Diamondback Fitness 510ic Review

Looking for a hassle-free way of getting rid of extra pounds and an accessible alternative to the gym? Why not try indoor cycling?

Indoor cycling is a low-impact physical activity and can provide you with the same release of a happy hormone known as endorphins to help enhance your body’s immune response and lower your stress levels.

But the fact that there is a great variety of exercise bikes out there may make you a bit overwhelmed. For instance, you have to consider the ones with the sturdiest frame, the best resistance type, and the bike that makes less noise.

The Diamondback Fitness 510ic is one of your best bets when it comes to exercise bikes in the United States. This can complement your home gym and be an effective place to workout.

If you want to know more about the Diamondback Fitness 510ic, read our detailed review below. We provide you this exercise bike buying guide to help you decide whether the Diamondback 510ic is a good option or not.

TLDR: Review of the Diamondback Fitness 510ic 

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Product Description

For five years now, the diamondback 510ic indoor cycle has been rated as the “Best Buy” by top Consumer Magazine in the country. It is an economy indoor bike that works best for beginner riders.

This Diamondback 510ic has everything you need to get you started with indoor cycling. It boasts a 32-pound flywheel, which is the heart of an exercise bike. This is where the 510ic Indoor cycle stores its energy to ensure quiet and smooth operation.

There are also 16 levels of computer-controlled magnetic resistance in this 510ic Indoor cycle as well as 12 onboard workout programs. The purpose of the computer-controlled magnetic resistance is that it sets the resistance level consistently.

The magnetic resistance likewise provides you with feedback and motivation to help you achieve your fitness goals. The 16 levels of resistance offer you challenges should you opt for the toughest workout.

To make indoor cycling fun and more comfortable, the Diamondback 510ic features the fore-and aft-seat and handlebar adjustments. This allows you to adjust the cycle for your body size and type.


  • Heavy-duty 32 lb flywheel (sturdy)
  • Anti-flex and durable frame
  • Computer-controlled magnetic resistance
  • 16 resistance level (plenty of workout challenge)
  • 4 heart rate controlled workout programs and 4 heart rate sensors
  • 12 workout programs
  • Easy to use
  • The pedal can be reversed
  • With button to control resistance up or down
  • With water bottle holder


  • Basic console
  • No fan directly attached
  • Not easy to adjust for multiple users compared to 910Ic 

Is it worth it?


With all the features of the Diamond Fitness 510ic indoor cycle, it’s no surprise that it received praise based on customer reviews from various platforms. Among the noteworthy features of the Diamondback 510ic are that it operates quietly and it has a sturdy frame.

The 510ic Indoor cycle also has an LCD that details the important workout data, including cadence, heart rate, watts, and speed.

While the exercise is pretty basic and does not have many electronic features compared to other expensive brands in the market, it is still worth taking into consideration.

In-Depth Review of the Diamondback Fitness 510ic

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  • Dimensions (Assembled): 42″L x 23″W x 46″H
  • Dimensions (Packaged): 45″L x 15″W x 35″H
  • Shipping Weight: 126
  • Product Weight: 104
  • User Weight Capacity: 300
  • User Height: 5’3″ – 6’5″

Quality and Durability

The 510ic Indoor cycle is made of a heavy-duty steel frame to ensure that it won’t bend or flex even after long term use. The handlebars are also durable and it even provides you with various hand positions. 

The handlebars are designed with soft foam covering so that you will have a more secure and comfortable grip with Diamondback 510ic. It likewise prevents the formation of blisters while you’re cycling.

Workouts and Exercises

When done right, indoor cycling bike workouts can be intense too. You can try the 20-minute interval workout that alternates easy, moderate, hard and gives everything you’ve got a level of effort when using the 510ic Indoor cycle.

By all-out level, it means using the heaviest resistance that your body can handle but you can still push your legs for cycling.

As long as you are putting the right level of work for the 510ic Indoor cycle, it can condition your body to burn fat. Cycle for at least three days each week if this is your fitness goal.

Additional Features

There are 12 workout programs added in the Diamondback Fitness 510ic. It includes 4 heart rate controlled programs, 8 preset programs, custom, and manual user programs.

The Diamondback Fitness 510ic custom graphics will also give your workout a contemporary design.

An additional feature also is the water bottle holder. Although it may not seem important, it can be helpful so you don’t have to interrupt your workout if you have to drink water or an energy drink.


The Diamondback 510ic is covered with a 5 years lifetime limited warranty for the frame and braking, 3 years for the 510ic Indoor cycle parts and electronics, and 1 year for labor.

Wear items of the Diamondback Fitness 510ic bike are also covered with a 90-day warranty. Furthermore, Diamond offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on its 510ic exercise bike.

Who is it Best for?

The Diamondback 510ic is best for individuals who prefer a low-impact activity while at home. These may include patients recovering from orthopedic injuries and their doctor advised indoor cycling in their rehabilitation program.

The 510ic Indoor cycle is likewise best for fitness enthusiasts who want to improve their muscular endurance. 

Healthy adults who want moderate-intensity workouts per week can benefit from the 510ic Indoor cycle. Not only do they achieve your fitness goals but they can also increase their overall strength so that daily living activities can be done with ease.

What Do People Say About it?


Greg said that he purchased the Diamondback Fitness 510ic due to the Covid-19 pandemic when the gyms he used to go to had to close. “So far, this stationary bike has exceeded my expectations,” he said.

He also narrates that after 15 minutes of cycling the Diamondback 510ic, he heard a “knocking” or noise so he had to remove the plastic pieces by the flywheel. Soon, the knocking noise subsided.

Meanwhile, C. Hamilton shared that the 510ic Indoor cycle did have a clicking kind of noise at the beginning but in the first hour, the cycling bike has been smooth and quiet. 

“I like the electronic controls. It sets up easily; I use the manual mode at level 10,” Hamilton wrote.


Indoor cycling instructor Courtney Grafton of FitRated shared on YouTube that “the seat on this bike is fairly comfortable. You have a nice cushion on it. So, you’re gonna get a great ride with this one.” “it’s a great bike for beginner riders,” she went on, referring to the Diamondback 510ic.

So, Should You Buy It?


Overall, the Diamondback Fitness 510ic is a great option for shoppers who are cost-conscious but still wanted to start indoor cycling.

While the Diamondback 510ic does not incorporate an interactive workout or HD display, it is still ideal for those who prefer indoor cycling to their TV shows or music. You may also ride the 510ic Indoor cycle while reading or tracking the exercise progress that is displayed on a small screen in front of you.

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