Force USA Myrack Review

One of the most universal pieces of equipment you can have in your home garage gym is a power rack or power cage. It may be daunting to look at first, but is actually a great tool because you can lift heavy weights without compromising your safety

The safety bars in a power rack are like your emergency exit if you abort the barbell or fail a repetition. Just look for the adjustable parts on the rack, set them to your shoulder height, and you’re ready for lifting.

Whether you’re a bodybuilder, a powerlifter, a top athlete, or a casual exerciser, there are many benefits you get with a power rack. But what’s the right one? Here we feature the Force USA Myrack.

If you want to know more about the Force USA Myrack, keep reading. This handy buying guide will help you know the most important details about the best power cage to complement your strength training.

TLDR: Force USA Myrack Review

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Product Description

The Force USA Myrack Modular Power Rack System is a customizable rack and an all-in-one solution designed to be used when bolted-in into the floor or freestanding.  Whether you want to burn fat, build muscle, or train powerlifting and weightlifting, the Force USA MyRack is 100% versatile.

This Force USA workout equipment also comes with a bulletproof base unit, allowing you to enjoy a full-size power rack even if you’re in a confined space. You can build your rack from the ground to suit your workout needs.

MyRack Modular Power Rack has been tested and engineered to meet the manufacturer’s rigorous weight ratings and safety standards.

This power cage has a westside space. To comfortably position any size user for squats and bench press, there are 54 numbered adjustment points they can take advantage of.

As for the squat height levels, they have 2-inch spacing while the lower bench level heights have an inch space.

It is also possible to customize this Force USA into 100 different configurations. Of the 20 optional attachments, it includes monolift attachment, J-hooks, safeties, lat-pulldowns, cable crossovers, landmine rows, dip handles, pull-up bars, and chin-up bars.


  • Freestanding and bolt-in options
  • 2,000 lbs base rack weight rating
  • Lifetime structural warranty
  • Customizable rack
  • Ultimate home gym 
  • 54 adjustment points 
  • With bar storage
  • Safe
  • Good value for money
  • With rear stabilizer


  • 12 gauge steel is thinner compared to 11 gauge in comparable racks
  • Few attachments have minor flaws
  • Attachments from other manufacturers may not be compatible

Is it worth it?

Knowing that the USA Myrack Modular Power Rack System has a rear support bar and two extra-long flat feet, you can guarantee a very stable foundation. This makes this Force USA product worth buying.

The 12 gauge steel is the key structural feature of this Force USA MyRack Modular. They make up the frame and are extra sturdy. Best of all, the construction doesn’t compromise the Force USA’s weight capacity. Its static weight has been tested to handle up to 2,000lbs.

In-Depth Review of the Force USA Myrack 

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  • Laser-cut steel construction
  • Height – 87″
  • Width – 47″
  • Depth – 55″
  • Interior Depth – 29″
  • Extra-sturdy Steel Construction
  • 12 GA Steel Uprights
  • Westside spacing
  • 54 adjustment points front and back
  • 5/8″ accessory holes
  • 2.4″ x 2.4″ uprights
  • Freestanding and bolt-in options
  • Lifetime structural warranty
  • Product Weight – 176 lbs.
  • Arrives in 3 separate boxes

Quality and Durability

The base of the USA Myrack Modular Power Rack System is made of 12 laser-cut gauge steel. It is durable and you’re guaranteed the highest quality and safest power rack.

Since Force USA MyRack Modular also comes with an Iron-Clad Lifetime (Structural) Warranty, this ensures that the materials are built to last. Every piece of equipment in this Force USA product has been designed for durability and strength.

Workouts and Exercises

Some of the many workouts and exercises you can do in this USA Myrack Modular Power Rack System includes:

  • Rack Pulls
  • Barbell Squats
  • Military Press
  • Pullups and Chinups
  • Inverted Row
  • Good Mornings
  • Hanging Leg Raises
  • Barbell shrug
  • Barbell row
  • Dips

Overall, you can do exercises in the Force USA MyRack Modular with a full range of motion. The safety bars and spotters are specially designed to protect you as you do the workouts.

Additional Features

There are attachments for the USA Myrack Modular Power Rack System but they’re sold separately. The Force USA MyRack Modular is fully customizable so you only pay for attachments you like.


The Force USA MyRack Modulars power racks are sold with a lifetime structural warranty. This gives buyers peace of mind knowing that the product is built to last.

For the pulleys and cables, it covers 2 years warranty. For the rack accessories, they are covered with a 90 wear and tear warranty.

Who is it Best for?

This Force USA MyRack Modular is best for professional powerlifters who want to build their strong foundation. The safety spotter arms will help them reach their point of failure (unreliable rolls and drops) but in a safer way.

Serious bodybuilders may also put this power rack into good use to overcome plateaus in their deadlift, squat, and bench press. It will also help them build more muscle.

This is also an excellent tool for fitness enthusiasts who want to set their power cage at home. After all, gyms are not for everyone, particularly if they have to train every day.

What Do People Say About it?

Stevie Richards, with 70.7k YouTube subscribers as of writing, said “The ForceUSA MyRack hold[s] a special place in my fitness-loving heart.” His arms are long but he said he can just sit easily in the MyRack Modular Power Rack.

Meanwhile, The Outlier Theory said it’s hard to get used to the power rack “because as soon as you unwrap from that bar from your squat you gotta step back into the perfect position. That way, you’re not touching the back bar or the front bar. It’s a little cramped in there but once you get used to it, it’s not that bad.” He added that he “loves” the size of this MyRack Modular Power Rack because it can fit anymore but at the same time he would prefer “more room inside the cage.”

From Force USA’s main website, Kurt Jensen said that it’s a great product. “Perfect fit for my home gym. Attachments are great,” he wrote.

Alex LaSala said he is very impressed with MyRack. “Assembly was not hard. Most everything uses the same bolts and nuts,” he shared.

So, Should I Try It?

home gym rack

MyRack is the ultimate home gym equipment. You will feel more confident in your workout as you know that you are safe in putting on heavier weights.

Thus, it leads to better mass development and strength. You can also workout whenever you want with MyRack Modular Power Rack while you’re at home. 

The final redeeming factors of this tool are its sturdiness and the fact that there is plenty of room to squat while inside this power rack.

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