Top Natural Ways to Improve Human Growth Hormone Levels

Human growth hormone is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland that stimulates growth, cell regeneration, and cell reproduction in human beings. HGH also regulates body composition, body fluids, bone growth, and muscle. It also affects metabolism and heart function to some point. HGH helps the body to recover from injury and disease.

When you have low HGH levels, your quality of life decreases, you are at higher risk of diseases, and you may gain weight. To have HGH at optimum levels is essential, especially during weight loss, recovery from injury and disorders, and when in athletic training. HGH is affected by your lifestyle choices and diet. The top natural way to improve the human growth hormone levels are;

  1. Intake of Human Growth Hormone Supplements

They are referred to as HGH releasers as well. These are natural dietary supplements that boost the HGH levels in the body without the use of injections or prescriptions. According to SFGate, these supplements help to stimulate the pituitary gland to produce HGH naturally and are beneficial to the body. The supplements help in weight loss, increase energy levels, improve libido, build muscles, and have anti-aging effects. 

There are many supplements in the market. Therefore, it is advisable to go for those that have been reviewed positively for better results. The reviews are usually based on the supplement’s ingredients, customers’ reviews, effectiveness, price, and refund policy. Four supplements whose reviews confirm they have high human growth hormone levels are the Genf20 Plus, HyperGH 14X, Provacyl, and HGH-X2. In addition to high HGH levels, these supplements have other benefits such as anti-aging, muscle building, and libido boost.  

  1. Use Arginine Supplement

The intake of arginine supplements may boost human growth hormone levels in the body. It is a natural and muscle building supplement. It is a natural supplement as it does not contain any synthetics or artificial chemicals. If a sports person takes arginine while working out, there is no significant impact on the human growth hormone levels in the body. However, if taken while asleep, the level of the HGH increases.  

Arginine supplement is a quality fat burner. The supplement then uses the freed fat as fuel. This process is known as lipolysis. This boosts the levels of HGH, which usually reduces by the presence of high body fat. In sports, arginine is essential as it helps produce muscle pumps when you have an intense workout. It causes the blood vessels to widen during exercise. It increases the oxygen levels in the blood, therefore giving the body more strength.

  1. Fasting Intermittently

Fasting increases the level of human growth hormone levels. After three days of fasting, according to a study, the HGH increased by 300 percent. After a week’s fast it massively increased to 1,250 percent. Regardless, it is not possible to sustain long-term continuous fasting. Instead, it is advisable to do intermittent fasting that regulates eating habits. With intermittent fasting, you take food for brief periods. There are many methods of intermittent fasting that one can use. The commonly used one is the 16-hour fasting period, with an 8-hour eating window. There is a second one that involves the intake of 500 to 600 calories two days per week. 

Human growth hormone levels are significantly affected by intermittent fasting. The body reduces body fat which causes HGH production. Intermittent fasting helps to regulate insulin levels in the body. It benefits the HGH as insulin spikes when you eat, and it disrupts the HGH production. 

  1. Lose the Body Fat 

The higher the body fat, the lower the human growth hormone level. The two are correlated. Increased body fat disrupts the production of the HGH. It as well increases the risk of lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and some cancers. Studies prove this theory that belly fat reduction increases HGH production and vice versa. 

Research shows excess belly fat affects the HGH level in men more than women. However, it is prudent for both men and women to reduce body fat. When obese, the HGH goes low as the body does not have IGF-1, a growth-related protein. Therefore, it is advisable to lose weight and body fat if someone wants to increase HGH production to improve the quality of life. Belly fat increases the chances of getting lifestyle diseases, and losing it makes life healthier. 

Human growth hormone is an essential hormone in the body. A high level of it significantly increases the quality of life of an individual. The above tips will boost the HGH production in your body. As a result, you will have an energetic body, more muscles, reduce aging effects, and be less prone to lifestyle illnesses.