Purely Inspired Organic Protein Review

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Purely Inspired Organic Protein Review

Pesticides first became popular during World War II, when America needed to vastly increase her agricultural yield in order to feed her troops who fought so valiantly oversees.

Before then, fruits and vegetables were naturally produced – there was no such thing as organic or conventional. Everything was organic, everything was natural.

But ever since pesticides came into use, the popularity of conventional produce has vastly increased, to the point that most produce is conventional.

Conventional produce is cheaper produce. But, more recently, an organic movement began taking root – a return to the way produce used to be farmed, a method without chemicals. 

Benefits of Eating Whole, Organic Foods

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Many people are of the mind that organic food is not worth the expense. But, I stand on the side of science and respectfully disagree.

On top of fiercely (and possibly irreparably) damaging the environment, pesticide use is linked to a variety of diseases, like Parkinson’s, asthma, ADHD, mental disorders, and some cancers.

The FDA has named it safe, but it is better to not ingest chemicals. The benefits of organic food are simple – lower risk of acquiring these diseases, plus you’re consuming better food that has higher levels of antioxidants.

And, oftentimes, organic produce and meat are fresher – without those shelf-life-extending preservatives, organic products must move from the farm to your table at a greater speed. 

With that, eating whole, natural foods are also incredibly healthy for you. Your body is designed to process those foods best – you absorb more nutrients, and overall, benefit more from eating whole, unprocessed food, than from consuming artificial foods. 

Where Does This Tie In To Protein?

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Protein powder is often viewed as an essential tool that belongs in the belt of any self-respecting gym-goers.

Often, this is not the case, as the human body can absorb much if not all of its required protein from whole foods – this includes meat, dairy, and fruits or vegetables.

But, if getting enough protein is a struggle for you it is important to turn to a natural, organic option. And, if that option includes a protein that is derived from whole foods, even better.

This way, the protein you are consuming serves multiple purposes – not only are you increasing your protein intake, but you are also getting a higher level of a variety of essential vitamins and nutrients.

Plus, because this protein is coming from a healthy place, these kinds of protein powders are more multi-purposed than others. 

My general rule is that I do not use protein shakes as a meal replacement. The additional ingredients besides the protein are often not good to consume unless you’re working out hard.

Plus, if you are getting enough protein from food, your body simply does not need the extra protein. 

However, if you are going to use a protein shake as a meal replacement (and if you’re not working out) your best option is a healthy, all-natural, all-organic option.

This is simply because of the quality of the ingredients in these organic protein powders makes it a good diet-addition, regardless of whether or not you are working out. 

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For those gym rats and weight loss enthusiasts out there who are seeking one of those healthy, natural, organic protein powders, there are not many brands out there that meet those needs.

One of the most popular brands that does match the description is Orgain  but if you are looking for a different option, Purely Inspired Organic Protein Powder is one of Orgain’s greatest competitors.

Coming in two flavors (Decadent Chocolate and French Vanilla), Purely Inspired Organic Protein for a 1.5-pound container.

Comparatively, this is a fantastic value for the quantity of powder you’re getting. 

This 100% plant-based protein powder is also non-GMO, all-natural, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly

What’s In It?

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It is incredibly refreshing to look at the ingredients list and immediately know all of the ingredients that are included. 

You won’t find any hard-to-pronounce names of strange chemicals or artificial sweeteners-in-disguise on the back of this box.

Purely Inspired Protein Powder is made up of organic pea protein and brown rice protein, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa powder, organic fruit and veggie blend, organic natural flavors, and organic stevia extract.

The only off-putting thing about this list is that it contains some level of stevia in addition to cane sugar.

I would rather it contained only cane sugar – as it is at its most natural, least processed form, straight cane sugar is actually healthier than any of the artificial sweeteners that are so often used.

But besides that little hiccup, the ingredients are clean, pure, and natural. 

Purely Inspired contains 140 calories, 2 grams of fat, 0 grams of cholesterol, 10 grams of carbs, 7 grams of fiber, 2 grams of sugar, and 20 grams of protein per serving.

Caloric levels are low, which is always good (unless you’re a bodybuilder), plus the addition of fiber increases your ability to absorb the plant-based protein that makes up Purely Inspired. 

PS! I’ve found the cheapest Amazon seller here! 

Taste, Texture and More

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This powder is lauded for its mixability and decent texture. The taste is good, not great, which is expected with all protein powders. 

If the taste is a real concern for you, there are ways to blend protein powder with almond milk, fruits, or vegetables to make a more palatable smoothie.

Overall, in comparison to the vast majority of protein powders, this is one of the better tasting options. 

For the price, the value you’re getting is high. All-natural, organic ingredients, derived from whole foods.

Overall, Purely Inspired is a solid, healthy, investment that definitely begs to look into. 

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