The Top 5 Amazon Battle Ropes You Should Buy

Amazon Battle Ropes

On top of my recent article on battle ropes, here are 8 Amazon battle ropes that I’ve evaluated. Now, I haven’t used all 8 but I did buy one of them 1spoiler alert: the one from Power Guidance during the evaluation process and I’ll create a new, detailed review of that rope once I’ve fully tested it out. [Editor’s note – you can find that article here]

There are so many good options (and similar features and price) that I can recommend 5 of the 8 I evaluated.

So, how did I evaluate the ropes? Well, I’m glad you asked 2even if you didn’t. First and foremost, I used the criteria I posted on how to determine the ideal rope for me. In my situation, that’s a 50 foot Poly Dacron rope with a 1.5″ diameter. I also wanted something with good handles. While a protective sleeve would be nice, I plan on using the rope indoors so it wasn’t a necessity. Additionally, some extra like anchoring kits factored into the decision.

In narrowing down the choices, I first looked at the rope specifications. I also read a ton of reviews on Amazon battle ropes. In addition, I only looked at options with a high number of reviews and I filtered those reviews through FakeSpot to make sure the reviews were legit. My last criterion? It needed to be a great value. I’ll reveal which one I chose and why below.

Does that you mean you should choose the same rope? No, it doesn’t. Honestly, there are a ton of well-reviewed battle ropes on Amazon and I think most of them will do an effective job. That makes sense since it’s a pretty simple (yet effective) piece of equipment.

With all that said, here are the top choices I found for battle ropes on Amazon. All of these ropes come in multiple sizes (30′, 40′, or 50′) and all come in multiple thicknesses (1.5″ or 2″). I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the 5 so pick the one that best meets your criteria. If you’re super budget-conscious – and who isn’t anymore? – pick whichever budget option you like best.

  • 100% Dacron rope
  • Anchor Hardware Included
  • Protective Sleeve
  • Extra Anchor Sleeve
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  • Made in USA
  • Anchor Kit w/ Carabiner
  • 10" Handles
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  • Polydacron rope
  • Anchor Strap, Kit
  • 8.5" Reinforced Handles
  • Extra Anchor Sleeve, Carrying Bag
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  • Polyester rope
  • Proctective Sleeve
  • 7" Handles
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  • Polyester rope
  • No Sleeve
  • 7" Handles
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Here’s my final breakdown of the top 8 Amazon Battle Ropes. Of the 8, there are 5 that are recommended which leaves 3 that didn’t make the cut – the ropes from Nordic Lifting, Yes4All, and Titan Fitness.

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The 8 Amazon Battle Ropes

And here are 3were the 8 Amazon Battle Rope contenders and some features of each one:


They actually have a couple different options, such as this or this. There are some slight differences such as in how the handles are attached (one has a steel reinforced ring) and the rope sheathing material. The first option also includes a carrying bag. Beyond that, they are very similar in terms of options and cost.

Perantlb's Battle Rope Kit
One of two Perantlb Battle Rope Kits

With a couple thousand reviews between the two models, the reviews rate okay on FakeSpot with a “C” rating.

Garage Fit

While a bit more expensive than some of the options (at least, right now) Garage Fit’s Poly Dacron rope is made in the USA. Additionally, it has larger water-proof handles (10″ vs 7-8″ for most others) and comes with anchoring straps (but not anchoring hardware). Most of the options do not include a protective sleeve but there is one with a poly sleeve to help protect the rope.

With over 700 reviews, they also rate well on FakeSpot with a “A” rating.

Garage Fit Battle Rope
Garage Fit’s Rope


I have never heard of this company but the Bonnlo battle ropes are pretty well reviewed with a “B” rating by FakeSpot. While they don’t have an anchoring kit, their ropes are on the cheaper side while sporting a protective cover and 7″ handles. Considering the price and reviews, this actually looks like a good value for an Amazon battle rope.

An Amazon Battle Rope by Bonnlo
A Great Value Option

Power Guidance

The Power Guidance Battle Rope & Anchor

Sporting a 100% Dacron rope, a protective cover, and additional protection for the middle part of the rope 4where you anchor it the Power Guidance battle rope is pretty impressive. It also comes with a metal anchoring kit (but no straps or wood screws) and heat shrink handles.

The reviews, of which there are many, are almost all outstanding and they also pass the test on FakeSpot.

Nordic Lifting

Featuring a full anchor kit, the Nordic Lifting battle rope is another viable option. While it does have very good reviews, those reviews “insufficiently reliable” according to FakeSpot. That, in addition to the fact that the rope is pure polyester and price isn’t that attractive makes this rope I’d rather not take a chance on.

Titan Fitness

While the reviews for the Titan Fitness battle rope are legitimate, unfortunately they’re not as good as some competitors. Additionally, there is no anchoring kit or protective sleeve included. While not a deal breaker itself, there are some concerns about fraying. As such, this is another rope I’d skip over.


Yes4All’s battle rope is our sixth and one of the most affordable contenders . Made of 100% Polydacron, it features heat shrink handles and a protective, removable anchoring sleeve. While the reviews are good, they only received a “D” grade from FakeSpot and there are multiple reviews regarding excess fraying. This is another rope I’m going to skip.

Amazon Basics

Last but not least, we have the Amazon Basic rope. As expected, this is a pretty basic (and cheaper!) rope – it doesn’t have an bells or whistles such as anchoring kit or protective sleeve. But that may not be necessary for you and you could also pick them up later if necessary. There are some reports of early fraying but reviews are good and they get a “B” rating on FakeSpot.

The ropes are a bit oddly sized in that they are not listed in feet but in inches. So, the normal 50′ rope is actually 580 inches (or 48.3′). Not a big deal but if you want a rope that’s off a few feet from standard, this is a good option to check out.

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