Best Plyo Boxes

There’s a new craze in the fitness scene, and these are Plyo boxes. In case you’re not familiar with it yet, a Plyo box is a piece of gym equipment that does a simple exercise for your legs and core. The technique is very simple and easy compared to other machines and exercises.

Another thing to admire about Plyo boxes is that they can be easily stored and saves you more space in your home gym. Plyo boxes are the new star in the world of fitness.

If you’re interested to know more about the best plyometric boxes, keep on reading. We’ve done our research and came up with a list of the best plyometric boxes that you might like.

Top 5 Best Plyo Boxes

1. Synergee 3 in 1 Plyometric Box

Synergee 3-in-1 Wood Plyometrics Box | Synergee Fitness USA

Product Description

If you’re looking for a Plyo box that offers you versatility and quality, the Synergee 3-in-1 Plyometric Box can’t be beaten. This plyometric box measures 16 x 14 x 12 inches. It also includes screws and pre-drilled holes for assembly, which is required for the box.

This Plyo box is the ultimate tool for building explosive leg power for running, combat, lifting, as well as gymnastic sports, making it perfect for athletes.

This Plyometric Box by Synergee features four different sizes, depending on which way you turn it. Each box has three unique heights, which allows you to switch up various leg and core exercises. This Plyo box’s versatility lets you track your growth and progress when you’re working out. 

Since this is a wood plyo box, it is built for you to enjoy and focus on your workout routines with no worries. It is constructed out of 3/4 top-quality plywood, which can withstand up to 450 lbs and perform various exercises.


  • Includes screws and pre-drilled holes for assembly
  • Versatile; Includes three unique heights and four different sizes
  • Made out of 3/4 top-quality plywood
  • Has a weight capacity of 450 lbs


  • Screws are poor quality
  • Costly
  • Takes too long to assemble

2. Rage Fitness Steel Plyo Box

Product Description

For those who are searching for a budget-friendly option but still want to join the new fitness craze of Plyo boxes, the Rage Fitness Steel Plyo Box is a great choice. 

This plyometric box does not require an assembly but instead is just one piece with no screws that could come loose and make it collapse. This feature can be beneficial for some people since this cannot be adjusted or flipped to a different height.

This Plyo box consists of five different heights, so you can select one that suits your level of skill. The smallest size is 12″, which is suitable for beginners and those who have not been previously involved in the fitness scene.

The Rage Fitness Steel might be cheap, but it is also durable. It is manufactured for both gym and home use. It can also be easily stored away when not in use and holds up to 500 lbs. So, if you’re new in the fitness scene and you don’t want to overspend on equipment, this plyometric box might be worth a try.


  • Affordable, but durable
  • Does not require an assembly
  • Consists of five different heights
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Can be easily stored away; saves up space
  • Ideal for both home and gym use
  • Has a weight capacity of 500 lbs


  • Poorly manufactured
  • Wobbly top
  • Rubber grippings adhered sloppily

3. Titan Fitness 3 in 1

Titan Fitness 3 In 1 20" 24" 30" Soft Foam Plyo Box Jumping Exercise-Crossfit | eBay

Product Description

Here’s another excellent Plyo box by Titan Fitness, which is available in three heights in one. To change the height to a different one, all you have to do is flip the box over. This plyo box is compact, making it perfect for when you plan to start your home gym. 

This box may be made out of foam, but it also provides durability. The platform includes solid foam, which supports countless hours of workouts. The foam construction, however, also means that it won’t hurt your knees or back – which is a huge advantage.

Whenever you exercise with this foam box, it feels plushy instead of hard. It also doesn’t slip or slide around, which can be a huge disadvantage for workouts and exercises and lead to serious accidents. 

This compact box is also exceptionally versatile, which can be easily stored in a closet or under a bed. This foam box can be utilized when you exercise every part of your body, as long as you perform the right routines.

Are you planning on starting your fitness journey? This plyo box by Titan Fitness is a great option.


  • Available in three heights in one
  • No assembly required
  • The platform includes high-quality foam construction
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Can be easily stored in a closet or under a bed
  • Slip-resistant


  • Unstable
  • Not durable enough

4. Garage Fit Plyo Box

Wood Plyo Box

Product Description

This Plyo box by Garage Fit is another excellent option, which comes with either a foam or wood plyo box option. You can choose between the two options, depending on your preference. However, one thing to keep in mind is that foam plyo boxes don’t automatically mean that they’re comfortable to use.

