ProForm ZT6 Treadmill Review

ProForm ZT6 Treadmill Review

If you’re tired of going to the gym or just not content with the membership price, there are many other ways for you to have a good workout in the convenience of your home gym.

Amongst those methods, owning a treadmill seems to be the best idea. It is perfect for not only joggers but also people wanting to build stamina, endurance, or a pure full body work out.

In this article, we’re gonna give you an in-depth look at the ProForm ZT6 Treadmill.

TL;DR: ProForm ZT6 Treadmill Review

There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with what you receive.

Best Features

  • The treadmill is easy to assemble and can be folded up.
  • The operation is quiet and comfortable.
  • ProForm has an excellent customer support and replacement warranty.
  • The console is easy-to-follow, displays everything from speed, slope, time to calorie burn, and heart rate.
  • A fan is built into the console.


  • Space saver
  • Workout guidance
  • Grip heart rate monitor
  • iPod-compatible port and intermix acoustics 2.0 speakers
  • Impressive output for weight loss


  • This treadmill is more ideal for light runners. The 2.5 CHP Mach z motor is not powerful enough for hard or fast training and might end up breaking down.
  • The 55-inch belt might be a bit too short for extremely tall runners.



The ProForm ZT6 Treadmill is 73″ -36″- 68″ H in size. Its tread belt’s measurement is 20″- 55″ and will give you a roomy and spacious deck for walking, jogging, and running.

The 55-inch length should be long enough for you to walk in long strides, while the 20-inch width allows extra room for your elbow and the upper part of your body.

With that being said, runners with bulkier forms or extremely long legs may find the space too confined.

Running Surface

Here we have the “1.9-inch precision-machined, balanced, non-flex rollers” to minimize tension. 

Essentially, it makes the treadmill more durable and less noisy. It also gives a better grip.

Throughout the deck area is the ProShox Cushioning to reduce stress on your joints, specifically your feet, ankles, knees, and hips. 

In general, you’ll run smoother and recover faster on this surface. 

treadmill running

Console and Tech

The large LCD window illustrates all of your workout stats from mileage, speed, and running time to calorie burn and heart rate. 

The automatic QuickSpeed buttons are favored by many users as it can adjust the intensity in an instant.

The handlebars are equipped with the EKG Heart Rate Monitor. 

That means, at any point in your training, just take a firm grip, and these sensors will show you your current heart rate within just a few seconds.

If you have your own training playlist, the built-in sound system is compatible with your iPod, iPhone, iPad, or MP3 player. So, you can enjoy your session with some uplift music.

Ease Assembly and Maintenance

According to users’ comments, it’s easy enough to put together by yourself despite taking one or two hours. 

Apparently, you can pay an extra fee to get someone to do it for you.


The frame/structure is warranted for a lifetime. You can get the motor replaced for free within 25 years. Other parts and labor warranty are 1-year.

ProForm ZT6 Review | TreadmillReviews.netOther Special Features

  • 0 – 10% Incline Range: For those who want to prepare for uphill routes, the ZT6 offers automatic incline adjustability.
  • 18 Workout Apps: 18 professional workout programs are built into this device. If you already have a goal in mind, just select it and off you go.
  • Space-Saving Design: Once you’re done, just fold the ProForm ZT6 Treadmill up and put it away so you won’t have to sacrifice your living space.
  • 325 lbs. Weight Capacity: The ProForm ZT6 Treadmill can hold up to 325 pounds per user.
  • Smart Safety Clip: It’s basically a rope with two clips on its two ends. You can clip one end to your shirt and the other on the machine. It is for when you can’t keep up, slip, or, in the worst-case scenario, fall down. Then, you’ll yank the clip off, and the engine will be shut down automatically to protect yourself from any further injuries.
  • Fan: A fan is built into the console to give you refreshing breezes. There are two levels for the fan speed.

ProForm ZT6 Treadmill Review - What Do People Say?

Amazon Reviews

The ProForm ZT6 Treadmill receives an average rating.

Most comments are about how easy it is to put together. If you find it too complicated, they offer to send someone to do it for you.

  • Users are impressed by how sturdy and quiet it is.
  • The fan appears to be a nice touch seeing how most reviewers are excited about it.
  • The product can be damaged during shipping. 
  • Luckily, you can have it repaired for absolutely no cost at all thanks to the warranty policy and ProForm will even send people to help if required. 
  • Some products might have issues with the fan. It is stated in the manual that the fan may turn on randomly and cannot turn off until unplugged.
  • As mentioned, the 2.5 CHP motor may break earlier than expected due to excessively hard or fast training.

YouTube Reviews

Apparently, people on Youtube favor the ProForm ZT6 Treadmill a lot more than on Amazon. There is virtually no bad comment about it.

  • YouTube users like its sturdiness, comfortable running surface, smoothness, consistent power, and foldability.
  • All comments stated that it takes 2 hours to finish assembling.
  • There are products without a built-in fan.
  • Overall, the ProForm ZT6 Treadmill gets a perfect score of 5/5.

The Bottomline

So there you have it, an in-depth review of the unique features of the ProForm ZT6 Treadmill. Hopefully, our article made it easier for you to decide.

In our opinion, we would say it is quite a deal. You get QuickSpeed buttons, Heart Rate Sensors, and 18 automatic workout programs within a foldable, space-saving treadmill. 

That’s pretty worth buying for a price like this. The 2.5 CHP Mach Z Commercial Motor really gives off a powerful feeling while keeping quiet for an in-home session. 

And the fan on the console is a nice touch, substituting for the outdoor breezes.

If you like this article, be sure to check out our other treadmill reviews. We also have tons of reviews on exercising equipment, training methods, diets, and lifestyles available at just one click away from you.

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