5 Exercises for Better Sex

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5 Exercises for Better Sex

I think just about everyone wants the ability to have better sex. It is the ultimate expression of intimacy, passion, and love that two human beings can share.

But it’s also one of the most stressful experiences out there. You are constantly faced with questions of whether you are performing well and whether you are eliciting pleasure from your partner.

There is also the disappointment that might result from an apparent lack of endurance. Everyone wants to be healthy enough and strong enough to perform at their best.

And sex, despite the stigma that American society places on it, is one of the healthiest things you can do; having sex boosts your immune system, lowers blood pressure, reduces risk of heart attack, eases stress, reduces risk of prostate cancer, and improves sleep.

And by simply training in 5 different areas, you will start experiencing better sex. 

#1 Cardio

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Cardio is imperative for increased endurance and stamina. If you’re out of shape, one of the first things you’ll notice during sex is that you’re sweating and out of breath.

Optimally, this is avoidable. And, luckily, it is. All you have to do is increase your cardiovascular health – aerobic exercises like running, walking, swimming, and biking all help with this.

More cardio means improved lung and heart health; this means you’re physical endurance increases. No more sweating, no more heavy breathing. Plus, you and your partner will be much more comfortable – you’ll be able to be a little more versatile in bed.

Try to get in thirty minutes every day of some form of cardio. Running is one of the best options, because it is generally accessible to everyone.

Just make sure to stretch, and look into the Nike+ Run App – here you can access preset workouts tailored for beginners that will keep you pushing yourself and getting stronger. 

#2 Leg Day and Core

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You probably often hear the joke “don’t skip leg day.” If you’re looking to improve your sexual life, this wise saying is even more important.

The strength of your hip flexors, as well as your abs and spinal erectors, are vital to overall control as well as the thrusting and circular motions that synonymous with sex. 

One of the best exercises here is squats, or more specifically, heavy barbell squats. Just make sure your form is correct and the weight you’re using isn’t too heavy for you.

And don’t ever squat on a smith machine – the track doesn’t follow a natural curve, and so makes you extra prone to injury.

You can start out by squatting without weight, or squatting with lightweight dumbbells before going heavy barbell. But, heavy barbell will increase both leg and core strength. 

Another great exercise is the glute bridge, which focuses on the glutes and hip thrusters. Simply lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor, then thrust up into the air. (It’s pretty clear why this one is useful). Aim for high reps. 

Some good ab-focused exercises include the ab-wheel rollout and a variety of crunches and planks. Performing any of these (in a daily fashion) will strengthen your core and increase your capacity to perform well. 

#3 Upper-Body Strength

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Upper body strength is important for many positions in which you are holding your partner in some manner.

For upper body strength, pushups, pullups-chin-ups, pulldowns and planks are all great, as they build natural, usable strength. This is the edge calisthenic-exercises have over weighted-resistance training.

Calisthencis follow natural motions, and so are more usable in every-day situations (including sex). They might not help you build a lot of bulk, but sometimes, lean strength is better. 

#4 Pelvic-Floor Exercises

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These ones are maybe best to perform at home. They involve increasing blood flow to the sex organs and strengthening the pelvic-floor, which can increase pleasure for both partners.

Simply locate these muscles (both men and women have them) and tighten and relax them in intervals of 5 seconds for 15 repetitions. 

#5 Stretch it out

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Flexibility is really important for better sex. Plus, the more flexible you are, the lower your odds of getting injured (pulling a muscle) during sex, which no one wants to happen.

Stretches like the standing toe touch, butterfly for hip flexors, quad stretches (pull your ankle to your butt), and a variety of groin and back stretches will definitely help you out in this area. 

If you can devote just a couple hours weekly, not only will you increase your overall health and athleticism, you will vastly improve your sex life.

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Article by:

Daniel DeMoss

I’m a personal trainer based in Denver (Matrix Gym) and a true fitness nerd. If I’m not training clients or working out at my home gym, I’m probably skiing, cycling or hiking with my dog Rufus.