Foam plyo boxes can cause you to exert a lot of effort compared to wooden boxes. So, if you’re seeking a comfortable box to use, a foam plyo box is not exactly the solution. With that being said, this Garage Fit Plyo Box is a perfect choice for those who are looking for a box that option.

Another feature to admire about this box is that it can be flipped like many other boxes for different heights. It is available in multiple size options, depending on your preference. This box also has a weight capacity of up to 350 lbs, and there is some assembly that is required.


  • Available in both wood and foam options
  • Comes with multiple size options
  • Has a weight capacity of 350 lbs
  • Versatile and can be flipped like many other boxes for different heights
  • Designed for your convenience


  • Requires a bit of assembly
  • Does not include enough piece and holes to assemble

5. Stamina | X Adjustable Height Plyo Box : Stamina | X Adjustable Height Plyo Box : Step Platforms : Sports & Outdoors

Product Description

An adjustable plyo box can come in handy in different situations. In that case, the Stamina X Adjustable Height Plyo Box is a great option if you’re looking for an adjustable box that you can change in different sizes. Instead of buying multiple boxes, might as well buy one, right?

This plyo box by Stamina can adjust up to 12, 16, 20, and 24 inches, providing you many options for your exercises. It also features a slip-resistant and durable surface, which is remarkably suitable if you plan on using your box for jumping. Not to mention, it is also heavy-duty and designed to endure lots of use. 

This plyo box is also assembly-free, compared to most plyo boxes. It can also be easily stored and save space since it can adjust to a small size. This box is adequate for most purposes, thanks to its weight capacity of 300 pounds and steel construction.

For beginners in the fitness scene, we highly suggest that you invest in an adjustable plyo box as well. Eventually, your skill levels will increase and you’ll be needing a taller box in the future. Therefore, an adjustable box is what you should purchase.

Buying an adjustable box right off the bat will be useful in the long term and not to mention, save you a lot of money. This is also helpful for various workouts, which require different sizes and heights.


  • Heavy-duty
  • Assemble-free
  • Constructed out of quality steel
  • Changes in different sizes; can adjust up to 12, 16, 20, and 24 inches
  • Features a slip-resistant and durable surface
  • Can be easily stored and saves space
  • Has a weight capacity of 300 pounds
  • Perfect for various workouts and exercises


  • Materials are poorly made
  • Poor customer service

What to Look for in a Plyo Box?

plyo box for exercising

Here are a couple of features you need to consider first before buying a plyo box.

1. Comfort

One essential feature when looking for a plyo box is comfort. You can either choose a wooden or foam plyo box, depending on your preference. 

However, if you’re currently encountering problems on your knees or any part of your body, a foam box will not necessarily solve your problems.

2. Stability

Since you will be the one using the plyo box, you should take a firm look at the plyo box’s stability as well. A stable box allows you to exercise and workout without worrying about falling or breaking the box.

3. Durability

Just like stability, your ideal plyo box should feature durable construction or material. Avoid plyo boxes that are cheap but have poor quality material, for they’re not worth your money.

4. Slip-resistant

This is vital if you’re planning on doing box jumping as part of your workout routines. This is also necessary if your place includes wet or slippery areas to prevent you from future accidents and injuries.

5. Portability

A portable plyo box can come in handy and different situations such as traveling or if you’re starting your home gym. Choose a box that can be easily stored away and assemble to avoid inconvenience.

6. Adjustability

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, you might want to consider adjustable plyo boxes because you’ll eventually increase your skills level. 

As a result, you’ll be needing multiple boxes of different sizes and heights. Therefore, the best solution is to invest in adjustable plyo boxes.

So, Which One Should You Buy?

top plyo boxes

Plyo boxes are the new fitness craze in the workout world. This equipment is suitable for both home or gym use. These can also be used anytime and anywhere, as long as you choose a plyo box that has excellent features.

We highly recommend the Stamina X Adjustable Height Plyo Box. This is suitable for both beginners and advanced fitness enthusiasts, which allows them to easily switch up the sizes and heights once their skill levels have increased.

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