The 8 Wonders of Matcha Green Tea

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The 8 Wonders of Matcha Green Tea

I know a lot of people out there bleat about the wonders of tea. And, not going to lie, the vast majority of teas on the market are pretty good for you.

However, nothing can come close to the power of Matcha green tea. I am sure that you already have a rough idea about what Matcha green tea actually is, so I am not going to dwell on that part for too long.

Instead, I just want to jump into the benefits. Just so you know why you should have started drinking this miracle drink yesterday.

#1 Energy Boost…But Without the Downsides

I am sure that a lot of us are relying on a good cup of coffee or tea in the morning to give us a little bit of an energy boost.

The problem is, this energy boost is rather temporary. Shortly after you have your energy boost, you are going to suffer somewhat of a ‘crash’ which is not fun in the slightest.

Not to mention all those annoying withdrawal symptoms that you get if you do not get your caffeine hit regularly.

Matcha green tea has caffeine in it.

However, due to the addition of another compound (I-theanine if you want to be specific), it is more of an extended energy boost.

You won’t get the crash either. The caffeine will slowly leave your system. That doesn’t mean you won’t get ‘addicted’ to the caffeine. You still will.

However, hopefully by drinking Matcha green tea, the long term effects mean that you will need less caffeine overall which will be beneficial in the long run.

#2 Antibacterial – Superb For Oral Health

Study after study has shown that green tea is fantastic for improving oral health. There are a lot of compounds in here which fight bad breath.

In fact, many studies seem to indicate that green tea is a lot better than chewing gum…and even some mouthwashes.

So, if you have poor oral hygiene, or you come into close contact with a lot of people and want to be on the safe side, Matcha green tea will work wonders.

#3 Perfect For Focusing

Back to the caffeine part for a second. The combination of caffeine and l-theanine will provide you with a lot more focus.

Many people who consume Matcha green tea have discovered that their mind is a lot clearer as a result of drinking it.

This means that they have a far, far easier time when it comes to focusing on the task at hand.

Drinking a cup at night may even help you when it comes to making you feel a little bit more ‘relaxed’.

#4 Looking to Lose Weight? Matcha Green Tea may help!

Matcha green tea will help you to lose weight in several different ways.

First and foremost, it helps to put your body in a state where it is able to burn calories a lot more effectively.

Several studies have shown that just drinking a couple of cups of green tea per day will be more than enough for you to start shedding those excess pounds.

In addition to this, Matcha green tea will trigger the production of a certain hormone in your body.

This hormone is the one which tells your brain that your stomach is ‘full’. This means that drinking a cup of this wonder drink between meals will help to keep those pesky cravings at bay.

#5 High in Antioxidants

Matcha green tea is absolutely packed to the brim with antioxidants.

In fact, this is probably one of the best source of antioxidants out there (even better than berries!).

I am not going to go into detail about what all these antioxidants do. You have probably read enough information about that already.

All you really need to know is that they will help to combat free radicals in your body which will help keep certain diseases at bay.

Studies have shown that they help to reduce the chances of some forms of cancer and they will even help when it comes to keeping your skin looking nice and youthful (kiss goodbye to those wrinkles!)

#6 Boost Your Memory and Cognitive Function

One recent study indicated that consumption of Matcha green tea may help to improve your memory.

There is also evidence that it will make it a bit easier for you to deal with cognitive tasks (i.e. things which make you think).

It is absolutely fantastic for those who are studying…or maybe those who are angling for a promotion at work.

#7 Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease

Other studies have shown that regular consumption of Matcha green tea may cut the risk of heart attacks and strokes quite significantly.

Obviously, you can’t eat an unhealthy diet and assume that Matcha green tea is going to save your life. It is just one part of the puzzle.

However, these studies have indicated that it is a pretty big part of the puzzle.

I do want to point out at this point that Matcha green tea is not the only tea that can help cut the risk of heart attacks and strokes. All tea can.

However, these same studies have demonstrated that Matcha green tea is a lot more effective.

#8 Anti-Inflammatory

Finally; Matcha green tea has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body. This means that it can be used to treat both long and short term condition.

In fact, there are many doctors out there who are now suggesting that their patients use Matcha green tea to ease the symptoms of their arthritis.

There is even some evidence to suggest that Matcha green tea can help to keep the development of arthritis at bay…which isn’t too shabby.

To conclude...Drink Matcha!

Remember; all of these benefits can be obtained at the same time. 

The best part is that Matcha green tea is not only easy to make (you just mix the powder into your drink), but it is pretty affordable too.

That being said, can you really put a price on your health?

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