Gorilla Kettlebell by Onnit Review

If you’re tired of looking for the same old-looking and boring primal kettlebells, worry no more. The Gorilla Kettlebells by Onnit is perfect for those who are wanting to try something unique. 

While most fitness brands and companies manufacture the same old classic style of kettlebells, Onnit decided to think outside the box. 

Fast forward, Onnit provides several ranges of primal kettlebells that do not only feature exceptional craftsmanship but are also enjoyable to use as well! 

If you’re interested to know more about these Onnit kettlebells, keep reading. We created an in-depth review of the Onnit primal bell to help you figure out if you should try one or not.

TLDR: Review of the Primal Kettlebells by Onnit

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Product Description

Onnit is a brand that produces various fitness and health products such as supplements, fitness equipment, apparel, and food for men and women. 

The primal kettlebells, also known as the Onnit primal bell or Onnit kettlebells, are Onnit’s best-selling fitness kettlebells. The set consists of five different weights, which are all shaped around a different primate. Hence, the name Onnit primal bell.

The Onnit kettlebells range from 18 pounds up to 90.28 pounds. The increments’ measures in poods, a Russian measurement, and its increments increase in 0.5 poods. 

These primal kettlebells are made out of sturdy and chip-resistant iron. all include different weights and sizes, which are suitable for starting and progressing exercise levels. They are also 3D-scanned, which ensures their complete balance.

Unlike other generic competitors, the Onnit Kettlebells’ unique designs stand out. They also represent endurance, tenacity, and grip strength. This feature helps define each kettlebell’s type of primate level of workout per weight and size. 

Lastly, their fun workouts help customers improve their energy due to the primate channeling. In case you’re not satisfied with your purchase of the kettlebells, they offer a free money-back guarantee – no questions asked.

Pros and Cons

Here are some of the pros of the Gorilla Kettlebell by Onnit:

  • Includes different sizes and weights for each starting and progressing exercise level
  • Made of sturdy, chip-resistant iron
  • 3D scanned; ensures complete balance
  • Has an enlarged handle for an increase in grip strength
  • Offer a basic, no-stress money-back guarantee
  • Provides unique and outstanding designs 
  • Includes fun workouts for customers

Here are some of the cons of the Primal Kettlebells to help you understand the Onnit primal bell better:

  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for beginners

Is it worth it to try?

gorilla kettlebells

Yes. The Gorilla primal bell by Onnit is worth trying, especially for those who want to try something different other than the same old plain design of kettlebells. These Onnit kettlebells are also suitable for those who are intermediate or advanced in weight lifting.

In-Depth Review of the Gorilla Kettlebell by Onnit Kettlebells

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The Gorilla Kettlebell by Onnit is a uniquely designed kettlebell that is suitable for those who want to try and test different primal kettlebells aside from the classic and simple look.


  • Package Dimensions: 14.5 x 10.5 x 10.5 inches; 72 Pounds
  • Date First Available: July 29, 2015
  • Manufacturer: Onnit
  • Foldable: No

Quality and Durability

The Gorilla Kettlebell by Onnit is chip-resistant coated, offers an enhanced grip, high-contrast lettering, and above all, built to last. These full-functional Onnit kettlebells combine muscular strength with muscular endurance. This set provides an athletically and efficiently optimized full-body workout.

These Onnit kettlebells may look amazing and stylish, but they are also designed from the ground up with a focus on functionality. It is also built to perform various exercises and workout routines.

These Onnit kettlebells have been recommended by well-known personalities and professionals such as AJ Hawk, Mitch Blackburn, Adam Dowell, and Ognjen Topic.

Workouts and Exercises

Here are a few workouts and exercises that you can do with the Gorilla Kettlebell by Onnit:

  • Arm Swing
  • Deadlift
  • Arm Deadlift
  • Suitcase Deadlift
  • Anterior Lunge
  • Suitcase RDL
  • Gorilla Row
  • Alternating Gorilla Row
  • Plank Row
  • Quadrupled Row
  • Split Stance Row

Additional Features

Onnit was founded by Aubrey Marcus, who has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Men’s Journal, and Men’s Health, which are a few major media outlets. He also hosts  Ecstasy in Life and Death, a successful podcast that has garnered over ten million listeners. 

Comedian and TV host Joe Rogan is the biggest supporter of Onnit and has also given his professional reviews and recommendation of the brand. He has endorsed the Onnit Kettlebell 6 program. 


Fortunately, the Gorilla Kettlebell by Onnit offers a free money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your purchase.

Who is it Best for?

The Gorilla Kettlebell by Onnit is best for those who want to improve their endurance, strength, and toning. Since other competitive brands produce the same old simple style of kettlebells, Onnit allows intermediate to advanced fitness enthusiasts to try a new and fun-looking style.

What do people say about it?

An Amazon customer who goes by the username, “OnFyre” gave the primal bell a positive review. “What can be said about this fitness equipment? It’s manly. It’s big. It’s a gigantic, heavy-ass kettlebell-shaped like the head of a pissed-off gorilla, he describes in the comments. 

“Anyone who sees this monstrous iron beast is going to try to lift it, and be sorely disappointed at how weak they are! This freakish kettlebell will get your heart pumping in 60 seconds flat, and make your muscles explode. You’ll be feeling like you just ran a marathon in a couple of short minutes.” 

He also calls the Gorilla Kettlebell “an exceptional conversation piece.” He also shares that Onnit has followed up to make sure that he is satisfied, praising the brand’s customer service.

Jon N from Youtube filmed a video unboxing and reviewing his purchase of the Gorilla Kettlebell. He starts by unboxing the package and proceeds with reviewing the primal kettlebells. He acknowledges the intense artwork and also displays his other Onnit kettlebells.

The Verdict: Should You Try it or Not?

gorilla kettlebells

The majority of fitness brands produce the same old simple style of kettlebells, which can get boring and unexciting. However, Onnit decided to think out of the box and came up with a unique and outstanding design. 

If you are looking to try different and fun-looking kettlebells, you might want to give the Gorilla Kettlebell by Onnit a shot. 

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