Powerblock vs Ironmaster Dumbbells – Which is Better?

Free weights are important when you intend to increase your strength and muscle mass. One of the most versatile free weights you can own and use at home are dumbbells. They allow you to target big and small muscles in your body, helping you achieve the strength, tone, or bulk that you are aiming for. 

All you need is a pair of adjustable dumbbells, instead of a huge row of fixed ones. The fixed dumbbells are great when you are in the gym because you can grab what you need from the rack. At home where space isn’t a luxury, adjustable dumbbells give you the freedom of having multiple weight choices in one pair.

Product Overview: PowerBlock vs. Ironmaster

PowerBlock Overview

PowerBlock offers are a range of adjustable dumbbells that are made for a home gym. These compact dumbbells can go from 5 lbs to a maximum of 90 lbs with the expansion pack. 

The PowerBlock brand has three different models to suit all levels, and they all have the same sliding pin mechanism that makes changing weights quickly.

All the Powerblock dumbbells are made from welded steel plates, but there are parts that are made of durable plastic. 

The steel components can handle some weight and dropping, but you have to treat the PowerBlock dumbbells with care (1).

Ironmaster Overview

Ironmaster Dumbbells are famous for the durability of their adjustable dumbbells. The dumbbells have their patented quick-lock system to lock the weight plates. 

Ironmaster boasts that their dumbbells are made of solid iron and steel, and they will not break easily. It comes with a lifetime warranty to support that claim. 

Their lock system is similar to the spinlock system, but the screw pins hold the weight plates tighter making it less prone to be loose over time. 

The weight plates from the dumbbells are also compatible with their kettlebells if you are looking to expand your home gym. (2)

In-Depth Dumbbell Comparison: PowerBlock vs Ironmaster

Design and Style


  • Square plates made from welded steel with a powdered coating.
  • The dumbbell will not roll away.


  • Square plates made from solid cast iron with powder coating.
  • The dumbbell will not roll away.

Quality and Durability


  • Premium quality materials that are very durable.


  • All parts made of iron and steel.



  • Straight cylindrical grip with padding. The grip is inside the cage.


  • Steel handles with chrome plating, diamond knurled grips.

Adjustment System


  • Magnetic selector pin.


  • Patented screw lock.

Weight Ranges


  • Elite starts from 5 lbs to 50 / 70/ 90 lbs.
  • Have two 2.5 lbs weights inside handle.
  • Expansion pack available.


  • Handle alone is 5lb, the basic set goes up to 45 lbs. It can expand to 120 lbs. with longer screws.
  • Each screw weights 2.5 lbs.

Weight Distribution


  • Even weight distribution.


  • Even weight distribution.



  • Both sides of the PowerBlock will be of the same weight.


  • You can have different weights on each side for an asymmetrical exercise.

Other Special Features


  • Quick weight change for supersets.
  • The handle cage help keep the form for some
  • Color-coded or numbered for easy change
  • Made in the USA
  • 10-year warranty.


  • Compatible weights with their kettlebell.
  • A little shorter than PowerBlock in the same weight.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Lifetime warranty.

Powerblock vs Ironmaster - What Do People Say?

woman using adjustable dumbbells

Amazon Reviews: PowerBlock


The PowerBlock Elite dumbbells have an above average rating. The only thing that you may have to be wary of is that the weights are not accurate. PowerBlock has good reviews, but most complain about the delivery of one instead of two dumbbells. People comment that they rattle, but none of the plates fall off during use. Users choose the dumbbells for the convenience, compact size requiring less storage space and ease of use. 

Amazon Reviews:  Ironmaster


The Ironmaster 45lb Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbell has high ratings, but with fewer people reviewing the item. Many like iron and steel construction because they are durable. The size of the Ironmaster is another one of their strengths. The dumbbells take up less floor space as they are compact. Most people say it is a little quicker than the spinlock adjustable dumbbells, but they are a lot more expensive. Despite that, it’s still worth its price. 

YouTube Reviews: PowerBlock


The PowerBlock is popular because it has a quick-change mechanism, and many reviews comment that it is durable. Some people commented that certain exercise may be a problem with the cage design, but most say that the cage helps keep the wrist in the correct position. The PowerBlock has good reviews, though some commented on how difficult it is to slide into the correct slots if the dumbbell is not on level ground. 

PowerBlock score 4.6/5.

YouTube Reviews: Ironmaster


Bodybuilders review the Ironmaster and they have good experiences with it. The Ironmaster shows that it is durable and can withstand abuse (8). Some commented that changing it is the same as the normal screw lock mechanism, but it is more secure and there is no rattling. Overall, the users are satisfied with the quality and usability of the dumbbells. 

Ironmaster score 4.7/5.

PowerBlock vs Ironmaster Round-Up: Which Is Better?

powerlifting with adjustable dumbbells

Both adjustable dumbbells have similar shapes, but the Ironmaster is slightly more compact than the PowerBlock. Plus, you will need to consider buying the stand separately as an add-on as they help you store the weights when not in use. 

Both PowerBlock and Ironmaster are good quality products that are made in the USA, so they are going to last you a long time. The main decider for choosing between PowerBlock and Ironmaster is what you are doing with them. 

Buy the PowerBlock if…

You are super-setting, and you want a quick change of weights to get back to the next set quickly. 
The PowerBlock is also helpful for the beginner because the cage helps keep your wrists straight. The dumbbells also take up less space to store. 

Cheapest place to get the Powerblock Dumbbells

Buy the Ironmaster if…

You are looking for something that lasts forever. 
You can buy the locking screws separately, but they are built to last. The Ironmaster takes up less space with the storage stand, and it is also more compact than the PowerBlock. 

If you are aiming to lift heavier weights, it is better to invest in the Ironmaster. You can go up to 120 lbs each dumbbell.The locking screw might take longer than other adjustable dumbbells, but you can take the extra few seconds as a rest time before your next lift. 

The Ironmaster might be more expensive as an initial outlay, but if you are aiming to go heavy it is a better investment as the PowerBlock goes up to 90 lbs only. 

Cheapest place to get the Ironmaster Dumbbells

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