump rope workouts.